Lunch in Mutant Town

June 10, 2014: Jean and Lunair visit Mutant Town and run into Aspect.

Mutant Town - Cafe

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Mutant Town. It's almost a miniature country settled within the city of New York. Jean Grey has Lunair in tow, to show her around, and the pair are currently sitting in the outdoor section of a little caf owned and operated by mutants and serving mutantkind. The red head is wearing a pale blue and white floral sundress with strappy sandals, and her hair is held back with a white headband. She has a lemonade in front of her as well as a salad. "Will you be taking classes at the Institute this fall?" she asks her companion.

Jericho Trent has been… digging. There's something that's really not right about a few of the things he's run into lately and that brings him down to M-Town. Well, it's been bringing him down off and on for a couple weeks. At the moment though he's just walking. He's not an obvious mutant, but in a place where so many unique people abound, one man with glowing circuit patterns on his left arm looking at something being projected above it may go unnoticed. Mostly unnoticed, anyway. Man is he glad to not have to wear his jacket around here. Summer in New York is hot. He comes strolling down the block in no particular hurry toward the little cafe.

Lunair is in tow! She seems happy for the company, even if her ability to emote properly is a bit dulled. So even though she's quite happy, she's stuck in neutral like that old truck with a habit of rolling down hills. Fortunately, Lunair is not rolling right now. She is sitting across from Jean, and in a sort of vintage sundress that was attacked by an anime fan on the way home. She has a green dress with sensible sandals. And her hair is down. Wavy brown hair indeed! There's a soda and a sandwich on the table before her. "Uhm. I think so, yup," She nods. "It's a bit tough in a way since I don't know that we have a lot of botany. I'd have to look at the courses. Do you have anything you like to read about?"

She is unaware of Aspect slash Jericho (Narrator omniscience! BAM!), and roasting would be bad. But then, Lunair spots him as a particularly awesome butterfly comes across his path. Butterflies own. "Oh. I think I know that guy." Peer. Wavewave.

"We have plenty of natural science classes. I teach several of them myself," Jean notes to Lunair. She's a doctor after all. "And I am a fan of gardening myself. I read medical journals mostly, but in my free time, I have to admit I like to sneak in a historical romance or two." She cracks a faint grin and sips her lemonade. She glances in the direction that the young woman waves and offers a smile to her friend.

The tall man with the vaguely middle eastern features sees Lunair wave to him out of the corner of his eye and looks up. The projection, whatever it was, fades from above his arm. That's… the girl from the park. Lunair, right? He walks on over.

"Hi Lunair. Fancy running into you here." M-Town, mmm? He'd wonered what the source of her… ability was. A genetic ability to create matter from nothing is pretty darn impressive. "Who's your friend?" He asks with a small but friendly smile as the blue fades from the traces on his arm.

"Cool," Lunair smiles at the noting from Jean. She's a bit bad about keeping up with the course catalog. Oops. She tilts her head. "Really? Cool. And historical romances sound kind of fun," She's a little wide-eyed and half grins. She takes a sip of her soda from the straw. She looks to Jericho. She remembers! She's catching up a lot on fiction and a lot of things in general, which might explain some oddities.

"Hello there. Jericho, correct? Yes. Fancy. How are you?" She's a little stilted when it comes to talking at times. And she is indeed a mutant! "This is Doctor or Ms. Grey," She offers. First names are handled carefully since Lunair is a student and fairly young. "And this is Jericho." Pause. "I did that wrong."

"Doctor Jean Grey," the redhead clarifies. "Pleased to meet you, Mister Jericho." She offers a hand to shake, her telepathy switching on at a low level, where she'll only hear very loud, intense thoughts like someone preparing to do harm to her or the girl. She's too polite to just randomly poke someone in the brain. "How do you two know one another?" she asks.

There's no ill intent from 'Jericho.' In fact the loudest thought he has right now is 'Ow.' Seems he's been shot recently. He is, actually, moving just a touch stiffly. "Oh, just Jericho is fine Dr. Grey." He chuckles and shakes her hand. "Lunair and I have… run across each other a few times. In fact she ran into me playing piano in the park a couple days ago." He cocks his head slightly. Is that the same dress? Nevermind.

"So are you two just taking in lunch and the atmosphere?" The question addressed to them both, but slightly more to Lunair whom he knows better.

Lunair is not in fact, wearing the same dress. Also, she is a fastidious laundry do-er. She nods at Jean and looks apologetic. She doesn't seem to be thinking about fighting or harming at the moment. "I ran across him in passing. And he does play piano in the park." It is the truth, although there's a brief uncertainty at calling it /passing/. "Yes. I am glad," She nods. She thinks a moment and glancing between them. She's working out in her head how to weave this conversation. "Would you like a cake or tea? She is being nice and hanging out with me, so -" So she passes it on! There we go. Lunair words it awkwardly, but she's glad for the company. Just - like a giraffe on a bobsled, it works in its way even if it's not perfect. Or Jamaican.

"We are, just doing a little exploring so to speak," Jean replies. "Please, join us." She cocks her head to one side, as she gestures at a chair at their table, her eyes narrowing. "Are you injured, Mr. Jericho?" she asks. Apparently the Doctor in her name isn't just academic.

The hacker chuckles and comes around the little fence to sit down at their table, opposite them both. And yes, he is a bit careful as he sits down. "I'd love to join you. I need some lunch anyway. Is it that obvious?" The waiter comes by and Jericho asks for the Club and some iced tea. He didn't think it was too visible. Must be a bit more worn from walking than he thought. "I had an accident recently. Stitches still hurt."

Lunair nods as Jean speaks. "…" Her eyes widen a bit as Jean asks if he's hurt. She peers at Jericho now. "Well. I can buy you lunch, but if you're hurt," Frown. Either way, she does let him take a menu if he'd like. "I'm glad to see you, but I feel a little bad I didn't notice," She admits. There's concern there. Was it Hydra? Evil stairs? A particularly malicious pair of shoelaces - you know the ones, they like to come untied at inopportune moments? Small children with a penchant for destruction? Hmmm. She doesn't push, listening. "I'm sorry to hear that." She does not have cool brain powers, alas.

"I'm a medical doctor in my residency. I am good at observing for injuries," Jean explains, leaving out the fact that it's part and parcel of making sure the X-Men are healthy when they return from a mission, or before she lets them go on one. "Make sure to keep your bandages clean," she advises, seeming to drop the conversation for now.

"I will, thanks." He lets go for now the fact that a werewolf patched him up and that he has cybernetic implants that make this process go smoother… albiet no less painful. "And I'll be okay, thanks Lunair." Jericho pauses as his tea arrives. "Mmmmm. Delicious." One gets the impression he doesn't do sit down meals often. "So what's the occasion that brings the two of you out here?"

"Oh," Smile. Neat. Lunair seems quietly and duly impressed. She looks to Jericho. "If you're sure," She nods. "And mostly getting to know one another, I think. Um, feel free to pick what you want to eat. I have no idea, honestly," She admits, furrowing her brows. She looks to Jean. She's at a loss for words. It's a genuine struggle in a lot of ways. What does she say? What's too much? What does that face mean? Speak now? Smile now? Crud. Crestfallen. "That, and some general going outy stuff. I am glad for the time."

"It's summer break, so I have no classes to teach until the Fall," Jean explains. "I do have some curriculum updates to work on, however." Her phone bloops at her and she glances at a text. "Oh dear, one of the students staying over the break has injured their ankle playing soccer. I need to head back to the Institute. Lunair, are you all right getting back yourself?" she asks, as she sets down money for the meals on the table and stands, shouldering her purse.

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