Witch Boy
Klarion the Witch Boy
Portrayed by ….Klarion!
Full Name Klarion Bleak
Age 18(Immortal)
Height 5'9"
Build Slender
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Factions His own
Occupation Chaos Agent
Alignment Usually Villain

Claim to Fame

Being new to this dimension, Klarion has no fame at all…He's just your friendly Witch Boy who happens to love chaos and all things magic.


Intelligent and cruel, Klarion is nothing like your boy next door. Choosing a carefree life with little concern for others, the Witchboy enjoys causing as much chaos as possible. He used to be a Lord of Chaos after all…

But someone who loves cats and cake, must have a good side right?



Many, many years ago a man by the name of Melmoth, King of the time-travellers future Sheeda, went to an alternate dimension to 'breed' with many woman of that world. The King effectively spawned an entire race of half-human and half-Sheeda known as Witch people who would live in Witch World. This otherworldly dimension is different from our own, in the way that everyone had at least a little bit of knowledge of black magic whether it was raising the dead for work or possessing someone.

This would be the dimension Klarion the Witch-boy was born. This notorious witch-boy was the bad sort from the day he was born. Mischievous and hated, he once caught the interest of entities known as the Lords of Chaos. They saw potential in his chaotic spirit. So they took his soul, almost completely killing his physical body. Instead of taking on a new mortal body Klarion kept his own while using his cat, Teekl to link his soul to the mortal plane. The Lords fused his soul with chaos charges and reincarnated him as a Lord of Chaos.

That was their first mistake.

As the Chaos Lords ran through the universe causing chaos in their path, they noticed that Klarion wasdifferent. He was unpredictable and more chaotic and immature than they expected. Sometimes he'd even switch sides just for giggles.

Out of options, the Lords realized they needed to 'get rid of' Klarion. But they couldn't just outright kill Klarion as that would upset the balance of the universe and give the Lords of Order the upper hand since Klarion was a Lord, himself. Instead they brokered a deal with those of Gemworld. The deal included the capture of Klarion and the sealing of his powers as an elemental lord. Though they ignored Teekl and after a time Klarion was able to anchor himself down in Earth. Good thing too! That dusty prison was getting boring…

It would have been simple for Mordru or one of the other Lords to come down and finish off what they started. But Klarion proved useful away from the Chaos Lords as he still caused much chaos and couldn't interfere with their plans. He no longer had the extreme power of a Lord of Chaos so he was allowed to do what he does best…

One of the many little adventures he had on Earth was the not so brilliant idea to try and live a normal life as an American teenage boy. He acquired two kind, wealthy foster parents and enrolled into high school. Did you know schools have rules!? Klarion didn't and after a surprisingly long while, he turned both his parents into mice feeding them to his pet, Teekl, while keeping their money as inheritance.

Good Riddance! Now Klarion can do what he does best! Cause chaos and mayhem…

Character Details

Klarion truly should be studied carefully and put in a mental institution.

~Chaotic~ is one word that describes Klarion. And still the Witchboy's personality is far from easily grasped. At all times his interests only revolve around himself, caring little for the safety or concern of others. Still he is somewhat fascinated by this world and the mortal plane even if he would never admit it. His temper is short and it seems the littlest of things can make him angry. He acts like a whiny and immature child who throws tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. But under all that seems to be a calculating and even intelligent mind.

Though, he lacks your average 'villainy' with an even more complex nature than the Joker. Not only was he raised in a dimension filled with black magic, he is a chaotic agent. And so he really is chaos personified. Cruel and very vicious, he could easily be called a sociopath. He loves causing as much havoc as possible and takes great pleasure hurting other people. He seeks to improve his magical abilities no matter if he has to take an ancient artifact or steal the powers of an old wizard.

He's evil that's easy to tell. But there's a deeper side of him- one that only Teekl gets to see. He bottles up all those filthy and fluffy emotions like compassion and love deep down inside of him. Sometimes in emtional situations, these emotions come out. Truly he wants to be liked for who he is, but has never gotten that kind of acceptance.

There may or may not be a streak of good or two on him regardless if he'd say or not. Really, he is not inherently evil. And with the guide of Teekl he may be led to do a heroic thing. Especially if it benefits him. Or if it's fun!


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