Create A Character Page

Hi there! Let's get to the meat of chargen.

Once you have created your character in the game and gotten approved you will receive a link that brings you back to the wiki and a blank page for your character.

Assuming you are logged into the Wiki, you're going to find yourself staring at a whole lot of complicated looking code and stuff. Fear not! That's what we're here for. For reference, I will be creating an NPC page for 'Patch' while writing this guide. The process should be identical. (Yep, totally identical.) Note that the Wiki will give you das boot if you don't make any page edits within 900 seconds. It might be easier to copy everything here and paste it into a text or document editor, losing work -is possible- so I would definitely recommend this. If you do not, you run the risk of getting locked out, which is annoying. (If this happens, just click on 'try to reacquire lock.' Since it's your charpage, this will probably work.) Once more, it is possible to lose your work. Save frequently, play it safe!

  • The first thing to notice is that anything <enclosed within these guys> is stuff for you to edit. When you do edit it, remove the chevrons <> at the ends. We want those guys gone.
  • You will also notice These are helpful notes designed to give you an idea of what each field stands for, so you know what it is that you're doing and where it's going to go.

We're going to go through this one line at a time to start, though it's quite easy. Follow the along the way for extra explanation. The first line is your character's codename, in lower-case only. So, for mine, '<E.g. "wonder_woman">' is going to be replaced with 'patch'. In the next field, do the same, but feel free to pop capital letters in as necessary. In Fact, Please Do.

Full name is an obvious one. Who's the person behind the mask/cowl/evil avatar? Plunk it in here.

Next line is the actor/actress that would portray your character if you had a schlode of extra cash lying around and felt like making a movie about them. I, uh..I'll have to get back to this one for ol' Patch.

Next! A picture URL. We'll come back to this, as we have to have this page saved before we can add any files to it. Or you can cheat and scroll down to the picture part now. I won't tell.

Go down a little ways and you will find character specific info. Age, height, build, eye/hair color, what have you. Go ahead and fill these in as necessary. Factions may not be answerable at this point, feel free to put 'None' or 'N/A' here for now if necessary, though you can still have some fun with Occupation. Patch runs a bar and supplies contracts to mercs, so I'll make note of both here. The other stuff I honestly have no clue about for Patch, so I'm gonna quietly fudge all of that and move on.

Alignment should also be easy. This is more of an average rather than an absolute. For instance, 'Hero' doesn't have to mean always good all of the time, but generally good guys are good guys.

Claim to Fame and Reputation are things for you to figure out for each of your characters. What makes them memorable? Did they once save a busload of bunnies? Did they rob two dozen ATM's one night with nothing more than a paperclip and a bubblegum wrapper? Maybe something a little more memorable than that? This is a good starting point for what makes your character known, whether globally, in just one borough of New York City, or strictly within the underground. Or not at all! Nobodies are people, too. (I mean, I think they are…)

Biography and Personality are more fun, char-specific things for you as a player to determine. We don't need a huge biography, though having even a couple of sentences can help us all get a feel for things. All the same, 'Unrevealed' is a valid answer, which I will be going with for Patch. This goes double for his personality, the character was never fleshed out all that far in canon and he's an NPC, so nyah.

Abilities and Advantages! Here the method of inputting data changes slightly, so take note. For each ability (and advantage, and disadvantage, and flaw,) there will be two lines to fill out. You'll see it like this:

<Skill Name>
<Skill Description>

Copy/paste a bunch more of these so you have plenty to work with. As before, replace anything <like this> with what you wish to add. Patch is just a human, but I can think of two skills to give him. So, the first will look like this:

He's owned and operated a bar for quite some time. Someone gives him money, he gets them something to drink. Don't expect much in the line of pleasantries and everyone should get along fine.

Advantages are next, we handle these in the same fashion as before. This covers character resources, whether it be a fancy new-age cult or a mint condition '68 Firebird.

The Hellhouse Bar
Dirty, grimy, seriously run down, this place looks abandoned from every angle and is located so far off the beaten path that the path ceased to exist a few miles back. Drinks are still served, as are all manner of dangerous, solid-paying jobs, for those that know how to find the place. It's his baby, even if it looks and smells awful.

