The Giant Awakens

October 27 2014: Piotr comes to in Xavier's medical

Xavier's Medical

The medbay of the Xavier's school is a fortress of advanced medical technology capable of treating a diverse set of genotypes and their related problems.

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Though the tension doesn't exactly leave her system, Kitty moves forward to crouches down beside Illyana. Though the gesture is a bit hesitant, she reaches out to put a hand on the person who is Illyana's brother, but is not her brother. Whoever he is, he certainly looks like he needs some comfort. Finally, she does look at Illyana at the mention of the Cat in Limbo. That's something that needs to be spoken of, but on a different day. "But, that Cat is dead," she says softly, firmly to Illyana. "Or mostly dead."

The look that Piotr gives her is quite a heartbreaking one. The Shadowcat frowns. "So, somewhere out there is a reality where we both died protecting the school and it fell," she says softly, the thought wrenching in its hypothesis. She can only imagine how it feels for Piotr. Who seems to have loved the school as much as she does now.

The medical lab holds only them. The bed where Piotr laid is crushed, the man sitting on the ground amongst its debris. Kitty and Illyana crouch by him, attempting to comfort a strangely emotional Colossus. For now, no attention at the moment is paid to poor Jericho, previously asleep on the bed that was formerly Illyana's.


Piotr, when urged to look up at Illyana, complies. There's no anger in his eyes, just the weight of silent regret. The words have his eyes drifting closed again, the memory of everything that happened before isn't so easily written off as another reality. "I don't remember leaving, Yana," he offers quietly. "I was… I was…" his eyes flit to Kitty then back to Illyana, "…giving them time. Minutes maybe. The Sentinel, it…" his face scrunches into a confused scowl, not quite sold on any thing he's saying. "There was a light. And then more remembrances — their reality flashing over and over in an endless cycle of…" he doesn't finish the thought. "No. How could that have even happened?"


Illyana is still in Piotr's arms. She hasn't tried to pull away. Just enough to look at the battered and bruised Russian. "So you just remember fighting… and then being here?" It's a lot to piece together. If it was this Piotr Belasco had the whole time, or if her breaking him free of the citadel somehow jolted a shift in reality.

"I'm not sure, but it's happened before. The Piotr I know has never been here. Never been involved with the school except to send me here." She doesn't quite bring up that whole Brotherhood thing. Not yet.


"You died?" Kitty can't help but blurt it out, then quickly puts a hand over her mouth, trying to push the words back in. It's no use, though. They're out there. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have…" She shouldn't have said it. The man has been through so much already. She rocks back onto her heels, again giving Illyana and Piotr a bit of space. "What are Sentinels?" She's never heard of the term before, don't know the horror they wrought for his own time period.


It's not clear what finally wakes Jericho. Maybe it's just that the voices in the room finally penetrate his sleep. He was sleeping fairly soundly though given everything that's happened the man can hardly be blamed for that. It takes him a moment to realize where he is and another to realize that he isn't alone. With a small sound of discomfort he pushes himself up into a sitting position…

And then sees the crushed med-bed next to the one he's on and the small knot of people around it.

"Oh…" Is what he manages as he struggles to catch up with the conversation.


Piotr squints at Illyana, finally releases his arms and allowing his sister some measure of space as she tries to piece it together. Meaningfully, he allows his gaze to fall again. Piecing together a past that apparently hasn't happened is extremely challenging. But there's enough to understand one thing: his memories are not shared. "For me, we grew up here — at Xavier's school — together. You, me and Mikhail. Our parents died. There was — " his jaw tenses angrily, and he shakes his head. "The professor saved us. We spent most of our lives in this place."

Kitty's question has him turning his head to watch her, his jaw still tight. His eyebrows stitch together and his shoulders slump. "Katya, clearly something happened. I thought — " his head nods slightly, not filling in the blank of the conversation.

The question about the Sentinels has his gaze lifting. "The Sentinels came afar Registration as a means of compliance. But they didn't only hunt unregistered metahumans. They moved to the registered. And then, eventually, the humans themselves. They…" he shakes his head, "They're killing machines."


Illyana's brow furrows again. "Registration?" Again something that clearly they don't share. She glances at Kitty, worried and then back to Piotr. "Kitty and I went to high school here, but no one here really knows you." Not in any good sort of way, at any rate. "Now that you're awake I was going to take you back to you apartment or have you stay with me but…" It's not really his apartment, is it? She's not sure how welcome the school's going to be to Piotr staying there tough. "We should probably have you talk to the professor." Something her Piotr wouldn't want to do, knowing Charles is a telepath but certainly someone that could help this Piotr understand this is a different world?

Illyana hears Jericho's soft exclamation, looking over to him and offering a forced, worried smile.


