Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier
Portrayed by Sebastian Stan
Full Name James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
Age 28 (90)
Height 5'9"
Build Average height and athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions None
Occupation Bogeyman/Assassin
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

A Cold War ghost story reborn as an underworld assassin.


The Winter Soldier was theoretically responsible for a string of assassinations throughout the Cold War, but he largely served as a boogeyman for the intelligence experts of the day. In modern times, he has resurfaced as a hitman and bodyguard for criminal organizations around the United States.


James Barnes was a military brat who showed so much promise that he was shipped off for special forces training at the age of 16, to prepare him for a secret mission: serving as Captain America's youthful partner, Bucky. The two fought many battles throughout World War II, until he - along with the Captain - went MIA in 1945.

Shortly afterwards, the Russians fished his frozen, one-armed body from the English Channel, and nine years later, he was revived in a secret Russian laboratory. His plunge into icy water preserved his body, but did serious damage to his brain; he remembered his training, but not where he received it. He didn't know his name, history, or anything else; he was clay, ready to be shaped and fired into a dangerous weapon.

Soviet science provided him with a new, mechanical left arm to replace the missing one; Soviet trainers honed his already formidable combat and espionage talents, and Soviet psychology constructed new memories and ideals to take the place of those he'd lost. When they were through, the former James Barnes had become the Winter Soldier, a Soviet killer who could operate on Western soil and disappear into crowds of Western faces without drawing attention to himself. He was kept in suspended animation between missions, allowing him to participate in the entirety of the Cold War while only aging a few years in the process.

When the Wall came down, programs like the one responsible for the Soldier were officially shut down, and the Soldier was put away in storage with the other relics of his era.

Towards the beginning of 2014, a former Soviet officer took control of the facility where the Soldier was stored and soon reactivated him for his own purposes. In order to curry favor and keep his own coffers stocked, his new handler soon began loaning the Soldier out to highly placed allies in US contingents of the Mafiya when he wasn't needed for other things, and they have in turn took to using him as a bargaining chip(or deterrant) with their own allies in the American underworld.

Character Details

James Barnes was a gutsy, spirited young man who was deeply loyal to his friends and country. Despite the sometimes grisly nature of his role as Bucky, he tended to smile more often than not, and while he was dedicated to his cause, he was also not one to turn down a good time when off-duty. He was brave to a fault, but hot-headed and prone to getting into fights—especially with those who seemed to be bullies, or otherwise 'asking for it'.

The Winter Soldier is, as his name would suggest, tends to project icy, detached distance from both his work and his peers. He doesn't joke, he doesn't smile; he can and sometimes does hold conversations, but it's rare for him to get especially into them, because there just isn't much that holds a lot of emotional resonance for him, thanks to all the conditioning. Once upon a time, he could get reasonably passionate about the glories of a Soviet Earth, but since his present controllers are less patriotically minded, so is he. He has something of a sense of humour, too, but it's a dry and subdued thing.


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  • SHIELD is in possession of files from the joint KGB-HYDRA program responsible for the Winter Soldier proving that he and James Barnes are the same man; they are 10 level classified, meaning that only Nick Fury has access to them. Page/@mail ws if you'd like more information.

Character Gallery


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Love is a Battlefield
February 23, 2015: The ancient vampire Andrew Bennett comes to Metropolis to register a formal complaint against his former lover and eternal rival's nation building experiment.

A whole lot of less-ancient vampires die. (Mary was NPCed by Winter Soldier. Andrew was NPCed by Arsenal. The whole scene was backdated to this day and originally done on March 1st.)
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Contradictions in Action
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Charming the Cobra
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Cutscene: Who Is James Buchanan Barnes?
March 04, 2015 The Winter Soldier broods on the stain spreading across his existence. (NOTE: The date is approximate; I mostly just didn't want to break something by not including a date.)
(log: 20140304-cutscene:who-is-james-buchanan-barnes | tags: winter_soldier | posted: 25 Mar 2015 20:57)

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