Why So Cold

March 19, 2015: Bobby and Nancy catch up, discuss Nancy's new project and Bobbys changes. Rachel joins them

The Nest - Interstate I95



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Bobby has been living half at the Nest, half in his apartment for some time, but he hasn't been by in a week or so. Busy is part of it, but he's been concerned. Today he comes by, getting out of his car a bit carefully and waving to Greg and Beth the others. "Hey. Is Nancy around?" He calls out as he heads up toward the main farm house, rolling his left shoulder.

Greg waves to the young man that has been a huge support for the Nest. He keeps Nancy grounded, for a start, and he can always be depended on to lend a helping hand. "She on the back lot, where we are putting the orchard. Tilling and fertalizing and getting the soil ready."

Bobby nods to the older man and goes to find one of the quads. Back lot is a couple miles out and he doesn't feel like walking.

It's about six or seven minutes later when he's pulling up to the edge of the tilled area. The Nest has been able to get some decent equipment thanks to the Stark Foundation and he wouldn't be surprised if they're starting to be come self sufficient for food and other things of that nature. If they can do so financially that'll be a big load of Nan's shoulders.

"Nancy?" He calls out, listening for the sound of a tiller or tractor.

The Bobcat can be seen on the field. It's nothing but an empty field right now, but eventually it will be filled with fruit trees. Being towed behind her, the tiller makes the soil nice and loose and ready for planting. It's the sound of a quad approaching that causes her to stop. No one would be coming over here unless they needed to talk to her. When Nancy sees who it is, she stops the Bobcat and heads over to give Bobby a big bear hug. "Hey there, handsome. And how is my favourite ice cube today?"

Nancy's null field turns off Bobby's powers, as it does all mutants. However when she hugs him his right side and left shoulder are a lot colder than the rest of him. Oddly. Still, he hugs her back just as tight. "I'm okay. Been a bit busy. Sorry I've not been out here more. How about are you?"

The fact that Bobby is cold when she hugs him surprises Nancy. He's never been cold before. She starts to rub his side and shoulder, warming up the cold spots. "Did something happen in Japan that I should know about?"

Bobby grimaces. "Haven't gone there yet." He murmurs. "I got shot in M-Town a bit back by purifiers. Anti Mutant fanatics. And then got hurt doing something to help out the X-Men elsewhere… and it healed but…" He pulls the collar of his shirt down. There's a small bullet hole in his shoulder. One that goes from front to back (through and through) and it's completely filled with ice.

Not that Nancy would ever complain about Bobby pulling his shirt off, but when she sees that he has a wound that is filled with ice… well, that gets her attention. She looks at it carefully, frowning and then looking up at Bobby. The worry on her face is pretty clear. "My power isn't doing anything to that. Why not? Except my power doesn't destroy your ice once it's made, so… " She runs her finger on the ice. "Have you been scanned? What does Hank say about it? Do you want to go up to the Starfire and get you scanned?"

"Starfire, I think, or maybe Angelo down at the Avenue C clinic. I've got no idea what's going on and I'm not… doing that on purpose. Every time I get hurt… the wound heals with ice. I suspect three of my ribs are part ice too now." Bobby looks up, worried. "So… yeah."

Nancy frown. She puts her hand on the wound again and pushes her power into it. Nothing. No change. She puts his shirt back in place and takes Bobby's hand. Pulling out her communicator with the Outsiders, she hits a button. "Two to board on my coords. Thank you." There is a shimmer and haze and then a feeling like one is being pulled out of their own navel before the world shifts to the inside of the HMSS Starfire.

Bobby blinks. He's never been up here before. It's very… Star Trek. "Uh… Hi." He waves to K'tten. Wow. So this is whom and what Nan's been hanging out with. Swanky.

Tossing a wave to K'tten and the others, Nancy gestures with her head to Bobby. "This is the guy I've been talking about. Do you mind if we use the scanner? I don't think modern Earth medicine is good enough to tell us what we need to know." With an arch of her brow in interest, K'tten gestures for her to go ahead.

Bobby sits down on what he thinks is a table. He's fairly sure it's a table. "So do you know how to use any of this Star Trek stuff? They, like, taught you and all?" The ice nerd smiles, he's a bit nervous but that's not all Nan. That's partly his situation.

Shrugging, Nancy starts to help Bobby to lay down and hits some buttons on a nearby console. "They taught me how to start the scanner and let the computers do the rest. It does the diagnosis and will tell me what I need to do to help you, based on my medical experience. Yes, the computer knows to talk to me the way Parti used to when itcomes to first aid."

