Portrayed by Bahar Soomekh
Full Name Inara Bahrami
Age 28
Height 5'5"
Build Svelte
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Tour Guide at the Bronx Zoo
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Inara is known around M-Town as the person to take your pets to if you can't afford a real vet. Since she never finished her schooling, she doesn't have access to the drugs that might be needed, but since she doesn't charge money for her help, its a compromise.


Inara is a quiet sort, keeps mostly to herself. She has a fondness for animals and uses her veterinary knowledge to help them when she can. She's considered one of the best tour guides at the Bronx Zoo because of her stories of the animals as if they were real people.


Inara's parents immigrated to the US before she was born, getting away from the horrors of Iran during the Gulf War. They were well educated, her father was a doctor, and after retraining in the states to get his license in the States, resumed his practice. Not long after moving to the States, Inara's parents decided it was finally okay to start a family. Nine months later, Inara was born. She was a happy child and though she didn't talk for the longest time, everything else about her development was normal. Her parents did notice that they had a lot of neighborhood animals visiting their backyard, but assumed it was because of the water feature and other niceties of their home.
Initially, they assumed that Inara's talking to the animals, and telling them what they were saying to her, was just a case of an overactive imagination. They didn't see a problem with it and even encouraged it. While no pets were allowed in the home due to her younger brother's allergies, they were always visiting the backyard to play with Inara. As the mutant movement grew, Inara's father had Inara tested. Being an educated man, he realized that Inara's talents was no fault of her own. The only change that this discovery made to her family was simply that they knew to watch out for the reactions of people not as tolerant as they were.
And so, Inara grew up, happy and loved. She had a difficult time dealing with people, mostly do to the fact that most humans are never truly honest, with ourselves or others. We feel the need to hide things, even parts of ourselves. Inara couldn't understand the need for this. Animals are very forthright with their feelings an intentions. If one doesn't like what they hear, it is hardly the fault of the animal. And so, Inara started to distance herself from people. People were nice enough when not growing too close to them, but an emotional distance was preferable. Naturally, with her love for animals, it was no surprise that Inara decided to go to veterinary school. Her grades were certainly good enough. The classes were difficult, but she studied hard. She wanted to succeed. That all changed on September 11, 2001. The horrors that showed on her television screen at her parents home made her cry. She cried all the harder when it was realized to be a terrorist attack. Her family was looked at in a different light and though they had nothing to do with the attack, were ostracized.
Inara made a decision. She would go to New York and do her best to help out in any way that she could. She would prove that it wasn't the fact that the terrorists were Muslim was what they should be villified for. Against her parents wishes, she quit her schooling in her last semester, packed up and moved. Things were not easy in New York. Inara was a mutant and a Persian. Without really knowing, people assumed she was Muslim. Even when she tried to explain that she was Persian and was actually Islam, they grouped her in with the 'terrorist threat.'
Inara discovered that the waiting list to get into veterinary school in the state of New York was much higher then her home of Florida. She got a job at the Bronx Zoo, using her veterinary knowledge to give tours that were informative. The animals there loved her and she loved them. She found herself a small apartment in M-Town with the help of a pigeon she befriended. M-Town was different then most of New York. Everyone was there because they were looked down upon, so Inara's race was ignored. The fact that she could talk to animals and had been so close to being a veterinarian made her useful too. In the years she has been here, she has come to think of M-Town as home. Living in a ground floor apartment, she tends to keep her window open for the animals to come and go as they please. She gives veterinary advice for free to anyone that needs it. True, her mother keeps trying to get her to come home and marry a nice lawyer or doctor, but they will learn in time that she is exactly where she needs to be.

Character Details

Inara tends to be quiet and shy around humans. They confuse her so she mostly stays quiet around them. Around animals, she is warm and friendly, always willing to offer a helping hand.


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June 14, 2014: Eight and Fenris are enjoying the smell, sound and overall testosterone laden fun of ordinance when Inara comes along to break up their fun.
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