Safety Dance

March 30th, 2015: A gang war erupts in a run down neighborhood. The Punisher responds with violent force. Deadpool also happens to be there causing trouble. Tristan saves a woman and is accused of a terrible thing. Spider-Gwen and the Invisible Woman also help out, until one of them, seems to turn into some kind of freaky spider thing. It all ends with the arrival of the NYPD and SRD.

New York City

A run down neighborhood.

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New York City

It's a late night in New York City, the stars replaced by the glittering lights of the city. Elsewhere in the city, police and SRD were responding to a high priority robbery; distracting them from the bloodshed currently taking place in an impoverished neighbourhood in New York.

Gunfire is being traded back by what appear to be a group of thugs from two rival gangs based on the green clothing of one gang which was known locally as the 'Kings of Kush' and the orange clothing of another gang known as the 'Screwdrivers'.

The odd thing is, the gangs are not firing on each other. They've working together to fight off a group of well-dressed mafia hitmen using automatic weaponry, with no care for the civilians that are trying to flee the scene.

A scream erupts from a near-by apartment building as a stray bullet pierces the wall.

From the back of an armored mafia truck, a large man with what appears to be cybernetic enhancements steps out holding a pair of mini-guns, yelling out loudly, "IT'S SHOWTIME!"

Gwen Stacy had just finished seeing Sue Storm a few days ago, the pair of the going over her blood work as they tried to isolate the changes to her DNA. The pair of women had undoubtedly exhausted their scientific knowledge together and would have to let machines analyze the rest of the data.

It wasn't what Gwen wanted. She wanted a cure. She didn't want to transform into a gigantic spider or whatever may have been coming.

For now though, she was going to do whatever she could to help the people of New York City. The sounds of gunfire had not gone un-noticed to her and as a result, she had quickly changed into costume and started web-slinging in that direction.

As she swung past a glass covered building and looked over at her own reflection, she shivered as she swore she saw something else.

When she looked at her hands, they were normal.

Grabbing her phone from within her pocket she quickly texted the only person she thought could help in this situation; Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman and alerted her to the gang warfare going on as well as her own fears for herself.

Amidst the gunfire and the crazy, there is the sound of a clicking noise, followed by some childish singing, "the leg bone's connected to the foot bone, the foot bone's connected to the heel bone, the heel bone's connected to the toe bone, and the toe bone's near my toe nails." There goes another click. Deadpool's sitting high above the city streets, oblivious to the chaos around him. His butt rests precariously on a ledge, and he's leisurely cutting his toenails. He's done three on one foot, and the other seven look incredibly long. His socks and boots are resting on the ledge next to him, along with a brown bag. Could it be a packaged lunch, or maybe it's a cool Action Figure. Who can say?

It'll take him a few more minuted to finish with his hygienic measures. Once that's tone, he'll roll his pants up, then start to work his socks back onto his feet, wiggling his toes as they're outstretched, "it always feels so good to put socks on right after cutting the nails."He'll repeat the step, then carefully lace his shoes. When he's finished, he'll open the top of his brown baggie, reaching in to do something, but it's not immediately clear. He doesn't take anything out of it. He just closes the bag, using a sticker to keep it closed, and throws it off the roof.

The police and SRD are busy, but the Fantastic Four have enough cache with the city that when calls start to come in about gunfire and gang fights, someone sends an alert to the Baxter Building. Which arrives just as the text from Gwen reaches Sue. "Boys?" she calls through the apartment. "Boys, there's a-" But everyone else is out. So she sighs, shaking her head as she sends out an alert to the rest of the team before stepping out to the balcony with a text to Gwen. « On my way! » A force field serves as transportation, and she rushes on it toward the scene of the crime.

Frank has been watching these mafia hitmen for days. He knew they were planning something big and had intercepted several low level courier messages indicating a location and a rough timetable for the attack. From what he'd gathered it had to be a turf war, but as far as he knew there wasn't any real indication that these thugs stood more than a passing threat to the mafia's progression into this part of town, save for the fact the people had grown accustomed to a particular kind of fear from local hoods who represented a life spent in the ghetto.

The back doors on the van are pushed open and Frank drops down out of the back with an M16A2 with an ACOG scope mounted on the top receiver. Pistols hang from quick slip holsters over his body armor and clips are straped in easy access points for the multitude of weapons positioned around his body.

The scream. Dark eyes turn towards the building where the sound originated and starts in that direction by way of back alleys. As far as he's concerned, neither side in this engagement is innocent and he will ruthlessly engage both and all.

