Portrayed by Hugh Jackman
Full Name Logan
Age 118
Height 6'2"
Build Muscular
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men
Occupation Adventurer, Teacher
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

The Wolverine is a legend. His story has been told around the campfires. The earliest of these dates back to early 20th century British Columbia. Since then, his name has popped up around the globe. No one knows for sure how much of it is true, but if even a tenth is, he's one scary son of a bitch.


As he likes to say, he's the best there is at what he does, but what he does best isn't very nice. Logan is a mutant with an extraordinary long life span. He has fought in many wars, was a member of the Weapon Plus program, and he is a hero.


Sometime in the 1890's, Elizabeth Howlett (nee Hudson) began a torrid affair with Thomas Logan, the groundskeeper for her husband's estate. This infidelity gave birth to a son, James, who was passed off as the son of John Howlett, Sr. After the death of his elder brother John, the young James became the sole heir to the Howlett's considerable estate in what was then called the North- West Territories. Today, it is known as the Canadian province of Alberta.

A frail boy from the start, James suffered from a number of allergies, and was often bedridden. His only friends were Rose O'Hara, an Irish girl, and Dog, Thomas Logan's legitimate son, and secretly the half-brother to James. As the three of them matured, Dog became infatuated with Rose, but she did not reciprocate. This led to the expulsion of Dog and his father from the estate.

Later that night, Thomas came back for Elizabeth, and he brought a shotgun. He murdered John in cold blood, and James retaliated. It was the first time that James' claws had emerged. In short order, he killed Thomas and scarred Dog's face. Elizabeth banished him, and she took her own life shortly thereafter. James and Rose went on the run, as Dog had reported them to the North-West Mounted Police (today's Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and James' grandfather.

They first fled to what is now the Yukon, before finally settling in British Columbia. James found work in a stone quarry. He quickly grew to resemble Thomas in build and stature, even taking his name, though that was more out of necessity than anything else. Rose O'Hara and James Howlett were still being hunted, but nobody cared about "Rose Logan" and her cousin, "James Logan".

While Rose kept her given name, James adopted "Logan" in most matters. He became popular in the quarry for his hard work and strong ethics. Smitty, the foreman, even became a surrogate father to him. But the feeling was not shared by all. Cookie Malone, Smitty's former favourite, took an immediate dislike to him. Everything he did, every step he took to discredit Logan, ultimately backfired. He sabotaged the mine. Logan survived and saved their co-workers. Cookie cut Rose and Logan's rations, so Logan hunted in the wild, giving whatever Rose and he didn't need to his co-workers, and they loved him for it.

When Cookie challenged Logan to a cage match, Logan fought with the ferocity and savagery of a wild animal. It was there that he earned the nickname that has stayed with him to this day: Wolverine. As Logan had been growing into a man under Smitty's tutelage, so too had Rose become a woman. Logan had feelings for her, but he could not act on them without sacrificing the life they had built as "cousins". Much to Logan's dismay, Rose ended up marrying Smitty, who in the end had Logan's begrudged blessing. Smitty made Rose happy.

During this time, Logan's grandfather, in law if not in blood, asked Dog to find Rose and his "grandson". And where the police had failed, Dog succeeded. Only, not as he had hoped. Dog found Logan, and planned to kill him out of revenge, but Logan proved too strong. As Logan was about to deliver the killing blow, Rose rushed to Dog's side, and was accidentally impaled by Logan's claws. Having been seen using his claws in the middle of the town's street, and killing his first love, Logan fled, disappearing into the wild.

And there he lived in a self-imposed exile. Was it a matter of months or years, who can say? During his time as mountain man, he met and fell in love with a Blackfoot woman. They built a cabin together, and might have lived happily ever after. But fate had other plans. On Logan's birthday, a man attacked, raped, and left his love for dead. Logan tracked the man down and fought, losing. The man did not take Logan's life. He was far crueller. He had already taken the only thing in the world that still mattered to Logan. But now his love was replaced with pain. He was left him with nothing but pain.

When the Great War broke out in Europe, Logan was among the 600,000 Canadian volunteers. He served dutifully, and he was a good soldier. But his commanding officer was scum. He would be sentenced to death by firing squad for a long list of crimes. After that, Logan fought in the Second Battle of Ypres. Six years later, Logan found himself blindfolded, tied to a post, and waiting for his own firing squad. But his was in Mexico. He heard a woman's voice call out to him, asking if he was a murderer. He replied, "… worse, a horse thief".

