Portrayed by Nick Robinson
Full Name Zachary Zatara
Age 18
Height 5'9"
Build Slim
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions Titans
Occupation Stage Magician and Student
Alignment Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame

A famous stage magician and rising hero.


Zachary is a college student, but also a true homo magi by night who uses his magical abilities to stop evil.


Zachary Zatara was born to two kind parents. His Uncle, Giovanni "John" Zatara, and his daughter Zatanna, had great fame as stage magicians and real magicians on their own. This however was not the case for Zachary’s family mostly due to his mother. Zachary's mother, who was a pure Homo Magi, was determined to make sure her family had nothing to do with magic. She wanted a normal life for her family. To ensure this, she placed a charm on Zachary that would seal his powers as a Homo Magi. Of course, Zach always knew his family that had magical abilities, but he assumed that he was a rare case since his father was a human.

Stopping Zachary's magic could not stop him from being different than other children though. He not only buried himself books most kids his age would be too young to understand, but also had a keen interest in learning about magic and stage. He grew distant only to his interests, finding most of school boring for his higher intellect. As a result, he never really had any friends.

After various strange visions and study sessions, Zachary learned that there was a possibility that something might be stopping him from reaching his true potential. Wanting to see if this suspicion was accurate in any way, Zachary decided to pay a visit to his uncle at around the age of 16. His uncle confirmed this and told him there was a seal made by his mother that was preventing him from being able to use magic.

During said visit, his parents went on a business trip and things didn’t necessarily turn out as planned. Because of some drunken driver, they got in a car accident which killed them instantly. Even with this tragic event a good thing did come out of it. The spell that was placed on Zachary was gone since his mother was dead! (it was sad nonetheless)

Ever since then, Zachary has been spending more time with his other relatives and also using his abilities to become a hero and a famous stage magician! Oh, and on lesser note, he has completed high school and is attending college.

Character Details

Zachary's personality is unique. Sometimes he can be remarkably intelligent. And more times than not, a selfish brat that is arrogant and aloof. Even with all this, one would be EXTRMELY surprised at how caring and loyal he is to his friends even if he won't say it. He is capable of being outgoing, but tends to be distant.Although he can be charming when he feels like it and along with his arrogance comes courage and confidence in his magic.


Image Name Relation Notes
Zee-02.jpg Zatanna Zatara Cousin Mistress of ~Magic~


*Zachary is a great singer and actor. He is good enough to star in many TV shows.

*Zachary is sometimes known as Magic Boy

Character Gallery


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