As fate would have it, one of the easiest ways to find trouble is to swing around the city and listen for the tell tale warning of your spider-sense. Usually it's something small, a robbery, a mugging. But now that alarm is a loud klaxon and suddenly he's rushing in the direction of the gang war.
It only takes an instant to assess the situation. Scumbags shooting scumbags and then a big robo scumbag. There's a /thwip/ a blur of motion as something swings by blurringly fast as something falls straight at the cyber guy. "Hey, uh, what's that you got on your face?" The voice that's heard is eerily echoing, but still has a Queens accent.

Tristan isn't normally in New York, making his home in Gotham. Tonight, he was in the other city because let's be honest, Gotham-style pizza has nothing on New York-style. As he was making his way back toward the maglev train, he saw all the police zipping by and followed. Dressed in simple jeans and a tight gray Tshirt with a flannel over it, he quickly takes in the scene. When he sees the Punisher emerge, he sighs, "…fucking have to be kidding me…" he mumbles to himself as he then runs toward the fire escape of the building the stray bullet hit. Not much good in a firefight, he begins hopping, swinging and climbing his way up the fire escape with the ease of a free-runner, heading toward the window of the apartment where the woman screamed, hoping he could at least help.

As Tristan reaches the apartment he finds a lady clutching her left shoulder and lying on the ground, it appears that the bullet went clean through but she's bleeding very badly. If he looked around, he could probably find the materials to do some first aid until she could get to a Doctor.

The large cyborg man, known as 'Hitman' reached onto his face and removed the object that Agent Venom had tossed at him before throwing it towards a near-by group of thugs; the men exploding violently as the grenade detonated.

A rapid fire staccato of minigun fire opened up on Agent Venom from Hitman, each shot intended to kill; not wound.

As Punisher is coming around the corner of the alley, he can see a pair of thugs with their pants practically around their knees fleeing. They open fire on him, one man yelling, "SH*T DAWG IT'S THE PUNISHER!!!!!" They stood no chance.

As Sue is approaching the scene of the warfare she spots a woman with a child in her arms huddled behind a car looking for some way to escape the carnage.

There's no sign of Gwen, but there are sticky streams of webbing being fired from the top of a building grabbing guns from the thugs and mafia men alike.

When the brown paper bag lands on the ground, it just lays there. Nothing happens. It doesn't interrupt the gunfire. It doesn't even seem to bother anyone. Who would be worried about a lunch bag. It's innocuous. But this is a brown paper bag from the Merc with the Mouth. You've been warned…

Wade interlocks his fingers through the gloves, and bends them more than they're supposed to. He then puts his right hand behind his neck, cracking it. He'll do a few more stretches, limbering up, loosening all the joints. He even seems to do a few push ups on the ledge, one handed push ups, "yeah, feel the burn." He's getting into it, now doing one finger push ups. And soon, no finger push ups, just doing it with his toes.

And when he's done with his impromptu workout, the bag explodes, fireworks being shot out, sparks flying, the sound filling the backstreets, and probably making some people think that it's some kind of joke. And it is, because the device in the bag starts to play a song, "we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, 'cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well, they're no friends of mine."

Taking a running leap off the building, Deadpool does a somersault, drawing his guns from behind his back, firing off a few bullets, some aimed, most completely random. He sings in tune with the music as he lands on someone, "I can go where I want to," he does a move, pushing off against the side of a wall, "a place where they will never find, and I can act like I'm from out of this world, leaving the real one far behind."

Sue moves for the woman and child first, closing them in a bubble of force field and lifting it around the corner and down the street while she tries to see what's going on here. Step one: remove the visible innocents. Step two? THUNDER DOME.

As soon as the woman and child are clear, Sue does the first thing she thinks of to remove the threat to bystanders and any more residents of the nearby buildings: she encloses the fight in a dome of a force field.


Chaos is a weapon if used properly.

Frank moves from cover to cover using the shadows as concealment as he approaches the gunfight from the back of the apartment. Once he's within view of the Green and Orange clad thugs behind makeshift baracades he loads a smoke grenade into the undermounted M203 grenade launcher and 'THWOMPS' one into the midst of them.

Barely a silhouette, Castle slips in amongst the confused and disoriented gangsters and starts the grim work of disassembling them. His right hand snaps out to the right and chops a big man in the throat, turns his wrist to close in around the neck of his shirt, and drags him down face first into the gravel. His knee drops down between the man's shoulder blades which pins him in place and lowers his own center of hitbox. The M16 drops down on a tactical sling infavor of a pistol from one of the holsters, pointed up and under another man's ribcage to snap off two shots into the lower lobe of his left lung.

