The Upstarts
Portrayed by the 90s
Full Name Shinobi Shaw
Siena Blaze
Andrea and Andreas von Strucker
Fabian Cortez
Age Early 20s
Height n/a
Build n/a
Eyes n/a
Hair n/a
Factions Upstarts (Hellfire ties)
Occupation Killers for sport
Alignment Villains

Claim to Fame

They crashed the inaugural celebration of the X-men: Red Team and the Titans.


The von Struckers are notable as the frozen genetically engineered test tube children of Nazi supervillain Baron von Strucker (think Scott Evil). Shinobi Shaw is likewise notable for being an illegitimate son of Sebastian Shaw. The others are notable only as Upstarts members, although they might go on to do impressive things.


The Upstarts' goal is to kill their way to the top of the superheroic food chain, "starting" "upward" from the bottom — i.e. beginning with the newest heroes and groups and moving on to take out the biggest-name heroes last. Each successful hero kill nets the Upstart points, and the Upstart with the highest score is leader of the group.

Character Details

They're just unbelievably awful on every level.

  • Shaw is a pompous, long-winded braggart with a chip on his shoulder.
  • Blaze is a violent, unhinged killer with supremely destructive powers.
  • The von Struckers are neo-Nazi white supremacists with a creepy-close relationship, for twins.
  • Fabian Cortez is a backstabbing schemer beyond compare.


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Lights Out 2: Meet and Beat
September 4, 2014: The Upstarts crash the X-men: Red/Titans mixer
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