Portrayed by Gabriel Basso
Full Name Keith O'Neil
Age 22
Height 5'6
Build muscular
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Factions fair/purple
Occupation The Titans
Alignment Good

Claim to Fame

Vorpal has steadily gained reputation as a member of the Titans- the cheshire prankster had a spike in his notoriety when he helped deter an assassination attempt against a Senator, and a second time when he put the notorious Joker away. Some small amount of notoriety in the gossip mags and blogosphere/herowatch sites has also come from his relationship with Garfield Logan, a.k.a. -Beast Boy- Changeling.


Vorpal is a hero- but more of a trickster than a grim vigilante. In heroic circles, he is seen as colorful, at times reckless, loyal and courageous- but sometimes one heck of a headache as well (just ask Oracle.)



Keith O'Neil was a young man from the Bronx, an idealistic and eager young man who, from a very early age, showed an unusual level of determination. Keith's fondest memories of his mother were those in which she spent time with him at night, after a long day a work, reading from a worn and dog-eared copy of Alice in Wonderland. When Keith turned eleven, his mother succumbed to cancer. He never knew who his father was. From that point on, the boy lived with his aunt, uncle and three cousins. His only memento from his mother was a necklace with a pendant in the likeness of the Cheshire Cat as seen in the Tenniel illustrations of the Alice books. His uncle, fearing that Keith might become undisciplined and fall into bad company, enrolled him into a local martial arts academy. It was through it that Keith discovered his love for martial arts, and he applied himself.

Eventually Keith moved out after highschool and continued his practice, finding work in a local warehouse in order to scrape by. One night, having fallen asleep on-site after an exhausting day, Keith woke up to find some of his fellow employees in the middle of helping some questionable individuals relieve the warehouse of some of its valuables. Being a young man with a sense of right and wrong, he intervened and there was a scuffle. In the altercation, Keith was outnumbered and sent reeling, causing some of the stocked goods to fall upon impact and crush the young man to death.

Or, at least, that is what -should- have happened.

The warehouse at the time was being used as a temporary storage space for a rare antiquities dealer, and in that particular warehouse there was a very rare and magical item— a convex mirror from the Shang Dynasty, exceedingly rare.

Within the mirror there resided a magical entity, a feline spirit of chaos and mischief, but not destructive chaos. This spirit had been imprisoned in the a mirror by Huang-Di, the Yellow Emperor of early Chinese legend, and folklore called this spirit 'The Tiger Of The Mirror.' His imprisonment came about after a long romp on Earth causing mischief throughout and bringing about legends such as that of the Caith Sidhe in Ireland, the Bakaneko of Japan, and other similar stories. The Tiger of the Mirror, being a creature of chaos, saw a unique opportunity at the moment that Keith was sent reeling, and used its subtle chaos magic to manipulate the trajectory of the young man by just a gentle correction- the only thing it was capable of while prisoner in the mirror. As a result, Keith crashed against the mirror and shattered it, impaling a long shard of it through his chest and apparently dying.

Or so it appeared.

The Tiger of the Mirror was eager to find any vessel to escape… however, it had been weakened by millennia of languishing behind the mirror and it could not overpower Keith's soul. Instead of the Tiger obliterating Keith's soul, the two souls merged into one- the cat's chaotic nature is curbed by Keith's own personality, and the young man's last thought had been to stop the robbery of the warehouse. Seeking a suitable form with which to manifest himself, the Tiger in the Mirror found Keith's memory of the Cheshire Cat, and its association with his mother, and chose a form. The hero Vorpal had been born.

Dispatching the looters was not a problem, but the young man found himself to be a changed person- possessing the memories of both Keith O'Neil and the Tiger in the Mirror (though these consisted mostly of mischief and then a long period of captivity observing the world) but feeling none of them as his own. In many ways he was a new-born with very little to claim as his own. He was a new hero, but if that task were not daunting enough, he also was a new person altogether.

Character Details

Keith is charming, outwardly cheerful, possessor of an irreverent humor and a bright smile. He is prey to occasional moodiness at irregular intervals during which he prefers to keep to himself- mostly after one of the 'Unreality Storms' (as he calls them) hits him. Keith possesses a very strong sense of justice, and tends to lose his temper rather quickly if he thinks there's a crooked dealing somewhere. Despite being charming and personable, he doesn't know how to make friends easily.

As Vorpal, The chaotic nature of the Tiger of the Mirror amplifies Keith's less stable attributes: He tends to be somewhat of a daredevil and a show-off, his sense of humor tends to escalate and lean more towards the chaotic and iconoclastic, and may at times be reckless.


Image Name Relation Information
nopic-m.png Bunker Teammate Miguel is a good friend and a reliable teammate. He shares construct-creation powers with Vorpal, which allows for a lot of collaboration in the field of battle.
medium.jpg Changeling Teammate/Boyfriend Gar is Keith's closest friend in the Titans, and his boyfriend.
teeth.jpg The Flash Teammate Flash is like the little brother Vorpal never had: short attention span, loud, boisterous… but also a great guy.
SimonHall1.jpg Simon Hall Ally The first member of the X-Men that he met, Simon definitely seems like a good sort.
Raven%201.png Raven Teammate Raven is an enigma, which is an instant draw to a cat. She mystifies him and terrifies him. Sometimes at the same time.
chris-colfer-august-man-february-2013-exclusive-02.jpg Wiccan Teammate Wiccan seems like a nice kid- a little insecure, perhaps, but aren't all young heroes insecure at one point or another?
Zee-01.jpg Zatanna Zatara Teammate Magic and mystery are part of her history, and Vorpal finds her to be great company and a reliable teammate.
article-0-00B7D4FF00000578-734_226x272.jpg Amanda Waller Ally She can be trusted in her word, but she confuses me.

Meow Mixes

Song Artist Subject Meaning URL
Invincible Pat Benatar The Titans We fight together, we play together, and we save the world together. Or, at least, we will save the world together at some point. Bound to happen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A4xBp2rizQ
One Man The Human League Gar Logan Changeling. What were the odds that I would end up getting together with my teenage crush? About as high as me ending up turning into a chaos magic-controlling cheshire cat, right? Gar is my closest friend, my boyfriend and my confidant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWiVRpm7dm4

Character Gallery


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