Wonder Man
Wonder Man
Portrayed by Paul Telfer
Full Name Simon Williams
Age 23
Height 6'5"
Build Muscular athletic
Eyes Solid red
Hair Black
Factions watch this space
Occupation Actor/Action Hero
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

The Man of Ions!


Failed at the family business, kidnapped and experimented on, a famous case of Stockholm Syndrome who snapped out of it. Spent a year dead for tax reasons (no.)
Now he's a popular action hero/stunt-man (because he doesn't get killed doing ridiculous stunts. Don't try ANY of them at home, kids!)


The Story of the Perfect Family and the Sad Thing That Happened

The Story of the Rising Company and the Bad Stuff That Happened

The Story of the Shadowy Figure and the Ionic Ray Machine

The Story of the Bad Guys Club and How Simon Died the First Time

The Story of How Wonder Man Became a Zuvembie but Got Better

The Rest of the Story

Recently1, Simon returned to the New York area for a six month hiatus from the movies, "To Find Myself" his agent told the trade rags, "Because I have community service to do," he told Good Morning, and "Why not?" when friends asked him what was REALLY going on. He confessed to the embezzlement, but was cleared because of his earlier pardon, along with the fact that he was actually allowed to use the money that way (as he had a plan in place to return it and he was the only remaining Board member with signatory power and so on - it's amazing how Business is set up to assist with legal pillaging from the top.)

So far, the response from his fans has been, "Wow, that's cool," while the public at large has mostly said, "Who? What? Oh. OK."
But there are still pictures of Simon in a too-small orange jumpsuit (top part tied down at the waist) enthusiastically punching down a to-be-demolished building, showing up in the social media. So it's all good2.3

After a few incidents of super-heroics, Simon was asked covertly to assist with the situation when Namor attacked an oil platform off of South Carolina. This led to his meeting the Blue warrior named Storm Surge, and then Mera of Atlantis,4 which led to him being drafted into becoming a sort of 'good will ambassador' to the Atlanteans at the behest of Aquaman. This was fine, though an inconvenience for his movie career, when Aquaman was shot down by unknown assailants during a diplomatic visit to Metropolis with his queen; the ensuing attack by Atlantis has temporarily dried up his box-office, and he's been at loose ends5.

Character Details

Simon plays the Egotist Actor Game but it's a cover, something that's kind of expected in Hollywood. It's not the real him. Get him away from the parties (which are pretty much "work") and the cameras, and he's a generally nice, not-egomaniac kind of person.
Temper Bomb
Simon can be taunted, provoked, or even build up to a major loss of cool, which with him can be really pretty destructive, especially if his powers flare up. It takes someone who knows him personally well enough to set him off - like his brother.
Stupid Loyal
Three things, Family, Friends, Lovers - Simon will do nearly anything for these. He's risked prison and death for his brother, he sacrificed his life for new friends, and (when that Love thing finally happens) he is not the one who breaks the commitment.
Easily Eroded Ethics
For the right reasons, presented the right way, Simon will do the entirely wrong thing. He's done it before, and will probably do it again. In fact, this is one of the hooks frequently used to get him into the Controlled Catspaw state.
So Slightly Insecure
Even though he's apparently immortal and invulnerable, Simon sometimes doesn't believe it, and loses his confidence in his “right” to be acting the part of a hero. He sometimes thinks it's just make-believe. When this happens, he can sometimes end up being beaten by things that shouldn't.
Good Guy At Heart
All other things notwithstanding, Simon is hero material. Flawed sometimes, but always striving for what he sees as good and right. He does charity work, he speaks out for mutant rights, gay rights, and supports progressive candidates, and he won't kick a puppy or kitten if offered one.
The saying about still waters running deep may be true, but by that metaphor, Simon's a swiftly moving stream. He's not that deep, no profound secrets or insights or wisdom beyond his years. What you see is what you get.


Image Name Relation Notes
nopic-m.png Eric 'Grim Reaper' Williams Brother It's complicated. (Eric could be apped.)
nopic-f.png Mrs. The Late Sanderson Williams Mother Seriously, does anyone think Cynthia Rothschild-Williams gets off scot-free in all this?


Because Wonder Man's origin is so tightly bound to the Avengers in original canon, and because that isn't possible since, (1) no Avengers yet at incept, and (2) no 20 years of history and character development, Wonder Man's concept here is more focused on his acting career; being a costumed super-whatsis was something that the Shadowy Figure dude thought was important, but Simon, having worked in Hollywood, is more cynical about the very idea.

Recently Simon has been spotted doing occasional public relations work for SHIELD, mostly in the form of assisting with disasters or threats, and at least once appearing on a morning television show to explain why he was assisting SHIELD with an oil rig problem (and why it was anything SHIELD had to worry about). He was amazingly under-informative while being quite chatty.

Character Gallery


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