"Registration." Kitty repeats the word as well, certainly not liking the sound of it. "No, it's okay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up. You've been through a lot." The exclamation of Jericho behind them affords him a quick look, but then her attention returns to Piotr in front of them.

It's not exactly eagerness as a relief that there is a solution here that they can find. The Professor would know what to do with him, would know how to deal with his memories. "He'd know what to do," she agrees with a resolute nod. "He could probably explain this all a lot better than we can, too."


Jericho slides off the bed and stands a couple paces away, not wishing to crowd. He's got some feedback burns on his arms that are still healing, Illyana will know he likely has some on his chest as well. He looks over Piotr for a moment, nodding when Illyana mentions taking him back to their place. If that'd be the best place for him right now, there's no question in the hacker's mind that that's where he should be. Not like there isn't room, at any rate.

There's clearly some… confusion here and given what he knows about 'other X-Men' that doesn't surprise Jericho as much as it might otherwise. "How are you feeling?" He asks the big mutant quietly.


"I have an apartment?" he asks with a quizzical raise of his eyebrow. That doesn't seem normal at all. There's a small nod, "Right. Right," Piotr agrees. "Professor Xavier always knows what to do," his very Americanized English has no traces of accent thanks to spending almost his entire life on US soil. He emits a soft sigh and forces a ver guarded smile. His hands drop to the bed on either side of him and he watches Jericho for several beats while trying to place him. Finally he offers, "Been better." Confusion is enough to leave him unsettled and uncomfortable.


Illyana worries her lower lip a bit as she looks at Piotr and then glances to Jericho before suggesting, "Why don't you come back with me and Jericho until we can get you in to see the Professor?" Just because she figures it might be better to avoid possible conflict with the X-Men thinking he's Brotherhood-Piotr. Also, limit the amount of people coming at him with questions.

If Illyana is not telling Piotr about his activities in this reality, Kitty is not about to, either. "He does." It's strange to hear the man say it himself, though, knowing his previous proclivities and associations. Now that everyone is awake, she frowns, wanting but unsure she should keep them here for further observation. "I guess that would be best," she agrees. "If you'd like, I can set up a meeting with the Professor while you guys take him home? Or to your place." It might be better to keep him away from his old life. Who knows who might come looking for old Piotr only to find the new one in his place.

"How do you feel physically?" she asks the man, because obviously his mental state is not in a good place. But, if he's not physically well enough to leave, she's going to protest moving him.


Jericho pulls that comm unit out of his pocket again. His arms are covered with circuit like traces (the parts that aren't burnt that is) and there are several rings of silvery metal around both forearms. "Probably best, yeah. Things might get a little tangled. I'm sure you've already picked up they won't be quite as you remember them." He doesn't elaborate either. Illyana or Kitty can explain it, or not as they choose. They'd know best. Technically he could too, some of it. He did a lot of digging into the other Piotr's life, just in case he had to make it vanish. But this is something probably best saved for family.

The comm unit just hangs in his hand as he waits for confirmation of what exactly they're doing. He'd offer to drive them back but they didn't exactly take cars with them and his is still over near the apartment. So cheating it is. Well, if Illyana doesn't want to cheat her way, that is.


There's a level of skepticism at Illyana's question. Piotr isn't anxious to leave the comfort of the school after it had been so levelled a year before. His eyes turn upwards and he scans the medical bay again. To Kitty he answers, "I'm fine." Despite all of the bruising and confusion. "I'd like to see the Professor sooner than later if possible. I — " he frowns and shakes his head again. His arms cross over his chest. Another frown tugs at his lips and he states: "I really don't want to be an inconvenience. If I should go to my apartment — " he shrugs.


"I think it might be best for you to see the professor before roaming around the school and even if you just stay here… I think sooner or later you'll get visitors that you might wanna wait on. We'll make sure the Professor sees you as soon as he can." Illyana looks over to Kitty at that, trusting her friend to press the importance of the matter with Xavier.

When he mentions not being an inconvenience? She gives a dismissive huff. "Please. You're not an inconvenience. You're *never* an inconveneince." Even if he's a different version of her brother, she's not going to treat him as any less.


As Jericho takes the com unit to arrange for their departure, Kitty frowns, but also nods. This if for the best for all of them. She knows that. But, she doesn't like suddenly being away from the group. Isolated by the reality of living situations. "Okay," she tells Piotr, though she doesn't quite know whether she should believe him or not. "Just…be careful, okay? Don't push yourself."

At the look from Illyana, she gives a nod. "I'll go camp outside his office if I have to," she tells them assuredly. This is certainly a matter that he should see to. And that she will ensure that he does. "You'll be fine. It's just that people will know you differently. It may be better to ease you into everything."


Jericho looks at Kitty for a moment. "Hey…" He says, again quietly. "Why don't you drop by after you've seen the professor? You know the way. I'm sure Illyana would be happy to have you over." There's a beat and a smile. "Bring Logan if you can drag him away from wherever he's gotten of to."

