Portrayed by Judi Dench
Full Name Wassea
Age 65 (immortal)
Height 4'10"
Build Matronly
Eyes Violet
Hair Silver
Factions Sidhe
Occupation Proprietress of the Silveroak
Alignment Support

Claim to Fame

Owner and operator of a supernatural-friendly tavern and inn that exists right where it needs to when it needs to.


Wassea isn't known to say very much. She appears matronly, and can sometimes act matronly. But, there's no doubt whatsoever that when she's had enough it's enough. She brooks no nonsense, but serves the best bread, cookies, and mead in existence.


Wassea has been alive forever, and will likely live for a good long forever, yet. Most recently, she's the proprietress of the Silveroak Bed & Breakfast, supernatural-friendly inn and tavern where all are welcome, providing they respect the rules of the establishment. Those rules are simple:

  1. Wassea's word is law.
  2. The Silveroak is neutral territory. Light, dark, or wild doesn't matter, but manners do. Those who fail to respect the peace will be ejected from the establishment and banned for as long as Wassea sees fit.
  3. When in doubt, refer to rule #1.

Character Details

Wassea isn't a talkative sort. Not needlessly so, anyway. She's not given to chitchat and she doesn't often engage in small talk. She rarely even offers an opinion, aside from a dryly arched brow or a faint, mischievous smile. And while she comes across as a mothering sort, she can also kick ass with the best of them. When she gets angry, kings and princes tremble and the elements are prone to respond violently.


Image Name Relation Notes
dana-rune-KBprofile.jpg Rune Fairy Godmother Rune doesn't know it, but Wassea is her fairy godmother. Consequently, she keeps a close eye on the girl.


Please speak with Rune or the staff about spoofing Wassea.

Character Gallery


Fae Mead and Mjolnir
March 3, 2014: Some people gather at the Silveroak for fae mead and light discussion.
(log: 20140303-fae-mead-and-mjolnir | tags: emma_frost nocturne rune silveroak thor wassea wolverine | posted: 05 Mar 2014 17:55)

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