Portrayed by Richard Ayoade
Full Name Warlock
Age 19 (?)
Height varies
Build varies
Eyes varies
Hair varies
Factions none yet
Occupation Customer Service (Tech Support)
Alignment <E.g Hero | Villain | Neutral | Civilian >

Claim to Fame

Harada Tech's Tech Support Rep of the month for four straight months. Congratulations, 'Warren Locke'!


Really, really weird dude. Like, really weird. Known for his penchant to say 'Self' instead of 'I'. Considered kind and well-liked generally by his neighbors and people he encounters, both because of his good cheer and his willingness to help. Largely suspected to be an illegal alien, but nobody wants to turn him in.


Warlock was born a member of the Technarch race, the foundation species of the galactic empire of the Phalanx. Warlock is the firstborn of the Magus, leader of the Technarch. Bred, evolved and adapted for warfare and conquest, the Technarch rite of adulthood required the young to fight their father to the death, to prove their worth. Warlock, however, was born different than all others of his species, his sense of empathy and range of emotions far greater than theirs, and could not imagine killing his own father (no matter how much of a monster he was). His empathy also made him cunning, however, and Warlock managed to escape, fleeing his homeworld for deep space. He roamed for many years, trying to get beyond the reach of the Phalanx, until he finally exhausted his energy supply. His ship sensed his distress and immediately sought out the nearest planet with a viable food source: Earth. After consuming the life energy of plants in the forest where he landed, Warlock went forth to explore his new home. Able to sense broadcasts and signals, he consumed Earth culture, entertainment and internet data in a constant stream, his still childlike personality getting, frankly, a bit warped in the process. He's now assumed a human job as a customer service technician for a large computer company, fielding calls wherever he is at any time. In the meantime, he keeps exploring what it means to be human, trying to blend in, and hoping his father's army doesn't come looking for him. And, if he sees some injustice along the way, he just might do something about it.

Character Details

Honest, straightforward and cheerful. Warlock genuinely likes most people, so long as they're not openly cruel, wicked or hateful. He's constantly curious, always trying to learn new things about the world. He can be somewhat oblivious, missing things that can be obvious to others or getting lost in his own head. He's helpful by nature and won't hesitate to step in against injustice. He is genuinely peace loving and will try to avoid violence or conflict, resorting to such only as a last result. If he makes a friend, he is extremely loyal and will follow them into anything.


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