Portrayed by Jon Hamm
Full Name Harvey Dent
Age 40
Height 6'2"
Build Tall, broad
Eyes Mismatched
Hair Black/Patchy
Factions Gotham Rogues
Occupation Schizoid Gangster
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Harvey Dent made his name as the handsome, straight-shooting District Attorney of Gotham City, a gangbuster, rising political name and ally of the Batman. After being hideously scarred by a criminal, he re-emerged as the monstrous criminal Two-Face, a duality-obsessed nightmare that seems set on destroying everything Harvey Dent once built.


Two-Face has a reputation for being extraordinarily clever and utterly ruthless. His legendary coin can decide anyone's fate in a split second, making him impossible to predict. While criminals once shied away from joining his gang, Two-Face's acumen, brutality and knowledge allowed him to rise up the criminal ranks and seize control of a significant chunk of Gotham's organized crime. Some people wonder if golden boy Harvey Dent is still in there somewhere. People who ask that question usually don't last long if Two-Face hears them wonder.


=Harvey Dent grew up in some of Gotham's worst tenements. His mother died in childbirth, a fact for which Harvey's father continually blamed him. The boy's intellect and love of learning meant nothing to the old man - he expected his son to be street smart, not book smart. After hearing his son quoting Plato and the Founding Fathers about human nature, the old man began to teach him the way the world really worked - every night, he'd tell Harvey he would get either a beating or his allowance, all depending on the flip of Dad's lucky coin. Dad's lucky coin, of course, was a double-headed silver dollar, offering Harvey no chance to escape the brutal assaults - Harvey was meant to learn that nothing was fair and the world was rigged against you. In some ways, he did. His mind was broken and fractured in countless ways from the abuse, but he buried it all deep, unwilling to show his father the satisfaction. He became obsessed with justice, with making things fair even if they weren't.

That lead him, on scholarship, to college and law school, working forty hours a week and managing law school, sleeping only an hour or two a day for several years. The lawyer who emerged, however, had a sharp, incredible skill. Despite his father's best efforts, Harvey emerged handsome, charismatic, and incredibly sociable. He rose up the ranks of the prosecutor's office quickly, his skill with rhetoric giving him one of the highest conviction rates in city history. Naturally, Gotham attempted to corrupt him but found him immune to attempts at bribery or even blackmail, Harvey only striking back at them harder if they tried. After several years, he ran for Chief District Attorney and, despite the corrupted candidates against him, won. Along the way, he became close allies with Lieutenant and then Police Commissioner James Gordon and the vigilante known as the Batman (along with Batman's various allies and proteges, at different times). Between them, they broke the backs of many a syndicate. And all the while, he hid the twitches, the dark moments, the nightmares…and the coin.

Then, in the middle of a prosecution, a gangster's thug decided to avenge his boss by flinging a smuggled vial of acid into Harvey's face, ruining the left side of his visage. The pain and recovery brought back everything he'd repressed - the knowledge that it would ruin his career, that no one would vote for a disfigured DA - all of it together made him finally snap. He checked himself out of the hospital, retrieved his secret files from the DA's office and his personal storage, and then burned his house to the ground. Harvey Dent disappeared, died. And then, months later, word surfaced of a new crimelord - violent, unpredictable, and bisected by a grotesque duality. Two-Face. Batman's sent him to Arkham a few times since, but Harvey's always escaped - or simply outlawyered his way free. They even restored his face once, in an attempt to heal his soul, only to have him tear the false flesh from his body. Many dream of restoring the hero, Harvey Dent, but Two-Face…Two-Face knows he's here to stay.

Character Details

Harvey Dent has a mind broken by years of abuse, repression, pain and likely congenital insanity. While he suppressed his darker instincts for years, his scarring awoke these inner demons and unleashed them forever (or so it seems). He's consumed with hatred, both for himself and for the world outside. He's obsessed with justice, seeing all human attempts and versions of justice as flawed, biased, corrupt, inferior to the cold, merciless justice of pure fate. For him, pure fate is embodied within his double-headed coin, one side scarred, and he often makes decisions, ranging from the mundane to the catastrophic, at the whim of the coin. Resisting or denying the coin's dictates would be almost impossible for him, a denial of cosmic justice. Two-Face is immensely intelligent, imaginative, and creative. He's forceful, more than comfortable telling others what to do, and has plenty of courage, more than willing to stand up to anyone who gets in his path. Harvey's mind is both order and chaos at the same time, rigidly obsessed with duality, the number two, justice, but, at the same time, unpredictable, constantly surging and receding and prone to unexpected outbursts of violence or catatonia. Two-Face is, in many ways, his own worst enemy - he'd be the first to admit it.


Image Name Relation Information
medium.jpg Batman Nemesis Once the closest thing Harvey Dent had to a friend, the vigilante known as the Batman has proven to be Two-Face's greatest foe - and vice versa. Their former friendship makes their conflicts all the more brutal, emotional and often traumatizing, for them and for those around them. Two-Face won't consider his life complete until he stands over the Batman's body - justice can only spare the Bat for so long.

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