Portrayed by Patrick Schwarzenegger
Full Name MacDonald Gargan
Age 22
Height 6'3"
Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Factions None
Occupation Professional Criminal
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Mac Gargan started out as a private investigator with his own firm, but he took a contract to become the Scorpion, and his life has not been the same since. Later, he was bonded to the symbiote, but he's only now beginning to pick up the shattered remnants of his life, thanks to some experimental medication.


The Scorpion was savage and brutal. Venom was no different, at least not before he began taking experimental medication. Now he is gaining a name for himself as a reputable mercenary.


MacDonald Gargan was always good at reading people. He could get into their heads, think like they do, and figure out what made them tick. He could spot a lie a mile away and he was good at problem solving. He had an analytical mind.

In order to graduate from high school, he needed 30 hours of work experience. And he was lucky enough to get some intern work with a private investigator. He took to it like a duck to water. And so, he resolved to become one himself.

And he did. He set up his own firm, small at first, but he quickly developed a reputation as someone who got the job done. He didn't follow any moral or ethical code. He did what he had to, to get the paycheque, no matter what.

And it was as a private investigator that he came to the attention of one J. Jonah Jameson, the publisher of the Daily Bugle. He was hired to discover how and why Peter Parker got so many photographs of the wall crawler, Spider-Man.

But Gargan had met his match. Spider-Man's spider-sense gave him away. No matter what he did, what he tried, he never did find out Parker's secret.

But he had impressed Jameson even in defeat. In one of the media mogul's darker moments, something he has since come to regret, he offered to turn Gargan into the Daily Bugle's very own superhero. And he'd pay him handsomely just for agreeing to receive superpowers. How could Gargan possibly refuse?

But, there was a catch. There's always a catch. The procedure left Gargan unbalanced. Although he did become the Scorpion, able to go toe to toe with the webslinger, but his mind wasn't the same. He had lost something.

He demanded that Jameson turn him back. But it was impossible. He would have turned his aggression on Jameson, if not for the spider's timely intervention.

As the Scorpion, he lived a half-life, more beast than man, but with just enough intelligence to get by. He took the odd contract, he stole, he did what he had to. It wasn't a great life. He was very angry and he was a freak.

Then one night, he encountered the Venom symbiote. They bonded, becoming one, but whereas his predecessors had either been the dominant one, or an equal partner, the symbiote had control of 'their' now shared existence.

Oh, he had some input, and he had influence, but he was very much the junior partner in the exchange, doing whatever the symbiote wanted. When they did what he wanted, it was only because the symbiote had no reason to stop him.

But then, he was forcibly given some medication. It changed him. He no longer looked like the monster he had become. He looked like a man. A man in a skin tight suit, but a man all the same. And what's more, he could think like one.

He was Mac Gargan again. He could act and think normally. Which for him meat dastardly, deceitfully, immorally, and ruthlessly. But really, who's checking?

And if he wanted to stay that way, he would need regular inactions. The price? He had to work for his benefactor, doing whatever job was asked of him. He could live with that. Sure, he'd traded one prison for another, but this new one, it was a country club compared to the maximum security one he was in.

Now, he's returned to his old ways, his very old ways, using his skills as a private investigator, backed up by the muscle of the symbiote, to become a highly capable mercenary. There is no paycheque too big, and no job too hard.

Character Details

MacDonald "Mac" Gargan is a greedy and unscrupulous fellow. So long as the pay is good, he'll do just about anything. That's how he wound up with super powers. Media mogul J. Jonah Jameson wanted to destroy Spider-Man, and he offered Gargan a lot of money to become the Scorpion, a natural enemy of spiders. There weren't supposed to be any side effects. They were wrong.

The procedure left Gargan struggling to maintain his sanity. The rational, if repugnant man was gone, replaced by a meandering creature, more animal than man, or anthropoid in this case. His life had changed in innumerable ways.

Eventually, he learned to cut through, to reassert some of himself. But it was difficult, and he still was more scorpion than man. As Gargan, he had been crafty, but as the Scorpion, he was often outsmarted by Spider-Man or any hero that he ran across. He was dim-witted, a brute, and nothing more.

Bonding with the Venom symbiote did not help. In fact, it made it worse. The symbiote became the dominant personality. The first man to wear the suit was able to control the symbiote. The second was an equal partner. But Gargan, he was the junior partner. His opinion counted for little. He had lost control. When he spoke, he said "I" rather than "We", but it wasn't Gargan speaking.

That is until he went on the medication. While not exactly an employer, he is tied at the hip to his mysterious benefactor, having to do whatever is asked of him, or else he'll be cut off. While on his meds, he is Mac Gargan again. A sane, rational, if unsavoury sort. He is himself. He's human. He even looks human when using his powers. But without them, he reverts to his former self, the monster within reasserting control, making him do things that even he wouldn't do. Considering that he's a mercenary, that's a troublesome thought.


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