As of right now these are not mandatory and are being tested out.

We have created a benchmarking system for the game. Keyword here: Benchmarking. These are not stats, meaning they are not meant to beat each other with. These are to give an estimate on ranges and make an at-a-glance comparable level, as well as make our char gen a bit easier to go through when it comes to weights and measure, as well as overall game balance.

Please feel free to use them in your wiki and mark them in your char gen process to get used to them yourselves as well as help us, as staff, see where things may need adjusted.

*Note: We as staff can and may adjust these as we see necessary and fit throughout this trial phase to suit our games thematic balance.

A note on the use of benchmarks in gameplay. Numbers are cool aren't they? Benchmarks exist to help quantify things that your character is good at and bad it for your own use, staffs and your fellow players. They are intended to be a guide and an aid in writing. They are not the following things:
1. Hard and fast limits on your character. Benchmarks represent your characters' average ability, not his maximum. Under duress or with sufficient motivation to push him or herself a characters' abilities can exceed their benchmarks by as much as a step.
2. A tool to beat your fellow players with. Numbers are fun and of course everyone likes to see their favorite character be awesome but we do not ask our players to benchmark their abilities in order to 'determine who would win' or otherwise inhibit the flow of roleplay. Again, the numbers exist to serve as guides for what characters might be capable of (as well as what might be a bit beyond them), not so that you can say 'well my strength of ten trumps your toughness of eight.' There are plenty of good games for that. This isn't one of them.123