Frank twists off the man's neck and snaps his head with a deadily pop and comes up with a straight kick into another thugs sternum. Another two shots center mass before the hood ever hits the ground.

Someone, previously unseen, swings blindly in the direction of a muzzle flash. The blow connects across Frank's jaw and draws a line of blood from his upper lip, but his hand closes in around the outter knuckle of the man's thumb, twists his wrist painfully and drags his arm forward and around forcing him onto his back. Shooting him point blank in the face where he lays in the dirt.

Frank sidesteps, turns and levels his pistol down the open end of the alley and tosses a flashbang in the direction of the street as he proceeds towards the back entrance of the apartments.

Tristan rushes over to the woman on the floor. He scowls a bit, and he rolls her over, checking to make sure the gunshot went all the way through her shoulder. Seeing the blood on her back side confirms it managed to come out her back, and he lays her back down. He closes his eyes a moment, "…this is gonna suck…" He pulls her shirt off her shoulder, tearing it a bit, and then he lays his hands on the wound. Another bullet ricochets through the apartment, a picture frame falling from the wall and dust splattering over him as he flinches a bit, glancing out the now broken window. He can see the force field blink to life out there, and he nods, turning back to the woman's wounds. He lays his hands on her bloody wound and his hands begin to emit a soft red glow, the area around his touch becoming almost blurry as his powers begin to work.

GAME: Deadpool has set the pose order to Gwennie, Widdle Wade, Suzie Q, Frankie, Flash if he ever returns, and Tristan sans Isolde

Deadpool and Punisher gave both sides of the conflict a moment of respite to rethink their lives. What was an already chaotic battle, turns to pure anarchy as the handful of survivors turn their weapons on Deadpool who presents the most obvious target. There is about a dozen men firing on him with a mixture of weaponry, the grudge between Mafia and Thug momentarily forgotten.

Sue manages to save the woman and her Thunderdome encloses the urban battlefield, so that the fighting cannot spread. A pair of men fire their guns at her ineffectively as they cursed their luck, there shouldn't be any capes here!

Meanwhile, Agent Venom and Hitman are tussling on their own; with the masked hero seeming to have the upperhand on the mini-gun toting cyborg for the time being.

The woman smiles up at Tristan as he saves her life, whispering, "Thank you." Before she slips into unconsciousness.

As Punisher is entering the appartment building he finds Gwen hanging off of the ceiling in front of him, she's got her hands aimed towards him and it looks like she's going to fire some webbing at the man.

"So look, I'm new to this whole hero thing. I'm guessing by the fact that you started killing people and you wear a skull on your chest, you're not a good guy." Spider-Gwen fired off a stream of webbing towards the Punisher when she was finished speaking, attempting to steal some of his many guns.

"Hey, careful there," Deadpool shouts at one of the guys firing at him. "You almost hit me." He's trying to dodge, to five, to duck, and some other words that begin with a d, but what does doodle, dignity, or dragster have to do with this? Absolutely nothing, but that's Deadpool for you.

He's actually pretty good at evading the fire. He only got hit a couple of times, and they barely made a hole in his costume, some even only pierced one side of his costume, so there's that. He ends up using his teleporter to escape with most of his body intact, re-appearing behind some of them. "Hey guys, what are we firing at, and how much are we getting paid for it?" Is that his way of asking for a contract?

Sue concentrates on holding down the Thunderdome for the moment, making sure that the fight inside can't spill out into the apartments in the area. But Gwen was the one who called her to say that there was trouble, and she hasn't seen the girl here since she arrived. Quickly, she scans the area, worry crossing her features when she sees her facing off against the Punisher. Gwen fires the webbing at the man, and Sue tries to throw up a field between the two of them as soon as it's done. Play nice, kids!

"You're welcome, but you won't remember," Tristan offers the woman in return, and then the glow brightens as the wound reverses through time to the moments before it was struck by the bullet. The woman blinks, and then pushes upright.
"Who the hell are you?" the woman asks, rather forcefully. Then she sees her ripped shirt, and her eyes fill with panicked rage, "Get the hell out of my apartment!!! RAPE!!! RAPE!!! HELP!!!"
And there's that. Tristan hops to his feet, backing quickly to the window, hands raised, "It's okay. I'm going…"

Frank is pretty adapt at clearing corners when entering a room, but he's never had much need for checking the ceiling where Spider people might hang out, that doesn't mean he's necessarily surprised by Spider-Gwen, though.

When she addresses him, hands out like she intends to shoot him as if from her wrists, he too is pointing a weapon up at her. The business end of an underbarrel mounted 40mm grenade launcher is not at all something anyone, even spider people, should scoff at.

