Create A Character

So, you want to creat a character? Great! This guide is written to try and make the process easier to understand.

Currently at this stage in Beta we are allowing completely -NEW- people to the game to create one new character of their choice, any of those currently within the game that have their characters are locked in with no further app'ing allowed. This is to keep some more dust down in our desire to get the game out of AlphaBetaZetaOmegawhatega Phase and go completely live!

Please note that in order to create a character, you will need to have a WikiDot account. These are easily gotten at . In the upper right you can Create account or Sign in. Once you're signed in, come on over to and check the lower left sidebar for a 'Join' option. Do so, then you become one of us.

…One of us, one of us…

All set? Then:

Log into our game! Come find us at port 6006. At this point, go ahead and pick your poison with 'create <name> <password>'. Then, go ahead and give a big ol' howdy on the 'pub' channel if you so fancy, we're happy to have you all here! Check out for much more info on creating the Wiki page for your new char.

Oh, and before I forget (again…) Some useful commands to use character-side are:

Setting your gender! Y'know. Just in case you wake up one morning and forget.
@gender me=Male
@gender me=Female
Note that the whole word needs to be typed out, substituting 'M' or 'F' doesn't seem to work right.

Most of you are probably familiar with describing your character, but as a refresher:
@desc me=Line one.%r%rLine two.%r%rEtc.

Then, set an alias for yourself! If your charname is something like Big McLargeHuge or Roll Fizzlebeef, do folks a favor and give yourself an alias, such as 'Big' or 'RF.'
@alias me=<thing!>

Something else worth looking at is the +glance global we've got installed, which lets you do a quick look at any individual in the room or get a quick look at everyone taking part in a scene. It's a useful tool, but it requires a little more work on everyone's part to make the most of it. Here's the list of settings you should add to each of your characters:

@set me=fullname:
@set me=codename:
@set me=height:
@set me=eyes:
@set me=build:
@set me=age:
@set me=skin:
@set me=hair:
@set me=shortdesc:

These can be (and probably should be) identical to the fields included upon your character's Wiki page. Please keep these descriptions as small as possible, there's only so much room to display all of the info!

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