Catwoman - Street level
Gambit - Street level to Mid
Wonder Woman - High-powered

Value Duration Speed Range Resistance/Recovery Power Agility / Prowess / General Level
1 Instant 1+ MPH < 1' Physical: Cloth, paper, brush or glass. Mental: Animal levels of mental resistance and or hardening. Strength: Lift a chunky cat (above ones head). Maybe. Damage: Force of a slap or shove. Magical: Low Personal Magic (Ex: Human Mage) Handicapped, disabled or a child. Unskilled: Can point out the obvious, lacks knowledge and experience in particular subject, area or field.
2 1 second 5+ MPH 1 meter Physical: Toughness of plastics, crystals, wood. Mental: Little to no resistance to coercion, a lack of focus and discipline Strength: Lift 50+ lbs (above ones head). Damage: Punches, kicks, a small fall. Below Average: Poor physical shape, clumsy, unintelligent, dull or abrasive personality. Basic:Some self-defense or combat training, been in a few street fights, entry level martial artist, most security professionals, understands the essentials, competent enough to skirt by in chosen field.
3 30 seconds 10+ MPH 2 meters Physical: Toughness Interior walls, meat and bone. Mental: Standard mental strength, harder to control when affects own attachments (like life, loved ones, assets, survival, integrity). Strength: Lift 100+ lbs (above head). Damage: A solid punch or kick, a body slam. Average ranges (the broad range low, moderate to high mediums), moderate physical conditioning, not overly intelligent but not slow, personable but not unmemorable, could withstand tear gas, understands the basics of machinery quite easily Novice: Limited experience yet knowledgeable. Has run scenarios, classroom experience, simulations or is on the job capable. A decent grasp of a singular martial arts form, many police officers, street toughs, amateur competitor.
4 1 minute 20+ MPH 30 yards Physical: Toughness of rubber, ice. Mental: Stubborn or strong-willed. Can resist hypnosis, a bit more difficult to read or control mentally. A mentally trained and disciplined individual. Strength: Lift 200+ lbs. (above head). Damage: A knife, short sword, axe, brass knuckles, weighted punches and kicks. Higher than average, in good to excellent shape, athletic to amateur professional or minor leagues, smart or talented, amiable, could walk a balance beam, has an innate understanding of electronics. Intermediate: Competent with practiced application. Experienced, advanced CQB, Spec Ops, low to mid tier professional fighters, impressive scrappers and street fighters, reliable in their field of expertise, skilled in one or two martial arts forms.
5 30 minutes 30+ MPH A football field Physical: Toughness of leather. Mental: Iron will, highly disciplined and driven. Hard to mentally control. Strength: Lift 400+ lbs (above head). Damage: A spear, sword, heavy melee weapons. Outstanding, extremely bright, natural genius, gifted intellect, in top physical shape, high tier professional athlete ranges, extraordinarily popular, can walk a tightrope or shaky balance beam with ease or catch a very fast thrown object, has a good chance of surviving most venom or poisons if treated, has an amazing memory for detail, polymaths, Guinness record holders Advanced: Very adept. Applied theory, application and knowledge. Could win a Nobel Prize if dedicated enough to their focus, prize fighter, master of a martial arts form and experienced in several others, a celebrity competitor, a go-to-person in their field of proficiency, immediate organization or localized recognition as an expert.
6 1 hour 45+ MPH A city block Physical: Toughness of chain or scale mail. Mental: An indomitable personality. Rigorous mental training, extremely disciplined individual with incredible amounts of focus. Very hard to control and resistant to most forms of mental deception. Quickened Healing: Not quite regeneration but illness, bends, wounds, tears and breaks recover at a faster than normal pace this could be due to mystical abilities, martial arts techniques or unnatural genetics. Strength: Lift 600+ lbs. (above head). Damage: A crossbow, longbow, 22., matchlocks, flintlocks, archaic firearms. Peak Human Ranges: Exceptional, the best a human could possibly be, a gold medal Olympic athlete, an extraordinarily gifted genius (the smartest people on Earth) could focus or get lucky and catch an arrow in flight, exceptional polymaths, 8th level Intellects. Majority of individuals capable of breaking scientific standards through invention in their focused field(s) Expert: A recognized authority, famous for their skill, world-renowned expert in their field, a master of multiple forms of martial arts and skilled in a handful more, top tier fighters, world championship athletes and contenders.
7 12 hours 60+ MPH A kilometer Physical: Toughness of a brick, high strength plastic. Mental: Nigh-unbreakable will, practically immune to mind control. An almost inhuman sense of purpose and drive. Augmented Healing: Bends, breaks, tears and blood clots faster. Wounds that would last weeks are recovered from in days; minor wounds are recovered from in days moderate wounds in weeks, critical wounds possibly in months. Lacerations can knit closed on their own or with very little help and skin seals over, bones over time actually mend and repair if they remain undisturbed during the healing process. Very high resilience to natural diseases and some very limited resistance to unnatural ailments. Strength: Lift 800+ lbs (above head) ( Ex: Amazons). Damage: Most conventional firearms, the impact of C4. Magical: Low Universal Magic (Ex: Homo Magi) A step beyond human 'maximum' capabilities, a master of masters, could invent such things as star drives and other incredible scientific advancements beyond the technical medium of their century multiple times and/or in various fields throughout their lifetime, 9-10th Level Intellects. Master: A master of countless forms of martial arts. True or ancient masters, an 11 on the scale of 1 to 10, borderline inhuman talent, even the best of the best seek this person for guidance and instruction - these are your Shiva class martial artists.
8 1 day 120+ MPH A mile Physical: Toughness of plate mail, Kevlar, concrete, iron, bullet-proof glass. Mental: Fanatical sense of purpose, unwavering in their conviction to the point of self-sacrifice and beyond. Willpower is unbreakable and unbending only the most powerful of minds could contend with this beings will. Strength: Lift 1+ ton (Ex: Atlanteans). Damage: Composite Longbow and most high caliber sidearms such as a 44 MAG or Desert Eagle. Enhanced Human Ranges: 11th Level Intellects. Can dodge bullets. Advanced Master: Far beyond normal human capabilities, every form or technique of applicable subject known to man or alien of their century.
9 3 days Subsonic Speeds 10s of miles Physical: Toughness of steel, re-enforced concrete, a thick tree. Low Tier Regeneration: Minor to moderate wounds seal within days possibly hours, critical wounds in weeks, severed fingers, ears, minor appendages can possibly be re-attached if kept against the injury, limbs and the like-cannot. Near-immunity to natural diseases and ailments a minor resistance to unnatural afflictions and ailments. Strength: Lift 4+ tons (above ones head). Damage: Frag grenades, most assault rifles, (L1) future-tech sidearms/personal weapons, Atlantean or Vibranium weaponry. Metahuman Ranges: Not only dodge a bullet but could if pressed or lucky catch a bullet, 12th Level Intellects (Brainiac 5), Can perceive invisible objects or persons. Omniscience: Possesses the ability to know anything that they choose to know or that can be known. Godlike and incomprehensible.
10 1 week Transonic Speeds Several hundred miles Physical: Essentially "bulletproof", toughness of stone, Vibranium, Atlantean steel, volcanic rock. Regeneration: Minor to moderate wounds seal up within hours, critical wounds in days, limbs can be re-attached, severed fingers, ears, toes, teeth will regrow without requirement of detached object(s) within weeks to months. Immunity to natural diseases and some mediocre resistance to unnatural afflictions and ailments. Strength: Lift 25+ tons, (Ex: Asgardians). Damage: LAW rockets, RPGs, up to and around 25mm canons, (L1) future-tech rifles and (L2) future-tech sidearms/personal weapons, Nth metal weaponry.
11 2 weeks Supersonic Speeds The length of Great Britain Physical: Toughness of high strength Osmium steel, Nth metal, granite, gemstones and minor 'mystical' elements. Enhanced Regeneration: An extended lifespan, minor wounds seal in seconds, moderate wounds in minutes and critical wounds in hours, limbs will regrow in weeks, slight chance of surviving decapitation if head or organs are re-attached quick enough. Immunity to all natural diseases and a healthy resistance to unnatural afflictions and ailments. Strength: Lift 60+ tons. Damage: 30mm canons to 105mm Howitzers, heavy (L1) future-tech weapons or explosives, (L2) future-tech rifles, (L3) future-tech sidearms/personal weapons, Uru and other 'magical' metal weaponry. Magical: Low Dimensional Magic
12 1 month Hypersonic Speeds NYC to LA Physical: Toughness of diamond, Uru metal, super-heavy alloys and most 'mystical' elements. Strength: Lift 100+ tons (Ex: Kryptonians). Damage: MK48 Torpedo to Nuclear Weaponry, Majestic Class Superhumans, heavy (L2) future-tech weapons or explosives, (L3) future-tech rifles, Adamantium or Promethium metal weaponry.
13 1 year Beyond Hypersonic, capable of re-entry London to Tokyo Physical: Toughness of Adamantium, Promethium and rare 'mystical' elements. Near Immortality: Lifespan incalculable, minor wounds seal instantly, moderate wounds in seconds, critical wounds in minutes, limbs will regrow in days. Head or organs can be detached and life may return if they are re-attached. Immune to all diseases and near immunity to unnatural afflictions and ailments. Strength: Lift 500+ tons. Damage: Heavy (L3) future-tech weapons or explosives.
14 1 century Speed of Light Circumference of Earth Physical: Toughness of virtually indestructible materials (example; Mjolnir, Cap's shield), refined and alchemical treated Adamantium, Promethium, etc. Strength: Lift 1k+ tons Magical: (Ex: Hell Lords)
15 Millennia Warp Speed, transcends light, instantaneous travel Circumference of the Sun True Immortal: Lifespan no longer a factor, minor wounds are shrugged off, moderate wounds seal instantly, critical wounds in seconds. Limbs regrow in hours and even a head and major organs will regrow within days on their own. Immunity to all natural and unnatural diseases, ailments and afflictions. Death is hard to come by. Strength: Incalculable.


