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Full Name Arnim Zola
Age 120
Height N/A
Build N/A
Eyes N/A
Hair N/A
Factions HYDRA
Occupation Hydra Council Member
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

One of the top minds of HYDRA, and one of their early members, he has working from the shadows for over 100 years.


To most Arnim Zola was a historical figure the first human genetic engineer, and a world renown genius taken from the world on the cusp of a great discovery, in an all too violent car accident. Though lately there have been several sightings of androids using a voice very similar to the long dead scientist.


*While not making many friends early in life Zola what few he does have he holds close as any family.

*When given an early IQ test Zola rates so high that his parents send him off to train under well renown scientist Doctor Wladyslav Shinski, stripping him away of what few friends he has.

*Zola begins to obsess over his studies trying to keep up with ever raising expectations for him, along the way discovering papers originating from an alien race known as the Deviants.

*Eventually through force of will and pure obsession Zola is able to surpass his teacher in some ways going on to be one of, if not the worlds best Biochemists.

*Without much in the way of funding Zola is eventually forced to turn to the Nazi party in Germany, who allow him funding in exchange for joining the deep science division.

*Throwing morality to the wind Zola is able to craft countless more designs for the party, though until intervention by Johann Schmidt most require far too much power to be practical.

*With the alien device gathered by Schmidt he is able to create wondrous advancements in science which he is told will help Germany unite the world in peace.

*Eventually Zola is brought into the fold, and joins HYDRA, finding out that the majority of his discoveries had been directed to them the whole time.

*After the war Zola 'defects' to Russia, and later America after the cold war, taking part in a number of more questionable off the records experiments. One such experiment being James Barnes, whom he personally helped 'rehabilitate'.

*Arnim moves to America sharing' some of his secrets with America to help propel their technology foreword all the while working towards HYDRA's goals.

*Learning that he is dieing of a rare strand of cancer Zola fakes his own death with the help of HYDRA, and transfers his intelligence into the H.U.B. located inside of an underground HYDRA base hidden deep beneath Hart Island.

*Works from the shadows occasionally 'helping' hero's while bolstering HYDRA's numbers, and running covert operations for the organization.

Character Details

An untrusting paranoid self isolating genius trapped within his own immortality. Sometimes heartless and willing to sacrifice a great deal of human life for the end goal of world peace.


Image Name Relation Information
Widget.jpg Widget Prodigy After the deaths of her parents Zola took her in personally under his wing training and molding her. In many ways he sees her as a replacement for the children he's lost.
Cap-Main.jpg Captain Rogers Nemesis In some ways Zola is obsessed with Rogers. Until the disappearance of rogers in the 40's the two fought countless times, with Rogers taking a son, a daughter, and countless projects from him. Even in spite of that he still sees Rogers as a reminder of the past, of his roots and what he could have been had things turned different.
namor-the-submariner.gif Namor Pawn Zola thinks of Namor as overly quick to react, filled with the kind of anger that makes him easily exploited. Even as Namor attacks the various waterside HYDRA strongholds Zola has a great many plans for him.


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