He does not respond to her rhetoric, just stares coldly up at her with his finger on the trigger. A standoff in the doorway.

When she fires, he drops back out of the building and drops against the wall, but the webbing manages to snatch the M16 out of his hands. Already he's retrieved a pistol and rolls from one side of the doorway to the other firing in at her left side, very intentionally not trying to hit her, rather to lead her out of the open foyer so that he's not trying to breach in on a fortified position.

"Get out of my way."

A flashbang grenade rests in his other hand, the sound of his gunfire covers the pin flicking out between his fingers. It rolls into the open foyer with a sidearm toss.

"And leave my gun."

As of yet he does not realize there's a shield up between the pair of them. Or he would have used it to walk right past her and go about the business of bringing down Gangsters unharrassed.

The thugs seem extremely confused by Deadpool teleporting behind them, they're so confused they don't even open fire. A large man with gold teeth grins at Deadpool, "Awww hell ya. I seen you on the internets dawg. Tell you what, I pay you 5 bills. Gee. 5 cool bills"

Gwen tosses the gun to the ground, not by choice as a flurry of bullets slam into her back from a group of thugs behind her. She could only wonder why her Spidey-Sense had not worked for a moment before she screamed loudly.

Sue, Tristan and Frank see what can only be described as Spider-Gwen transforming into some kind of woman-like-spider creature before she scrambles back into the building.

Gunfire and screams can be heard. There's no sign of Spider-Gwen or Gwen-Spider as the case might be. Looks like Sue was going to have to work extra hard to track her down.

"Five bills?" Deadpool repeats, looking insulted by the offer. "Fine, whatever, I'll do it for free. But this better be tax deductable." Looking to the guy, he asks, "are we the Screwdrivers or the Kings of Kush, nevermind, I remember, Kings of Kush." He shakes his head, stepping out into the open, "listen up you stroganoff scaring scumbags, this is our house," and he thumps his chest, "we'll put the swimming pool over there, and the amusement park can go there," but his words are interrupted by gunfire from the well dressed hit men, one of whom is cursing into a phone asking for backup.

For their part, the Screwdrivers aren't sure what to do. This has changed the dynamic. One of them shouts over to Deadpool, "we'll pay you ten grand if you fight for us."And suddenly, Deadpool has a bidding war going on. "Guys, guys, guys, why don't you all pool your money so I can make things dead, we'll even call it a Consorcio Inactivo, wait, neither of your groups are Hispanic. That's a bit insensitive. First thing's first, we're going to have to stop segregating the gangs. But where was I, oh yeah, if you pool all your money together, we can hurt the Punisher over there, and hey, is that a member of the Fantastic Four? Miss Storm, could I trouble you for an autograph?"

Even as he asks that, a bullet from one of the mafia guys grazes his mask. "Watch it, you almost hit me!" But the speech seems to be working, it often does when Deadpool puts on his DM hat. It's pointy and purple and it says, listen to me, I'm always right. Though it does make him look like he belongs in a Disney film. And Deadpool would never, ever want to bring shame to such a fine and wonderful organisation as the Walt Disney Company.

Sue's eyes widen as Gwen gets shot first, then further when she starts to transform and skitters away. Okay, that was definitely not covered in the test results. Not part of the plan. It also means there simply isn't time to let the gangs fight it out between themselves. Grimacing, she sets herself down on the sidewalk, stepping closer to the current dome and carefully splitting it into two bubbles. One for each gang. Mostly. It's not like they've made this easy.

"Yes," she calls back to Deadpool. "That is a member of the Fantastic Four. And you all are going to put down your guns, or I'm going to start funneling the oxygen out of these domes." Would she do that? She's a good guy, right?

Gwen scampers away after turning into a giant spider and Frank glances in around the edge of the doorway to make certain the way is clear… He can of course hear the bidding war taking place outside between Kush and Screwdrivers, but he's intent is to retrieve his rifle and then upstairs so that he's taken a good firing positions in one of the street side windows a story up.

Tristan backs his way to the window, "Lady, you were shot. I healed you. You don't remember because of the way my pow-"
"SOMEBODY HELP ME THERE'S A RAPIST!!!" the lady responds. She scrambles to her counter, grabbing the largest butcher knife she has, knocking the other knives in the wooden block to the ground as she panics to grab it. "GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT YOU PIG-NOSED TOOTHY FREAK!!!" And she charges at him with the knife.
Tristan's eyes widen and he falls out the window onto the fire escape. "Why couldn't I be the Hulk," he mutters as he tries desperately to begin crawling down the fire escape stairs. "No pizza is worth this…" He tumbles down a few more stairs to the metal landing as the woman leans out the window and just waves the knife, but doesn't follow him. She does look outside, and yell to all the police, "THIS GUY'S A RAPER!!!"
Tristan sighs, still crawling down the stairs, "It's rapist. Fuck my life."

