Werewolf by Night
Werewolf by Night
Portrayed by Nathan Parsons
Full Name Jacob Russoff
Age 27
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Factions None
Occupation Occult Researcher
Alignment Anti-Heroic

Claim to Fame

That gothic monster with blood on his paws.


Elusive benefactor. The guy's probably hiding something.


Born Jacob Russoff in Medias, Transylvania, the man who would be known as the Werewolf by Night (or, more commonly, The Werewolf) spent his early years living in a castle among family members who had carried the curse of lycanthropy for generations. During a freak storm one night, his father, Gregor, who confined himself during nights he transformed into a werewolf, escaped and wreaked havoc on the city. He was killed by some of the more knowledgeable townsmen with silver bullets. After the debacle, Jacob and his mother left for Los Angeles, where Jacob's uncle lived.

Phillip, the uncle, married Jacob's mother and took control of the family estate, which was sold and used to purchase properties, make investments, and set up a trust fund for Jacob. When Jacob was eighteen, the criminal association known as the Committee, who had dealings with Phillip, found out about the family curse and blackmailed him. Phillip refused to give in to blackmail, so the Committe sent a hitman to kill Jacob's mother. It was then that the curse, which lay dormant inside Jacob all his life, was activated.

Jacob, who from then on solely called himself Jack Russell, spent the next few years travelling the country. During this time the Werewolf, uncontrolled, left many bodies in its wake. Jack also had run-ins with the Committe and various other groups that sought to either kill or control the creature. It became clear to him that a normal life was out of the question, so he learned to control the money his family left him, and turn it into a vehicle for him to keep moving, stay alive, and do his best to protect those around him from himself.

Jack kept this up until he was 25, when a package reached him from Transylvania. It contained the Darkhold, which his grandfather put together many years ago, as well as instructions on what it was and how to use it safely. From this book, Jack learned the history of lycanthropy and techniques to control it. He eventually did learn to control the curse on all nights except for three of every month, when the Werewolf remained in full control. With a new sense of control and a desire to learn more from the Darkhold, Jake moved to New York City, set himself up in Manhattan, and continues to try and carve out a life for himself.

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