Portrayed by "Minka Kelly"
Full Name "Sara Pezzini"
Age 32
Height 5'9"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions NYPD
Occupation Detective
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Sara Pezzini isn't exactly famous. Sure, there was something in the papers a few years back about the detective who was dating billionaire Kenneth Irons, but that disappeared almost as soon as it was news. People with connections to the NYPD or questionable papers may know her as an excellent detective who deals in strange crimes.

Those in the know about mystical artifacts probably don't know Sara, but they may know the Witchblade. Also known as the Balance, it has appeared throughout the ages on the arms of warrior women all over the world.


One of NYPD's finest detectives, Sara is damned good at her job. The problem is, she's not very good at dealing with people, and she's a woman in what is still a man's world. She's been accused of being reckless, impulsive, short-tempered, and short-sighted, but she has one of the best records for solving cases. Skill combined with a complete lack of tact have seen her assigned to the special cases division, a department of the NYPD tasked with dealing with crimes that other detectives have deemed "weird" or "unsolvable." The fact that she continues to solve those crime keeps her head above water with the department - barely.


From the time she was a little girl, Sara wanted to be a detective like her father. She watched cop shows. She played cops and robbers. And she idolized her father. That didn't stop after Vince Pezzini was killed in the line of duty. Despite the fact that she was more than smart enough to go to college, Sara entered the police academy straight out of high school, where she was at the top of her class. She made detective by 26, one of the youngest detectives in the department, and despite butting heads with her chief, was on track to be a star.

Everything changed one night. While following clues from a drug bust, Sara showed up at the Rialto theater with her partner Michael Yee just as a tournament of sorts was being held by billionaire Kenneth Irons. Having recently found an artifact of great power, Irons was in search of someone to wield it. Sara snuck in by pretending to be an escort of one of the crime bosses in attendance. Her partner was not so lucky. Yee was caught sneaking in the back, and Irons was about to have him executed. Sara dove in front of the gunfire.

She should have died.

Instead, the artifact Irons had brought - the Witchblade - chose her.

Healed by the power of the blade, Sara fought off the gangs, burning down the theater in the process. And thus began her tenure as the Bearer. It hasn't been an easy path. The Witchblade has a mind and an agenda of its own, and high standards for its bearer. Irons was the first to try to take it away, but he was defeated, falling from his penthouse to his death. But despite attempts by Sara to give it up and attempts by others to take it away, she and the Witchblade are well and truly bonded.

Over the past few years, Sara has fought demons, ghosts, cultists, assassins, and criminals. She's only begun to learn the history of the blade, including its origins. A few run-ins with Jackie Estacado and the Darkness have given her some clues, but so far her focus has been on coming to terms with the Witchblade itself and balancing what it requires with her job as a detective.

And then there's the Witchblade…

One of thirteen artifacts of power, the Witchblade is the offspring of the Darkness and the Angelus, the balance between darkness and light. Male in character, it has throughout time chosen a female bearer to wield it. The Witchblade has high standards for a bearer and a will of its own. While some have conquered the Witchblade, other bearers have fallen victim to its more base and violent urges, becoming little more than instruments of the blade. Anyone who dares to hold it is up for a fight.

Character Details

Sara is not the easiest person to get along with. She has a (rightfully earned) reputation for having something of a temper, is prone to doing what she thinks is right no matter what, and sees the world in blacks and whites. She believes absolutely in the importance of the law, despite a tendency to bend the rules now and then to get the right results. She's no stranger to turning off the camera in interrogation.

Despite this, she has a deep and abiding desire to protect and serve. She has a hard time turning away from someone who needs help, even if she's prone to staying by herself and being something of a workaholic.


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Character Gallery


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