Portrayed by Dave Franco
Full Name Draven Corbin
Age 27
Height 5'7"
Build Lean and Strong
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation Comedian/Impressionist
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

He has no fame as a hero, though he is startng to get famous as a rising star Comedian and Impressionist.


No superhuman reputation. Though he has a reputation as Draven Corbin. Locally being known as a funny guy. More widely known as a small time thug who, after his release from prison, turned his life around and focused on a career as a comedian. Slowly rising in fame from the streets of Gotham. Though currently residing in New York City for better access for his work. Still commited to charities throughout but mainly towards his old home in Gotham. He's the new up and coming star in comedy, with a bright future ahead of him. Despite his criminal past.


An up and coming comedian. Funny guy that is able to create more or less perfect impressions, at least sound wise. Though not by any means terrible at impressions with the other things. From Gotham but currently resides in New York City.

Character Details

The funny guy jester of his group. Though as he's grown he has gotten more comedic timing, if still being a bit quick to talk and say what he think, which can end up getting him in trouble. Rather kind and supportive, despite his misdoings in the past. Knowing he's not always right and knowing he's not the best of people. He takes life at it comes and deals with it through wit and quick thinking, of though he's often a bit headstrong.


Image Name Relation Information
BenFoster07.jpg Grayson Scott Party Crasher Showed up at a fancy social event, clearly out of place. Seems he somehow is quite skillled at entering houses, or he has special talents.


  • Entertainment — Works in the entertainment business, as a comedian. So anyone in that kind of work, or just likes to see funny guys on scenes, feel free to approach.
  • Charity — Having come from a poor background he does work on trying to give back to the community.
  • Prison — Spent time in prison in Gotham City, so most likely he'd know several criminals or other unfortunate people that ended up there.
  • Gothem Born — Born and raised in a ghetto in Gotham city. Though he no longer lives there it would be possible that he might know some Gotham folks.
  • Sister(appable) — Has a younger sister, who's currently up to app for anyone wishing for it. She is also has superpowers, nothing other than that has been decided on.

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