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New Wiki: Redirect!

Date: 05 Apr 2015 04:45
Author: FaIIacyFaIIacy

It has been over a year. Things have changed, but we as your Summons, have considered all of these changes to be beneficial to you (the players) enjoyment.

We have aimed for not only embellishment, expansion, and enjoyment, but ease. In this we have worked hard on the game itself and the wiki. Though this site came at the beginning, we feel it is time to move on with the changes and make things much more player friendly and welcoming as well as fit to theme.

Without further ado:

Please, experience it and navigate around.


-The Summons

Moving Forward!

22 Oct 2014 18:53

New, Old, and Oncoming Traffic Read full article ⇒

Site Updates

17 Jun 2014 22:09

I've spent time today updating tags on various cast pages and updating the Current Cast page to include adoptables and NPCs on the same page, so you can see everything at once. Read full article ⇒

Back Up

13 Jun 2014 19:28

Game's back up. Read full article ⇒

Host Down

13 Jun 2014 16:45
The game server is currently down. Read full article ⇒

And we're back...

28 Feb 2014 19:54
Game's back up. Rejoice! Read full article ⇒

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