Portrayed by
Full Name Zatanna Zatara
Age 19
Height 5'7"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions Titans
Occupation Stage Magician
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Powerful Magician and Successful Stage Illusionist who speaks her spells backward


Zatanna is a Stage Illusionist who is well known to the public, as such. Her capability for real magic is better known by her friends and teammates.


Zatanna is the daughter of a well known Stage Illusionist father and Homo Magi Mother. It is through them that she has inherited her love of showpersonship and an innate magical talent.

At a young age Zatanna's mother disappeared, leaving her father to raise her. Zatanna doesn't remember much about her mother, if anything.

Raised by her father, who seems to fancy himself as a bit of a hero, Zatanna has travelled the world with him helping him with his shows and learning to become a stage illusionist and performer in her own right. This is where she also learned about heroics and decide that she too, wants to be a hero.

Character Details

Zatanna is trained to perform and what the world sees is not necessarily what people who know her personally see. Publically, Zatanna presents as a bright, bubbly and effervescent young woman, ideally suited to performing on stage. This is what her audience and the media sees. In private however, she can be reserved and takes time to let people past the public facade once they do, they'll find someone who is as bright and outgoing as the public face yet, there is a depth to her that no one could guess.


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Titans Meeting #1
<January 17, 2015>: The Titans' first meeting of 2015.
(log: 20150117-titans-meeting-1 | tags: changeling rain titans vorpal zatanna | posted: 18 Jan 2015 19:12)

The Witches Garden
January 17, 2015: A Leyline in Gotham has been tainted
(log: 20150117-thewitchesgarden | tags: fox gotham rain zatanna | posted: 18 Jan 2015 12:14)

Fire and Ice
January 25, 2015: Beacon calls Zee for a coffee, Zee invites a friend
(log: 20150116-fireandice | tags: beacon iceman zatanna | posted: 26 Jan 2015 05:17)

What A Super Boy!
January 15, 2015: Bunker, Keith and Zee are out for a walk and meet up with Superboy
(log: 20150115-whatasuperboy | tags: bunker nyc superboy vorpal zatanna | posted: 16 Jan 2015 05:31)

Ice cream and Castles
<January 14, 2015>: Booster comes to visit the Titans upon hearing that one of them was wounded at the attack.
(log: 20150114-ice-cream-and-castles | tags: booster_gold bunker changeling titans vorpal zatanna | posted: 15 Jan 2015 22:22)

Magically Delicious
January 13, 2015: Zatanna performs at a fundraiser Nate and Rose are present at. They mingle!
(log: 20150113-magically-delicious | tags: ravager x-man zatanna | posted: 14 Jan 2015 03:52)

Not Just For Bridges Anymore
January 11 2015: Jericho winds up in Zatanna's room by accident and trolls her a bit, then talks a bit more seriously.
(log: 20150111-not-just-for-bridges-anymore | tags: aspect zatanna | posted: 12 Jan 2015 11:49)

Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down
<Januar 11, 2015>: In the aftermath of the attacks, the Titans have an injured member and two potential new ones.
(log: 20150111-ashes-ashes-we-all-fall-down | tags: changeling kid_flash osiris titans vorpal zatanna | posted: 15 Jan 2015 21:22)

A Boost
<January 10, 2015>: Keith and Zatanna are out for coffee, they run into Booster Gold.
(log: 20150110-a-boost | tags: booster_gold titans vorpal zatanna | posted: 15 Jan 2015 21:13)

Hospital Visit
January 8, 2015: Friends visit Rain in hospital
(log: 20150108-hospitalvisit | tags: fenris hawkeye_ii misfit rain zatanna | posted: 09 Jan 2015 21:34)

You Look Familiar
January 8, 2015: David Ironside ends up in M-Town and surrounded by people on the street
(log: 20150107-youlookfamiliar | tags: lunair metal ripper the_cavalry zatanna | posted: 09 Jan 2015 21:42)

Cleaning Up The House
January 7, 2015: Zee visits John in the House of Mystery to find out more about who attacked them on NYE
(log: 20150107-cleaningupthehouse | tags: constantine zatanna | posted: 09 Jan 2015 21:24)

Dancing In The Playground
January 6, 2015: Zees teleport fritzes again and she meets Echo in a playground…. somewhere
(log: 20150106-dancingintheplayground | tags: echo zatanna | posted: 07 Jan 2015 02:36)

Queen Bees From Outer Space
<January 4, 2015>: Queen Bee attacks S.T.A.R. Labs, and the Titans come to the rescue
(log: 20150104-queen-bees-from-outer-space | tags: bunker changeling misfit titans vorpal zatanna | posted: 05 Jan 2015 06:48)

Remember the Titans?
January 03 2015: The Titans meet a certain druid in Gotham. Does he remember them? Oh yes he does.
(log: 20150103-remember-the-titans | tags: fox misfit vorpal zatanna | posted: 04 Jan 2015 21:55)

Not All Stories End Happily
December 24 2014 (Backdated Scene): Jericho and Illyana escape to Limbo after their run in with Evil Pepper and pick up Zatanna along the way
(log: 20150103-not-all-stories-end-happily | tags: aspect magik zatanna | posted: 06 Jan 2015 11:29)

Silveroak For Lunch
January 1, 2015: Zees in New York for some business meetings and drops in to the Silveroak Tavern for lunch to find Constantine there.
(log: 20150101-silveroakforlunch | tags: constantine nyc zatanna | posted: 06 Jan 2015 23:52)

Leyline Blockage
January 1, 2015: A disrupted Leyline attracts all types of heroes to deal with it.
(log: 20150101-leylineblockage | tags: aquaman aspect constantine evelyn zatanna | posted: 06 Jan 2015 23:26)

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