With Gwen nolonger in his way, Frank slips into the apartment and grabs up his M16. With a force field up around the building, however, he's forced back outside if he wants to get engaged in any form of combat.

This is a target rich environment, but there's far to many variables and assests inplay to appropriately gauge threat response. If he were back at his van he could send out an EMP burst and jam any communications, but he's not. Plus there's a biding war for that red and black clad sword wielding psychopath taking place on the street. The one who just pointed him out for the greater good of the entire company of filth.

So Frank pulls back in a tactical withdraw to his van to rearm and reassess the situation. The Fantastic Four, or at the very least one of them, is here. That requires leverage and advantagious position that he cannot get into while she has control of the battlefield.

He'll have to take it from her.

While her heart was in the right place, the gangs aren't separated into neat little sections. Instead of having one large chaotic fight, Sue's basically just ensured that a few people are going to get killed by trapping them without support and surrounded by their enemies. Though the threat of funnelling the oxygen out of the domes does worry some of them, the ones smart enough to understand it, but not smart enough to think she's bluffing. While she could probably do it safely, it's hard to do it with three bubbles at once, and with a variety of people, each with slightly different lung capacities. But a grenade into the confined area would turn out to be a really, really bad idea.

It's a good thing Frank thought twice about it, or else the explosion would have killed a few of the Screwdrivers, the shockwave a few more, and the fact that there's nowhere for that force to go, it would end up killing the rest in that bubble. But thankfully Sue doesn't have to worry about developing post traumatic stress disorder, since Frank thought better about it.

In complete contrast to the "heroic" Punisher, the "evil" Deadpool is one of the few people who's escaped being trapped in a bubble. He walked out into the open space between the groups before the bubbles were put into place, so he's fine. Plus, he has a teleporter on his belt. And at that point, he does notice the woman calling about the rapist, "a rapist, and people say I'm a jerk." He takes one of his guns and aims for the fire escape, shooting one of the support struts, hoping to knock Tristan off of it, "take that, evil doer!"

No guns down, huh? Sue grimaces as the gangs don't exactly take her at her word, then clenches her fist. Slowly, the force fields start to contract. It's hard to tell at first. They're invisible, after all. But when the edge of one comes up against a car and that car starts to scrape across the asphalt…

The problem, of course, is that there's no being completely sure if there's anything else inside those force fields that may be unsafe. That, and the size, force, and control of them is pushing limits. Enough that her hand is shaking.

Tristan keeps crawling, and then there's a spark of ricocheting gunfire off the steel of the fire escape. A moment later, the platform beneath his knees drops a few inches as the support is broke, and he tumbles down and off the side. Tristan is quick and athletic, though, and he drops onto his feet on the dumpster below, flipping into a roll and ending up on the ground. He looks around, angrily. "Really?" he says to himself, trying to figure out who shot at him. "I didn't rape her!" he shouts, just in case.

So here we are. Sue has taken control of the battlefield and rendered outside involvement nearly void. Frank toys with the notion of taking a shot at her where she hovers, but hasn't got any outright reason to wish Punishment on the Matriarch of the Fantastic Four.

That does not mean he will not break her concentration.

The M16 comes up and he pulls back the loading receiver on the undermounted 40MM and pushes in a flashbang round, snaps it up to his shoulder and lets fly at the Invisible Woman.

It doesn't have to hit her, it just has to hit close. Exploding with a violent POP and a flash of blinding white light when it richettes off the corner of a building and whistles over towards her.

The gun comes back down, leaning in against the corner of the alleyway with his sight trained on one of the mafia hitmen, waiting for some telling indication that the forcefield has come down.

The mafia guys are the first to catch onto the contracting bubble, and their weapons are holstered. They even seem to try and remain calm, though one of them says, "look, we're cooperating. You don't have to contract the bubble anymore, we'll be good, okay?"

The Screwdrivers and the Kings of Kush aren't so quick to adapt. But then both of their bubbles include some unfortunate members of the opposite gang. One guy, a particularly dumb King of Kush, starts to fire on the force field, and the ricochet is a killer, literally. From that point on, there's screaming, yelling, a few more bullets, and soon, everyone in that bubble is either dead, or crying out in pain.