"Well that's a relief. So what's all this about-" The ice nerd leans out and accidentally hits a control that is basically 'return to sender.' Purple beams flicker around both of them and deposit both he and Nancy down er… wait. This seems to be Westchester. Well… crap. Bobby actually winces a little when he realizes they're about fifty miles from the Nest. "Um… oops."

As the purple beaming starts again, Nancy looks over to see what Bobby is touching, but isn't anywhere close to on time to do anything about it. She looks around and sighs heavily. "And I left my communicator on the ship. Well, guess we go get the bus and start heading home."

Bobby sighs and nods. "Let me actually call Berto. I have my cell. He may have a driver or car near here." He starts to walk toward the bus stop all the same. It's not far from the coffee shop… near which stands a rather familiar figure. "Wait is that…" He raises his voice to call out. "RACHEL!"

Hey, it's the coffee shop near… oh hell, they are that close to the damn mansion? Nancy rolls her eyes, hoping she doesn't have to deal with any of the X-er's. When Bobby calls out to someone, any hope that Nan has of not having to deal with an X-person is tossed out the window. She looks over to see who it is. "What team is she with? Tell me Red. Please." Even as she asks, Nancy starts to pull her power in so as to least affect whoever this Rachel is.

Rachel spotted Bobby and the other woman, waving to them before walking over with a coffee in her hand, "Hey Bobby and stranger. How's the arm?" She takes a sip of her coffee as she looks at the other woman for a moment before glancing to Bobby's arm.

Bobby smiles a bit. "Still cold. Nancy's helping me out with this. Oh, sorry. This is Nancy O'Neal. She stayed at the Mansion for a bit. It, um, wasn't the best of experiences for her."

Bobby nods toward Rachel. "This is Rachel. She's… sort of new with us. Not on Red but been pretty decent."

Nodding her head in greeting to Rachel, Nancy frowns softly with an air of grumpy reserve. It's the well practiced Goth aura that she wore for so long that tends to let people know she's not the approachable type. Sure, she may not look like a goth anymore, but she's still got some of the attitude. "Well, I guess if you're new, you can be excused for living in Casa Kidnapper."

Rachel frowns noticeable whether at Bobby's mention of his status or Nancy's apparent hostility towards the Institute, "I was actually just on my way back to 'Casa Kidnapper'." She forces a smile for Bobby, "Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with the arm." She nods to Nancy, "Nice to meet you."

"Taking the bus, or walking?" Bobby frowns and nudges Nan. "She's got a complicated history. She's okay. Promise." He murmurs. "Not her fault that certain parties didn't treat you very well." Bobby's been fairly straight forward about his own feelings about that, but hey, Ray wasn't even… born when that happened.

As Bobby nudges her, Nancy realizes she's being a bit of a jerk. She keeps her arms crossed over her chest, but looks away reluctantly sheepish. "Fine. S'not her fault that the boys in blue both have their heads up their butts." Yes, Nancy holds a grudge. "Well, whatever it is, I'm not able to change it back to normal, so it's not actively powered."

Rachel continues to look towards the arm with concern but she wasn't a healer and didn't really know any well, "I'm just walking back. It's a nice night." Ok, maybe flying back but she didn't need any assistance to do that, "What brings the pair of you out here?"

Bobby blows out a long sigh. "Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhh… is it okay to tell her Nan?" He pauses and then glances over. "We came here by accident. Nancy's part of a group of folks that… help people and solve problems. She was helping me. Some nice medical tech they have. I pressed a button I shouldn't have. Wound us up here."

Nancy smirks and hides her smile behind her hand when Rachel asks how they got here. She looks over to Bobby with a look that says he needs to tell this one. "The team I'm with has teleportation technology. So, yeah, we got sent here. And without a way to call them back and ask for a return."

Rachel laughs at the predicament before smiling a little now, "Well, good luck getting back to wherever you're going. I'd offer to help but I'm car-less and I doubt you guys want to come back to the Institute." She takes a sip of her coffe and waves, heading off.

Bobby glances at Nancy and then takes a slip of paper out of his pockets. "Come to that address sometime. We can talk. Nan's a good person to know sometimes. Really good in our line of work." He gives Ray a smile. "And she's not always so prickly." And with that he turns and walks with Nancy toward the bus station.

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