Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl
Portrayed by Alisa Farrington
Full Name Cassie Sandsmark
Age 18
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions Titans
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Unknowing demi-goddess, Amazonian heroine in-training.


Cassie Sandsmark: A curator's daughter, known for getting into fights with bullies. Not famous or anything. Wonder Girl: Newish heroine following in the footsteps of Wonder Woman and Troia.


Cassandra Elizabeth Sandsmark was born to Helena Sandsmark in a suburb of Portland, Maine. She remembers little of Maine, however, as the pair moved to Gateway City when Cassie was six. Helena, a renowned archaeologist, had just obtained a position with the Gateway City Museum of Antiquities.

Cassie's childhood was fairly typical for a child of a single parent. She had to learn quickly to take care of herself, and to value what little time she was able to spend with her very busy mother. She had a comfortable life, her mother made sure she was always provided for, and from her first memory she was always surrounded by books.

Cassie began reading early, and she learned that one of the best ways to keep her mother's attention for longer periods of time was to know what she was talking about, especially if she was talking about archaeology. So she learned everything she could about the subject, and found that she liked learning. However, despite being smart, she was also a troublemaker. Rambunctious, willful, stubborn, and resisting authority regularly, she was something of a terror growing up.

Cassie did well in school in terms of studies, and her outgoing personality made friends quickly and easily, but her penchant for fights and general mayhem also caused her trouble with those students who didn't care for her, as well as most school faculty. She had to change schools multiple times, winding up with her current school, Saint Elias School for Girls. Despite her love of learning, she had a deeper fascination with popular culture, the latest trends, fashion, slang and lingo, and all of it became part of who she was. But her first love remained knowledge, especially tales of ancient heroes, epics of viking warriors, and so on. Those who thought on their feet and yet managed to overcome enormous obstacles, monsters, the machinations of evil kings, and even challenge the Greek gods. But she was still plenty tomboy, enjoying exercise and physical activities, and not against some rough-housing.

Despite bing a problem-causer, most of the fights she got into were to protect those she saw getting bullied. While telling off the perpetrators was enough in some cases, a good punch in the nose for the worst ones was not beyond her.

The thing that has most captured Cassie's attention lately is the heroes. She has never really thought of herself as a hero, though the desire to not see others get pushed around by those stronger than them has been there for years. While super heroes may be relatively new to her, they're people Cassie aspires to be like. How fortunate, thus, that she recently has begun to discover she has unusual powers of her own — though they can only be awakened by artifacts she 'borrowed' from her mother's museum. She decided to make a different as a hero with these powers, and though she knows not her true heritage, she is working on improving her superhuman powers so that she can protect others more effectively, like one of the Amazonian heroines. She doesn't know where these powers come from, nor that her true father was the god Zeus. Thus, her unfortunate lack of experience may be a danger not only to herself but others as well, and if her true parentage is made known she may have the enemies of Zeus interfering with her and her life. She is in dire need of a mentor or someone who can help her learn how to be a hero right.

For now she has named herself "Wonder Girl", after the famous Wonder Woman! The Amazons have a connection to ancient Greece, it seems, and she's using Greek relics, so it just makes sense.

Character Details

Cassie feels the need to protect those who can't defend themselves. This usually involves hitting someone or something that may be putting someone else in danger or mistreating someone who can't do anything to prevent it. This, and the example set by various heroes, is what inspires her to compromise what could be a relatively normal civilian existence to put herself in harm's way in super battles.

Cassie is able to put aside her fear for herself in order to face down dangers that normal people would run from. She is most brave when she is acting to protect another, and her determination in such situations can push her to find solutions or tough out hardship for another's sake.

Wonder Girl wants to become a full-fledged hero, both to protect others and because she loves the thrill of a fight. Even when she's getting hurt, a good battle with a capable opponent gets her blood pumping and makes her feel truly alive. The fact that she can save people by doing it just means her main goal is usually served by punching something or someone.


Image Name Relation Information
WW2.jpg Wonder Woman Inspiration Cassie was inspired to become Wonder Girl thanks to Wonder Woman. She looks up to her, and wants to follow in her footsteps. She doesn't know entirely what that means yet, but the principles that Wonder Woman fights for seem like ones that Wonder Girl believes in and wants to fight for too.

Theme Songs

Song Artist Subject Meaning URL
Move Your Body Eiffel 65 The Titans Awesome group full of awesome people. Seem to be pretty cool so far! Like a big club of friends who fight crime, instead of, like, some stuffy league with lots of rules and crap. I think it's going to be fun hanging with them. No, I know it will be. For sure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHv4rpBo7ss

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