"Tell that to the lady you tried to rape up there!," calls back Deadpool to the dumpster diver. "Sexual assault is no laughing matter, and scum like you deserve what you get." Deadpool then fires at the hinge to the dumpster, trying to get it to slam closed on Tristan. Is he that good of a shot? Usually he can't hit the broadside of a barn, but other times he's an expert marksman.

But then he spots the Punisher continuing his transition from hero to villain, and he teleports, appearing near the Invisible Woman, katana unsheathed, ready to slice the flash bang. This could be incredibly stupid, but then, he's Deadpool. He knows his way around munitions, and hey, worst case scenario, he picks his pieces up off the floor and spends a few hours healing up. Maybe even with nurse Sue looking after him. And Deadpool has a new dream for those lonely nights.

Tristan ducks aside as Deadpool's bullet hits the dumpster edge. "What the hell!?!?" He scowls, "I SAVED her! You people are killing people and I'M the bad guy!?!?!" He shakes his head and he breaks into a run, rolling over a police car to get to some cover so he can't be fired on any more. Once he's ducked behind a patrol car, he peaks out to watch how everything else plays out.

The bubble around the mafia guys goes still. They're playing nice, and Sue doesn't need to waste the extra concentration. But then, that's the mafia. They know how to do business. That's why they're still around. The other two gangs, on the other hand, apparently don't know good sense when they see it. Sue most likely wouldn't have dropped their fields on her own. They're at least only mostly hurting themselves at this point.

But when Deadpool teleports in next to her, instinct takes over. The reflexive field she tries to throw up around the flashbang takes the last of her concentration, and the fields around the gangsters fall.

Three quick shots in rapid succession find their mark center mass on the Mafia whom he had targeted and he falls over backwards into a heap on the floor and Frank would train on another if it weren't for the misfortune that brings Tristan over a police car and right near to him. Directly in his field of fire. Close enough that the black clad vigilante could reach out and say hello.

"Get down." He says in a commanding voice, though the other does so without any indication, then moves up to this new bit of cover and leers at younger man with cold eyes. "Stay in cover."

Said as he hoists up his gun and rests it on the hood of the patrol car for extra stability and rattles off more shots into the chaotic mix of thugs and mafia hitmen who are, understandably, completely confused. A second ago they were in a bubble, now they're in a barrel.

And the Punisher is shooting them like the fish that they are.

Deadpool asks three simple questions to Tristan, "did she invite you into her apartment, did she scream, and did she call you a rapist?" If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then Deadpool should check on his old buddy Howard, see how life's treating him. Too bad he lives in Cleveland. But hey, LeBron James gave up Miami for it, so maybe there's something to that city.

His efforts to look cool and save Sue end up backfiring on him, as a lot of people die because of it. Looking at the bodies, the ones the Punisher killed, Deadpool looks to Sue, "crap, at least I tried." And sensing that there's no chance at salvaging this sorry situation, at least by his own humorous standards, he calls out to any surviving Screwdrivers and Kings of Kush, "guys, you can keep your money. I was only going to lose it on blackjack or hookers."

[Not that they care much about Deadpool, but the surviving mafia, Screwdrivers, and Kings of Kush have united, working in unison to pin the Punisher down. He gave them an enemy to unite behind, and some of them are pretty good shots.

This has gotten out of hand. Where are the muscle members of the Fantastic Four when you need them? "Could you please try not to continue making this worse?!" she calls back at Deadpool, once more trying to slam down a force field between the gangs and the Punisher. He's not at the top of her nice list either, but he's also directly in front of an apartment building.

"If you do not stop shooting, I will start throwing up random fields around you, and there will be no guarantee where you shoot yourselves!" she shouts back at the gangs. It's…not entirely true. This time, when she puts up fields around the groups, they have a softer consistency. It's like firing into ballistic gel.

Tristan rolls his eyes at the Punisher, and then just gives a quick glare to Deadpool. He huffs, and then just runs like hell away from the entire scene.

That works too.

Frank watches Tristan take off like a bat out of hell and shakes his head, but cannot concern himself overly long once bullets start flying in his direction from a unified front of hoods and hoodlums.

The distraction was enough, even if there werent an overwhelming amount of bullets flying in his direction. One, two, even three of them are bound to hit even if they just prayed and sprayed, but if they've got talented shooters? The Punisher falls back quickly with his hand pressed in against his side and comes away wet and sticky, but there's quite a few white marks in his black vest where small arms hit and didn't pass the armor plates.

He breaths heavy and shakes his head, starts to spin up to finish this thing, and fires into the invisible wall of gel. Most, if not all, of his bullets hit and slow, and yet more stop midair when their momentum is rendered inert.

