Portrayed by Chris Colfer
Full Name William 'Billy' Kaplan
Age 18
Height 5'8"
Build Slender and lithe
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None…yet
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Magic user and Hero wannabe


As Billy Kaplan, he's a College Freshman at Metropolis University. As Wiccan, he's an up and coming magical hero.


As far as Billy knows, he was born to Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan of Long Island, NY. His childhood was rather uneventful until middle school where he began to be teased and picked on for his more delicate looks and sensitive nature. This bullying continued into High School until it got to the point where Billy was essentially on a hair-trigger. As soon as one of the bullies pressed him too far, a burst of magical energy exploded from him, harming the bully and frightening enough of his hangers-on to leave him alone.

It left Billy confused and frightened, however. Afraid to speak to his parents about this ability, he tried to hide it, but once it was initially unleashed, it was almost impossible to dampen it down again. Between his burgeoning powers and his the emergence of his own identity and preferences, Billy started falling into a rather gothic depression. With one parent a psychologist, they worked together to bring him out of his funk and Billy actually rose from the 'ashes' stronger than ever. He even managed, with a bit of pressure from his successful parents and own sense of responsibility, to graduate with fairly high grades. He decided, then and there, that he wouldn't be bullied again…nor would he care what others thought of him. He would be himself and if others couldn't handle it, then it was their loss.

Choosing to leave New York for college, he decided upon Metropolis University for his undergraduate studies. Being away from petty High School bullies and finding others who were trying to break out of the confines and confusion of their past, he began to blossom and explore just who he really was. No longer defined by High School stereotypes, he made some shocking and some not-so-shocking realizations and decisions. While working on his academic studies, he also began delving deeper into his own magical studies. He joined groups and clubs on campus, but the actual reality of his magic remained a secret.

Socially, he's been enjoying the fact that in college, he's able to find people with more similar interests. While his magic is currently being kept quiet, he's been able to find others who don't mind that he likes boys, who don't mind that he reads comics, and don't mind that he's bright, curious, snarky, and speaks his mind. It also doesn't hurt that there are many lovely guys who are fantastic eye-candy. One in particular, a tall blonde jock has caught his attention, but surely a jock wouldn't be interested in someone like him, right?

Character Details

It's rare for Billy to get dragged down by the seriousness of life. He's definitely the 'glass is half-full' sort who is able to see the positive in almost any situation. It may not always be the most appropriate to the situation, but he's more than happy to find it and express it. He's also more than happy to toss out a bit of snark or a quip or two as something springs to mind even if it means challenging or mouthing off to someone of higher authority than him or even a role model. There isn't much of a filter between his mind and his mouth and while some might find that charming or endearing, he doesn't often realize that he might he hurting another's feelings until afterwards.

He also, however, isn't afraid to apologize or admit if he's wrong.

Always a sensitive kid, that seems to have come with him as he moves into adulthood and he is completely unapologetic about it. This sensitivity gives him empathy towards other and has firmly cemented his 'no killing' rule. He might be a little more emotional than Society might dictate a man of his age should be, but once again, he doesn't care. He is who he is and that's that. What does help is that he is also charming, funny, and a very loyal and caring friend to those who have earned such a role in his life.

He isn't all perfection and wit, however. He can be a bit selfish and impulsive, jumping into situations without really assessing them and going to extreme lengths to protect those he cares for. His temper is also fairly quick to ignite and he isn't afraid to just walk off in a huff if something isn't going the way he wants it to go. With all his sensitivity to others' feelings, he just sometimes says hurtful things, mostly inadvertently but occasionally the snark comes out on purpose.

Then there's the geekery — comics, superheroes, musicals, Billy is the epitome of a Geek. He reads comics, gobbles up what he can about superheroes, and is more than happy to watch musicals in person, on television, or break out into song if something comes to mind. If anything has been written about a hero, established or emerging, he's read it. He's armed with his cell phone just in case he might get a chance to snap an image of one in action or, joy of joys, get a Selfie with one!


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