Disadvantages and Flaws. There is a difference. Sometimes it can be difficult trying to figure out what goes where, just use your best guess. We won't banhammer ya if something happens to look prettier in the other field.

As a disadvantage:

Poor Patch is a short stub of a man with more hair on his face than his head, but he'll still bust faces if need be. He has to run a bar that's always filled with the shadiest of shady characters, usually with all of them being armed and incredibly dangerous. His work tends to be quite thankless, his place gets trashed a lot, the amount of beer that gets sent to the floor could get a third world country hammered for an entire weekend, and then there's the verbal jabs made at him. He gets kinda ticked sometimes!

I don't know this NPC well enough to define any flaws for him, so I'll leave this empty for now. Your character, however, should be easier to figure out, and flaws are awesome. Everybody loves flaws. Have some. Perfection is an illusion!

My alt is afraid of -Chickens,- people!

Relationships. This..I will have to write up later, as I've not yet figured it out and very nearly broke one of my alt's pages with my first attempt.

Flaws..! Perfection is an illusion! *ahem*

Scroll down a ways and you'll find +++ Notes. If you want to fill in the <>'s below it, be our guest! You don't have to, though. You can also add to this later. I'm not feeling particularly inspired for Patch at this point, so I'll leave it be. Rather, I'll erase <this> stuff for now so the page looks cleaner when I'm finished with it.

Image Gallery: Whatever picture you end up using for a profile pic will automagically wind up down here, too. You can add more in if you'd like. As stated within this section: Please do not upload more than 4 images to your page. Use an alternate image display if you require more images.

Please try to keep the file sizes low, as well. Our free space on the Wiki is a finite resource!

Log/Blog Lists: This is a whole lot more scary than it looks. Up top is a template you can use for adding future months to your charpage. Read the notes carefully. For convenience, go ahead and swap out the <character> fields with your char's codename, in lower-case. There will be one for Logs and one for Blogs.

Down a little further, you'll see in all caps: THE CURRENT MONTH HAS BEEN PROVIDED FOR YOU, BELOW. Same as before, swap out <character> with your codename. You probably only need worry about March at this point, but if having a February makes you feel more comfy then by all means, add in your char's codename there, too.

Don't worry about January. We don't love January.

Guess what? We're done with this for the moment! SAVE THAT SUCKER.

But we're not 100% done yet. Psych!

At the bottom of that big nasty huge chargen page, you'll see some more instructions. We'll focus on Tags, first. At the bottom right of your character's mostly completed page, you'll see: Edit, Tags, History, Files, etc. Click on Tags.

Follow the instructions in the charsheet stuff. If you need a copy, here you go:

* Your character name — E.g. "wonder_woman"
* The first initial of your character name — E.g. "w"
* Any factions to which you belong — E.g. "jla" "avengers" "titans" (You can find out the proper tag for your faction by visiting its faction page. If you don't belong to any factions, don't add any faction tags.)
* Your character's gender in the form of '_female' or '_male'
* Your character's alignment (hero, villain, anti-hero, neutral, civilian)
* Whether your character is a "cc" or "oc" (cc = comic-based character; oc=original character)

Patch's tags would thus be…

patch p _male neutral cc npc

Final steps are all about the character's profile image. First, find the picture that you'd like to use. This can be a small adventure in itself. We feel your pain. When you've got your image, please try to consolidate its size to 300x400 pixels. If you need help resizing, check with staff.1

Note! When putting the picture in for your profile, it is Case Sensitive.

You can find the 'Files' option right down by where you saw 'Tags' lurking. Clickie on Files, upload your pic du jour, then click on Edit (again, by where Tags was lurking,) and we'll get that added in pronto.

Waaay back up at the top of your charpage, you'll find this:

Since you've uploaded a picture instead of hyperlinked it (*eyes Spider-Man*) all you have to do is erase that entire URL and put in the name of your picture. For the little guy, that is, quite simply, 'Patch.jpg'.

Preview first if you want to, otherwise SAVE THAT SUCKER.

Congrats! You're done with chargen. Give staff a nudge, we'll get you added into the queue. In short order you should be free to go out there, run amok ICly, and tell us whatcha think about our extremely bare bones game world.2

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License