He survived, freed himself of the now bullet ridden ropes, and dispatched his would be executioners. It was only then that he discovered the woman had somehow slipped free of her own ropes, and was blue! She asked him how he survived, and he smiled, "I didn't". Together, they travelled to Kansas City, where she wanted him to meet some friends of hers. But when she started talking about a bank robbery, he informed the authorities of her plans.

A few years after Black Tuesday, which was the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Logan found himself in the Principality of Madripoor, where he first began using the alias of Patch. There, he learned to become an assassin. This marked the start of his globetrotting. He would travel to Japan, studying under a Master, before heading west, where he would fight in the Spanish Civil War.

When Canada declared war on Germany, he returned to the Devil's Brigade. During the course of the war, he would fight alongside some true heroes, legends really. Sometime after the war, Logan returned to Japan, where he would find the first true peace in some time. He married a Japanese woman.

But she was murdered and he was forced to leave. He had been banned from the village for accidentally killing a villager. From there, Logan returned home, returned to Canada, where he became a freelance intelligence agent. Embracing his nickname, he took Wolverine as his codename while working for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security Service (now known as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service), and later for America's Central Intelligence Agency.

In the 1960s, Logan became part of the Weapon Plus program, and was assigned to Team X. Before this, he had compartmentalised his memories, repressing the pain and anguish he had endured over the past several decades. But the Weapon Plus program took this to all new levels. Because of them, he can't be sure of any memory he has from before he signed up. He was given an experimental combination of drugs, telepathy, staged scenarios, and a host of other psychological conditioning. He became the Wolverine, a soldier, and nothing more. He forgot who he was, but he never stopped acting like he was. They may have made him into a killer, but he never stopped being a good person.

He travelled the globe with Team X, performing black operations, and remembering none of them. Because he would regain his memories from time to time, they had to be suppressed, distorted, and replaced with new ones. As a result, he doesn't know which memories were genuine, and which ones were false. His overseers found that it was usually best to ground their lies in some truth, however distorted. After Team X disbanded, he was assigned to Department K, an off the books Canadian Defence Ministry. It was there that he was given an adamantium skeleton. He underwent intense mental conditioning.

His superiors were tired of dealing with a man. They wanted a machine. And so they devised a test of their conditioning. The Wolverine was sent to slaughter the inhabitants of Roanoke, Virginia. And he did. Every man, woman, and child was put to his claws. But despite their vaulted programming, their careful manipulation and conditioning, the Wolverine proved too difficult to control. He would break free and escape to the wild. In a way, he returned home, for his wandering through the Canadian Rockies brought him close to the Howlett estate, or at least their former lands. The manor had long since disappeared.

There he would remain until he was discovered by a young couple. They helped him became a founding member of Alpha Flight, where he served openly as a hero. But it was not to last. Nothing ever does. There was a woman, a married woman, who reminded of Rose. After a time, he would leave them, and leave Canada. He had to. If he had stayed, he would have hurt a trusted friend…

Character Details

Logan has a wild, untamed personality. He lives life to its fullest, enjoying his Cuban cigars, Canadian beer, gambling, fighting, women, you name it, he enjoys it. He is a product of his environment. He started working in the mines when he was just thirteen years old. He became a man in the frontier.

He does not shy away from trouble. He actively seeks it out. When he's in the mood for a card game, he usually starts by looking for the worst people he can find. He has no problem socialising with lowlifes because they're the most fun. There's no point in doing it if there isn't a chance to get hurt.

There is a wild and savage animal lurking just beneath the surface. When he gives in to that animal, he is capable of terrible things. But over time, he has recognised this part of him, and made efforts to subdue it. He has buried it in meditation and the adoption of Bushido. He lives by the warrior's code.

He is an honourable man. He has a sense of justice. It has become as much a part of him as the adamantium that coats his very bones. It is his fondest wish that he could become a samurai. But that will never be. He is too rash, too impatient, too angry. He is a failed samurai, a ronin, destined to roam.

He must travel the world in search of a purpose. Occasionally, he will find one, and he will know happiness for a time. But such things are fleeting. They never last. Eventually, all things must wither and die, but he remains.

He is a rock, unflinching, unchanging. The world may remake itself around him, but he will always be the rock. He will always be alone. And yet, in spite of himself, the rough exterior he presents, he has the soul of a poet.

He may be a loner, destined to walk the Earth forever, or until his regenerative healing factor wears out, but he has left his mark in this world. He has taken in students, imparting his knowledge and wisdom. He cares about people. He may not be able to move the river, but he can pick out some things that drift along the water, helping them to right their course.


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