He flips the comm unit open. "K'tten, I'll take that site to site now. Standby." Reassure Piotr? Illyana and Kitty seem to have that well in hand. And really, what's a stranger going to say that they're not going to.

Well, hopefully not a stranger for long.


"Visitors? What visitors?" Piotr asks Illyana. "What do you mean" He knows who he is. He rolls hiss eyes as the notion of inconveniences, "If I'm not your Piotr you don't really know me at all. Do you?" He squints skeptically and pinches the bridge of his nose.

He offers Kitty a gentle smile, however, "I'm fine. Honest, Katya. I will be perfectly fine. But the students. If I'm here, is it possible… is it possible they're not okay? We had four left…" he doesn't say anything else about that, mostly because he can't.


"You've still got my sword, Pryde. Just drop in." Illyana will likely want that back at some point, but she hasn't asked for it yet. Perhaps worried that Belasco might make a play while they're weak.

As to Piotr's questions? "Just because you're not my Piotr doesn't mean you're not still my brother." Illyana points out. "And let's just say that… the Piotr that most people know didn't have the best relationship with some of the folks at the school."

As to the students? Illyana's expression is drawn and she shakes her head. "I.. don't know." She admits quietly. Even if she can manage to find out? It doesn't sound like the news would be good.


Kitty gives Jericho a weary smile at the invitation. "Sure. I will." It'll be just as good to see Illyana and check in on Jericho and Piotr at their apartment. Despite the tiredness that is there in her expression, the smile and gratitude is genuine.

"Okay, well, I'll talk to the Profesor," she tells Piotr with a reassuring nod. As much as a nod can be reassuring, that is. She squeezes his shoulder and stands up. "We'll look into the students. I'm sure the Professor can help. I'll let you know as soon as I see him."

As for the Souldsword, Kitty finally gives a smirk. "You say that like it's an easy thing. The last time I tried to use it to disk us anywhere it dropped us all in a heap in my room. Next time I'll probably end up in Michigan." But, of course, she'll be dropping by to give the sword back. For the time being she is merely keeping it safe and she knows that.


"Or indeed anyone else." Jericho adds to Illyana's explanation. Which is a slight bit of hyperbole, yes. He got along just fine with the Brotherhood. But he was, after all, an internationally wanted terrorist and for good reason. Thankfully SHIELD did some cleanup on that front. Unfortunately, that won't stop people who don't respect the law from targeting him either for known past associations (because despite the cleanup there might, you know, still be people who were there) or simply because he's a mutant.

"The apartment is safe and private, Piotr and you're more than welcome there. Really." If nothing else, anyone trying to get in would have to make it past an irate hacker with a very unusual blade.


There's still a dose of skepticism around the apartment, but it's not the same skepticism as before. "You think that I'm.. concerned about my safety?" because he's not if they don't know what Sentinels are. His eyes squint again and he looks between them and then emits a sigh, he's not about to not take an invitation from his dead-sister, but he's also not jumping on the yay welcome to new reality! bandwagon. For now, he's going to keep his own thoughts on everything else to himself.

Finally he points towards Jericho, "Who is he?" evidently he doesn't know this fellow in his reality. There's a pause and a shake of his head, "Do I need to introduce myself to everyone I meet and assume I don't know them?"


"Not so much about your safety, but overwhelming you? Yeah. Also, without the folks here knowing you they're gonna be twitchy having you around." Illyana admits.

When Piotr points at Jericho, there's no sign that they're surprised he didn't know him. Illyana never did get to introduce the pair of them. She does… blush. Which is something that even those here likely haven't seen. "This is uh, Jericho. My.. boyfriend." Ugh. The word makes it worse!


Kitty nods encouragingly at the idea that the apartment is safe. That is something, at least. Especially for a man who has dealt with horrifying creatures for the past year at least. "It's more just so you can get acclimated, Piotr," she says, attempting to be comforting.

While it's clear that he knows herself and Illyana, she looks back at Jericho as Illyana introduces them, smirking just a bit at the introduction and the blush. She can't help it. It's so rare to see Illyana engage in something so emotional. "He's trustworthy," she assures the man.


Jericho smiles a bit. Yes. Boyfriend. He'd called her his girlfriend in a meeting earlier between other friends and he rather suspects that she used the word for the same reason he did. Boyfriend is so much easier to explain than 'Familiar'. Still, he steps next to Illyana and nods his confirmation (if there was any doubt. He doesn't know what Piotr saw when he woke up, but he does know how it was when he passed out) and gives Kitty a small grateful smile when she vouches for him.

"I doubt you would have known me in your reality." He can't even be completely certain he's alive in that reality, especially if his path was at all similar. "But I care a great deal for your sister and I'll help you in any way I can."


