Portrayed by Mason Dye
Full Name Alexander Power
Age 19
Height 5'8"
Build Thin and Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions None..yet
Occupation Student and Superhero
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Known for being the former leader of the Power Pack, Alex has left to try and make his own mark on the world.


Alex is mostly known for being the leader of the Power Pack, the youngest superhero group in the world, though has recently left to do his own thing.


Alex Power was born to two caring parents, Margaret and James Power. The firstborn child lived a mostly normal life for a boy of his status. His parents were never insanely wealthy, but they had no lack in money and were always more well-off than most families. He and his siblings' lives changed forever when their father, Dr. James Power, a physicist who worked for the United States, was tasked by the the government to produce a large amount of energies by combining matter and anti-matter.

An alien Kymellian named Aelfyre Whitemane learned his father's discovery and intended to stop it as he found out that the device would end up destorying the entire planet and possibly more. And then there was another alien race, called the 'Snarks, who planned to take this device and use it to conquer inhabited worlds.

Soon the Snarks kidnapped Alex's parents attempting to force Dr. Power to reveal the secret of his device. Whitemane was able to save the Powers children, including Alex, from being captured, but was fatally injuried while trying to save them. Dying, Whitemane gave one of his powers to each of the four Power children and told them to use their new abilities to save their world.

Alex received the power to control gravity, and took up the name Zero-G. The four children called themselves the Power Pack. They defeated the Snarks, rescued their parents, and destroyed Dr. Power's dangerous matter/anti-matter converter, saving the Earth from destruction. The four children continued to have adventures as Power Pack, assisted by Whitemane's Kymellian Smartship, Friday.

Sadly all things must come to an end and after a series of arguments and Alex having to leave for college they ended up disbanding. Ever since then Alex has continues to be a super hero while still attending college.

Character Details

Alex is confident and outgoing, generally being friendly to most people he meets. He possesses a bright and inquisitive nature which was probably the reason for the creation of the Power Pack, but he can be a bit too serious for his age and on occasion have explosive tempers when someone (likely a good friend or family) does something he feels is wrong or irresponsible…but he isn't afraid to apologize afterwards.


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