U.S. Agent
U.S. Agent
Portrayed by John Cena
Full Name John Walker
Age 32
Height 6'4"
Build Powerful
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark blonde
Factions None
Occupation Director of Homeland Security for Gotham City
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Former Marine Special Forces, having served one tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. Recipient of numerous medals and achievements, including the Medal of Honor and eight Purple Hearts. After a time in undisclosed government service, recently appointed command over the Department of Homeland Security in Gotham, using a costumed guise under the codename of U.S. Agent.


Walker's known for being stern, conservative, by the book and unbending, even by military standards. Rumors swirl that his time out of the spotlight was spent in the CIA, although in what capacity isn't entirely clear. His DHS appointment stems apparently from the perceived need for greater Federal oversight and enforcement in Gotham, recognizing that many of the madmen there qualify as terrorists - he's been charged to clean things up, tighten security in the local detention facilities and put the fear of God and the United States of America into the local scum.


John Walker grew up in Georgia, his father working in farm equipment, his mother as a schoolteacher. John grew up strong and athletic, lettering in football and wrestling in high school (and winning two state championships as a wrestler). He also had a hell of a temper, something he showed through bullying and consistent fighting, along with the general hellraising of being a high school quarterback in the South with easy access to beer. After bailing his son out of jail, John's father sat him down and explained how disappointed he was in the boy's behavior and how he wasn't living up to his expectations. John Walker loves and respects his father dearly, and so he vowed to do the right thing and make a good man of himself. He deferred football and wrestling scholarships in order to enter the Marine Corps, as his father did before him. He went to Iraq a boy and, six years later, left Afghanistan a man. He saw things there that changed his life, things that he'll never tell anyone. His dedication to duty and immense talent for violence lead to him being recruited by the CIA to work security and interrogation at a variety of black sites, along with running covert strike teams. As those opportunities dried up, he decided he'd rather continue in government service rather than return to civilian life. He was given an opportunity - medical testing showed that John possessed the genetic disposition to use an experimental meta-steroid program, another part of the constant attempt to make a super-soldier. The treatment nearly killed him, causing a fever, paralysis, and nightmarish flashbacks for more than a month. As a result, the treatment was discontinued - only John's exceptional fortitude allowed him to survive. In the end, he came out alive, superhumanly strong, fast, capable, all of his senses honed to their maximum - he also found that the temper he'd worked so hard to discipline had been strengthened, a fact he hid from his handlers. He has been given the superheroic designation of U.S. Agent and given a variation of the costume and shield of Captain America. After a transfer to Homeland Security and several successful field missions to build publicity, he's been given the assignment of directing the DHS initiative to clean-up Gotham City. He has command of the field office and its resources (both of which are severely underfunded, because Gotham). But John doesn't care if he has to do it all alone. He's never failed before and he has no intention of doing it now.

Character Details

John Walker was raised in Georgia, a good old boy of conservative values and masculine temperament. Wild in his youth, he found purpose and discipline in the Marines, and he tries to honor both the Corps and his mother and father in all his actions. He considers himself a man's man - he likes football, beer, guns, trucks and country music (although classic rock doesn't do him wrong). His mind has been broadened somewhat by his time abroad and by the diversity of the Corps, wearing away the more prejudicial aspects of his character while leaving the basic tone of his personality and tastes. He holds himself to a high standard and expects the same of anyone who works with or under him. He is a devout Christian, although he'll be the first to admit he doesn't hold to the standards of the faith in the way that he should. He likes violence, straight-out, as a spectator and a participant - he loves to fight and never feels more alive than when he's out on the streets stomping the hell out of a bad guy.


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