The three techniques of magic: Personal Magic is derived from ones soul, mind and body. A beings own energies fuel their spells. These are generally coined "quiet spells" that require little to no gesture or action. They are not as powerful as universal or dimensional incantations but beyond threat to self are generally much safer. Universal Magic is harnessed by tapping in to ambient energy and the forces of the actual Universe of Earth-626. Dimensional Magic is harnessed by tapping in to other dimensional beings, objects or actual realms outside of our own. These are generally the most powerful spells and operate outside of the magical users own energies making them easier yet the danger is far greater.

There are three capable realms of magic in the 6A universe:
Personal Magic which is derived from ones soul, mind and body. A beings own energies fuel their spells.
They are not as powerful as Dimensional or Universal incantations but the threat to self is generally much much less. These are also the only magics without outside aid that are available to 'normal' magicians or casters. They can mimic, create, or make effects between the power set ranges of 1 to 7.

Universal Magic is harness by tapping in to the ambient energy and forces of the actual Universe of 6A.
Being able to do this requires beyond normal potential such as that possessed by Homo-Magi. A non-Homo-Magi without outside aid cannot attain these levels of power. Universal spell power ranges can mimic, create or make effects between the power set ranges of 1 to 11.

Dimensional Magic is harnessed by tapping in to other dimensional beings, objects or actual realms outside our own.
These are generally the most powerful spells and operate outside the magic users own energies, making them far more dangerous. These are the most likely to lose control and capable only through predetermined elements. These spells can mimic, create or make effects between the power set ranges of 1 to 14 (and possibly beyond).

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