Portrayed by Unknown
Full Name Willow Jones
Age 25
Height 5'6"
Build Slim
Eyes Brown
Hair Red
Factions Hydra
Occupation Gadgeteer
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Widget is known only as the source of mysterious inventions from the heart of Hydra, rumoured to be a machine or a computer to the outside world. Inside Hydra itself, those few that have met her, or know of her true existence, she is eccentric, driven, creative, if somewhat odd.


Widget is focussed, driven, creative. She is direct, sometimes charming, utterly unable to empathise.


Born to Clara and Rupert Jones, both loyal agents of Hydra, lost in the line of duty, Willow was a sweet child, obsessed with Lego and perpetually building items from the first moment she could walk. She was six when they died, and when they came to tell her, she was creating a weapon, looked up and nodded, her absorption in the task keeping the knowledge from her for a time. She grew up in the care of Hydra, raised by agents there, her lab forming around her as her needs grew.

For ten years now, since the moment she left school, she has been a loyal agent of Hydra, working in the lab and in the field, creating according to her mind, to the ideas that spawn in her agile brain.’

Character Details

Widget's mind is a fast moving thing, logical, creative and downright dangerous. As a child, her talents with machines of all types were obvious and, when her parents died in the line of fire for Hydra, they took advantage of that mind. Now, she has all that she might need to let that mind loose, creating all manner of weapons, systems and gadgets for Hydra.
Widget is a nickname from her ability to pull together rubbish, creating the perfect item for that moment. From new weapons, to systems to hack any government, right up to a machine that powers any machine for days… Her mind is overflowing, full of new inventions, worlds, possibilities. There isn't a moment when she isn't working on a new, improved widget, a new gadget. If someone can think of it, she likely did.



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Bring me Stark!
January 04, 2015: A visit to Widget's gym.
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