Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Portrayed by
Full Name Diana of Themyscira
Age 33
Height 6'0"
Build Statuesque
Eyes Cerulean
Hair Ebony
Factions JL:A
Occupation Ambassador from Themyscira
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Divine Warrior, Amazon Princess, Ambassador and Superhero


An ambassador from Themyscira, an Amazon, and a strong speaker; Diana's short presence in public has threatened to win hearts and wage suspicions. It is unknown what she intends to do while here, or why she is even here in the first place. Let's wait and see, shall we?


  • Sometimes to discover where you belong you first have to discover who you truly are.
  • After so many years of being lead to believe Diana was born of clay, she finds not only was she not, but that she is also another one of Zeus' children from her mother Hippolyta - the lie being told to protect her from Hera's jealousy.
  • A war waged amongst the gods to fulfill or defy a legacy between the first born and the last born of Zeus' children before his disappearance, Diana leading battles, and gaining unlikely allies, all while protecting the last born infant from it's enemies.
  • Once Themyscira is settled back into peace, as well as that of the gods, Diana seeks to make change occur and feels that their ways need to evolve, move forward, and embrace change, her mother in accord.
  • A contest was made to choose who got to go to "Patriarch's World" with the opening of the Embassy, but Diana was forbidden to participate by her mother. Being the woman she is, she entered anyway in disguise and became the champion, leaving her mother no choice but to send her to New York.
  • Acting as the Ambassador, Diana did not hide who she is, openly acclaimed as Wonder Woman and looked to with the same awe as well as apprehension any new and open 'hero' would be.
  • To avoid the "special treatment" of those who immediately loved her or those who immediately loathed her, she took on a hidden look and name, becoming an agent: Diana Prince.

Character Details

Perhaps it is a mixture of Wonder Woman's upbringing with that of the Lasso always being in contact with her, but one thing is ultimately true: Diana is Truth.

Raised and firmly believing in the Amazon values Diana will:

Always try to extend her hand in peace and kindness, against all odds to an opponent before she makes it a fist. She will also do so to those in need of help or simply in need of a friend for that moment.

Respect you, no matter ally or opponent until you have given her a sound reason not to. Defeating her is not one of those reasons.

Empathize - it's innate and natural, she will utilize this to /understand/ before she makes moves otherwise.

Understand that everyone is unique to themselves and their path, she knows that no matter how different views and appearance may be they are equal until they stoop too low on their own.

Always seek to know more. If there is one thirst you cannot quench in Diana it is that of knowledge and learning be it from a book or from people themselves, and this alone makes her far more superior in ranking then that of what her fist can bring.

Try not to declare War. Because once every other method is spent, once she declares it 'until the end' it is just that.


Image Name Relation Notes
nopic-f.png Hippolyta Mother Hippolyta is Queen of the Amazons, enthroned on Themyscira. She waited millennia to be blessed with a daughter and is fiercely protective of her — to the point that she will lie and cheat, going against everything the Amazons stand for, to keep her from harm.
Superman%201.png Superman Friend Superman, Kal-El, Clark Kent… Diana knows him by all three names. Whatever you call him, he is one of her best friends, an man she is proud to know and happy to work with whenever occasion demands. They share a mutual respect and friendship for one another; nothing more.
BatmanCM1.jpg Batman Friend Batman or Bruce Wayne, it doesn't really matter. It took Diana a little time to warm up to the dark-cowled, brooding vigilante. Where Superman guards Metropolis and Diana defends New York, Batman is Gotham's protector. It's a difficult job, Diana knows, and she is pragmatic enough to understand the toll it takes on her friend.

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