Illyana's reaction is met with a faint impish smile, and a mischievous gleam in Piotr's eyes. "Aren't you a little old to have a boyfriend?" he asks with an arch of his eyebrows. "At some point, I'm sure a fellow would like to be upgraded to manfriend." He shrugs.

But the good humor is short lived, deadening at Kitty's encouragement around acclimation. Something far weightier and hard to read flashes across his gaze, but he manages a tight-lipped single-dimpled smile, more put-on than genuine, but present nonetheless. He hmmms in response, managing to maintain that strained expression.


Illyana wrinkles her nose a bit at Piotr's comment. It's almost cute, though the chill that never completely leaves her eyes makes it a bit less so. "That's not even a word." She grouses before nodding over to Jericho. After what happened in Limbo, she's not eager to drag anyone through it unless it's needed. "We'll get you settled in and see if we can find any answers. Jericho can make you a powerpoint about this world or something."


The smile Jericho gives Kitty is returned easily enough. Illyana trusts Jericho and she's seen what he's willing to do for her best friend. That's enough for her to trust him until she's given other strong information that she shouldn't. There's a grin to Piotr and she shakes her head. "I think boyfriend is a bit better than manfriend," she grins.

However, it's hard not to notice the sudden change in his demeanor at her own attempts at encouragement. As such, the smile she gives him fades just slightly and she attempts to remain more neutral. Perhaps there were issues with Kitty and this Piotr in their world. "I'm sure Jericho will make a lovely powerpoint. I'll be sure to come buy and bring some beer. Or, Logan will and make sarcastic comments about the state of the world."


"You bring beer, Logan'll drink it. I rather suspect that's about how it usually goes anyway." Jericho teases gently. "Yeah, I could make a powerpoint. Do you want me to leave out the classified stuff, Illyana?" He's trying to lighten the mood, but only a bit.

He sticks his free hand in his pocket, looking Piotr over, particularly that put-on face. "Hey, I know this has to be hard. And I have some idea what it's like to have everything taken away from you suddenly. But Kitty and Illyana just want to make this as easy as possible on you. Until we can talk to the professor a good chunk of the people here are going to see you as an enemy. You don't deserve that, and you don't need it after everything you've been through. I mean, it's your call ultimately but if there's any doubt - not that I think there is - you can trust Illyana to do right by you."

He pauses and smiles with a one shouldered shrug. "She always has by me." Beat. "So, do you want me to tell Scotty up there we've got three to beam out?"


"I didn't think it's noon-presence in Webster would both you, Yana," Piotr shoots her a lopsided grin that never meets his eyes. "I don't want to trouble anyone, but getting oriented seems smart. Not that I need a powerpoint presentation about the state of this world, but cliff's notes could be useful. Things I should know might help spark questions that could be useful." His lips twist to the side thoughtfully, "A bio about myself? Also useful."

"I'm sorry I'm not who you were looking for. And I hope your Piotr is alright. Wherever he is. I really appreciate you all taking the time — " He forces another grin, "Thank you. All of you." Comically he squints at Jericho. "Who is Scotty? And — beaming out?"


Illyana does that nose-scrunching thing again. "It does when it supports my argument." Illyana jokes, but that lack of smile in Piotr's eyes kills her amusement right there. "Jericho's good with information. I'm sure he can give you what you need." And Illyana will take the time to see if she can find anything out about 'her' Piotr and where this one is from.

"Family's never trouble." Illyana assures Piotr and chuckles at the question. "Don't tell me you world doesn't have Star Trek?"


"We'll bring you up to speed," Kitty tells Piotr with as sincere of a promise as she can make. "Illyana and Jericho are sure to be helpful with that. I'm sure there's a lot of little differences." And some quite large ones. Apparently one of them being Star Trek.

While this is still Illyana's brother, there are quite some differences that everyone will have to get used to. "We'll help you settle in. Just call if you need us." Though, Illyana and Jericho will be right there. Kitty's the one that lives at Xavier's and therefore will need to be called. Not that she expects that to happen often.


Jericho just shakes his head. "If you don't know it'll be easier to show you. And her name is K'tten. Not Kitten. She gets mad if you call her that." For which reason she should probably never be placed in the same room as Kitty. Oh the rage…

"K'tten, we're about ready here. My place, okay?" He looks over at Piotr, Kitty and Illyana just to make sure he's not jumping the gun.


"Star Trek?" Piotr repeats in a whisper. "Okay then." He emits a soft sigh and shakes his head. "Let's head out then." He looks towards Kitty at the name K'tten, even that's far too confusing for him at this moment. "I believe we're ready," he says softly.


Jericho grins. "Now, K'tten." There's a purple light that surrounds the three of them: Jericho, Illyana and Piotr. The world blurs and shifts oddly, the light brightens and then, in an instant…

They're gone.

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