Frank glances up at Sue, hoists his weapon up on his shoulder, and stares across the fire zone at the gangsters and Mafia with his head tilted to one side. He takes a step back away from them and smirks, "You should thank her. That field isnt' for me, it's for you."

"I could Miss Storm, but the more I try and do good, the worse I do. I could start shooting the gangsters and the gang members, but I'm not sure if it works that way. Want me to use my katanas on them?" He seems genuine. Would it help the situation if he tried to slice and dice the poor well armed criminals? See, he's trying to do good. It's not like he's on a job here, he's just wasting time. It beats watching whatever's on CNN. Unless of course they have a reporter somewhere that he hasn't seen yet.

Tristan is no fun, so he goes home, and Deadpool gives him a send off by saying, "Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-that's all folks." Well, at least he didn't end it with a joke about that woman and what she accused Tristan of.

More gangsters go down, more gangsters fire at the Punisher. A couple of them are good shots, one's pretty sure he found a vulnerability in the Punisher's armour, but before he can exploit it, he's taken out. And as that fire fight goes on, Deadpool suggests to Sue, "if you want any of those guys to live, you might want to put a force field on the Punisher. And if not, well, fewer guys taking away from my business."

"Oh, shove it," Sue snaps back as Frank comes up out of cover, firing a dinner-plate sized field at his face. Apparently even Sue Storm has her limits, and she's reached hers for today. He's lucky she's too frustrated to really hear Deadpool's advice, or there'd be one more person for the cops to pick up when they show up.

"Honestly, how much ammo did these people bring with them?"

A lot.

Frank brought a lot of ammo with him. His intention was to take on three gangs in an all out street brawl, one does not do so by neglecting the reload.

He brought armor too, which is being tested. The field Sue laid down between the united gang and himself is helping, but there's a number of extra dings and at least one one extra bullet hole in his person that will have to be stitched up later.

He brought more ammo than he brought concern for getting shot, apparently.

The plate sized force field hits him square between the eyes, however. It snaps his head back and drops him down behind cover and from the blood pooling in his mouth, broke his nose.

Not enough.

He rolls up to his feet and points his rifle up at Sue, then lowers it and drops down against the wheel of the patrol car he's taken cover behind. At least long enough to snap his nose back into place so he doesn't whistle everytime he breaths in. "What's the end game here, Sue?" He shouts up at her. Completely disinterested in the fact he's still being shot at, there's a conversation to be had. "Are you saving them or drawing this out… I don't want to fight you too, so let's get on the same page." Aside from hitting him in the face, she hasn't done anything wrong.

Even the Punisher respects altruism, even if he's got no time for it himself.

The M16 is dry, but he's still got pistols. One of them is even now in his hand so he can shoot around the front of the bullet riddled car in the direction of the thugs, mostly so they keep shooting at him instead of at anyone else, and pulls his arm across his mouth to clear away some of the blood oozing from his nostrils.

Sirens begin to flash outside of Sue's 'thunderdome' bubble and it appears the police have finally arrived on the scene. Even above the battlefield, which is mostly just a series of corpses and wounded gangsters there are helicopters circling above.

The gang bangers have had enough of being beaten and murdered senseless, they start to rush towards the police, throwing their weapons down and surrendering. They had been PUNISHED enough, those who survived would likely carry on the tale of Frank Castle to their fellow gang bangers; perhaps inspiring some to find an honest job.

Sue notices a large web spun between two apartment buildings, an unconscious Gwen; no longer looking like a 'spider' is in the middle of it surrounded by webbed up; but still living gangsters.

Deadpool somehow found an accountant's calculator, or he carries one around with him. It's tough to say, but when you have a Magic Satchel that you dug up in your back yard, the possibilities are endless. He's furiously typing away, looking over the corpses, the battlefield, and when he's finished with his estimate, he tears off that part of the paper and holds it up for Sue, "that's just a rough estimate, but there you go." He puts the calculator back into his satchel,

The poor lady is soon presented with quite the choice. Punisher wants to get onto the same page as her, but Deadpool is definitely not the kind of guy who would play well with the Punisher. Sure, they have some things in common, they enjoy violence, they make it part of their work week, but they approach it from such differing angles. Punisher is a murderer, he's vicious. Deadpool is about as harmless as a maniacal mercenary can be. Sure, he kills, but they usually deserve it, and he's pretty careful with the collateral damage. He may be an asshole, but he's not 100 a dick.

"Yo Punisher, baby, you ever thought of getting a new look. Add some colour, maybe a nice fuchsia, or a canary yellow. You'll still have the contrast, but at least you won't be so black and white. Come on down, you're the next contestant on the world is grey!"

"The plan was for them to put down their weapons and stop being stupid," Sue retorts to Frank. "Like the nice mafia fellows, who know how plea agreements work." Even if she sounds at least a little bit disgusted by that. But Sue is a practical woman at heart. "Failing that, though, I could continue to let the less intelligent members of these gangs use all their ammunition against the force fields, so that they're out when the police get here. Letting you shoot them all is not an option on the table."

Now there's cops.

Low on ammo, gangsters fleeing in the direction of police to save them, and bleeding Frank spits a mouthful of blood on the sidewalk and shakes his head. It is noticably more difficult to pick himself up form his sitting position and he's got his hand pressed hard against right flank, but the Punisher knows when he's worn out his welcome.

Usually about the time police show up.

There's a number of them that need to meet up with him in a dark alleyway, but not when they've come equipped to handle a gunfight of this magnitude. Not without proper planning and leg work to make sure the engagement is in his favor.

"Yeah." Frank says back to Sue when she less than subtly assures him that his part in this bloodbath is over. Which is just as well now that police are showing up. Deadpool, on the other than, is a variable that the Punisher simply cannot calculate into any equation. A force of nature that unpredictable is impossible to figure for. "No." He says in response to the merc, pushing up off the sidewalk to stumble into the alleyway with one hand pressed against his side. At some point he took a bullet in the leg and it's slowed him down drastically, but there's plenty of things to divert attention away from him now.

Like a wave of gangsters running towards the police. They probably have a lot on their plate right now. Understandable really. Time for Frank to get out of here before he's forced into a fight that ''will'' put him at opposition against the good guys.

As Sue's forcefield lowers, the police begin to rush in and apprehend the suspects that are surrendering themselves first while sharpshooters start clearing out the few remaining gangsters on rooftops.

Given the scale of the battlefield, there was plenty of time for anyone to make their escapes as needed and that would likely be a good thing, as anyone with a police radio scanner would hear the SRD had also been dispatched.

Scared citizens peek out of their windows as the sounds of gunshots fade and the area, this small little block of New York City truly looked like a warzone.

At least it would be cleaned up efficiently; the bodies anyways. The block would likely continue to be neglected by city officials, if this even made the news.

Meanwhile, Gwen was still unconscious in the web, a few of the gangsters hanging from it screaming for help.

Wade's a little upset when Punisher replies with a simple no. "I tell you what, I'll call my people, they'll come up with some designs, and we can have a fashion show? But trust me, we're going to make you a star!" But with everything wrapping up, the authorities closing in Deadpool, takes his ball, where did he get a ball, whatever, he takes a ball he found, and he heads home. With a touch of that teleportation belt of his, he disappears as Star Trek noises make their sound. "I had to pay extra to licence that sound, and boy oh boy, Paramount did not want to licence them to a mercen-"his monologue is cut off, presumably to annoy someone wherever he re-appears.

Sue's shoulders sag once she lets the fields fall for the police, staying long enough to give a brief statement and the number for the Baxter Building if they want to hear more before heading toward where that web hangs. "Okay, honey," she says quietly, using careful forcefields to cut the girl free before setting her on another field as well and starting to float the pair safely back to the lab.

Deadpool appears atop a giant flying tiger, holding a large sword, held by a girl in a chainmail biniki, with a rainbow in the background.

It isn't a very long trek to the secondary vehicle Frank stashed around the corner incase things got to hot for him to return to the van. The trunk is quickly popped and the weapons tossed inside so that he can pull off his armor and look down at the bleeding wound on his side. He takes a deep breath and presses his sweating forehead against the metal hatch of the open trunk and then goes for the medical kit stored back behind the spare tire.

For now a pressure bandage will have to do. One for his side and another for his thigh, hold him over until he gets back to one of his safehouses and can do some emergency stitching. The heat is too high and the conditions too inappropriate to do so here, so it's a good thing adrenoline is high enough to allow him to drive.

The bottle of cheap whiskey in the passanger seat helps.

Deadpool's Note: Replace the earlier reference in the log with

Although he may have teleported away, Deadpool is still nearby. He is currently flying through the air, riding majestically atop a very surprised flying tiger. He tugs at the back of the tiger's head, as a scantily clad woman holds him by the waist, deathly afraid that she will lose her grip and fall to her death. In victory, the Merc with the Mouth withdraws his sword, which is struck by a bolt of lightning. But instead of hurting him, the energy just seems to polish Deadpool's sword. And in the background, a rainbow forms. The tiger shrieks out, sounding like an eagle.


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