If there is a skylight, it must be broken

October 04, 2014 Spoiler, Ibn al Xu'ffasch, Oracle, Lunair, and Fantomex all descend upon the same warehouse for slightly different reasons. Bruce Banner will have a bit to say about things before the night is over.


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Damian had snaked a glance at the notebook Spoiler stole and planned his evening around it.

The address took him to a quiet area of the docks. There's another shipment coming, this one big, and how it has to do with Cluemaster, well Damian isn't sure. The girl in purple-he still doesn't know her name-wasn't much help. As cagey as he was, neither had been willing to give up much.

He was confident she'd be there, but he'd have some extra support of the technological kind. Oracle, one of his father's allies had been given the information and asked to do her 'magic'. What her relationship with his father was, or furthermore her very intense history in doing this sort of thing, was lost on him. All he knew is that she had his father's trust and that was good enough for him.

The warehouse being used was once a factory in the middle of Gotham. In better times, this building shipped out Gotham made goods out to Europe and South America. Along with this city's economy, the building had been abandoned.

Above, looking down through the skylight, Damian peers. There are scores of men, filling in and out and a dozen large containers. Forklifts. More crates than a kid can count. This is certainly quite a big operation.

"The cameras have been set," Ibn al Xu'ffasch mutters into his com. "Oracle, are you on?"

Oracle is, as usual, in the Clocktower. She's agreed to help Damian with this operation and is waiting for him to place cameras so she can see the field of play. As the com crackles to life with the update, she checks the feeds. "Yes, I'm on."

Spoiler - the girl in EGGPLANT - is there, perching on a roof nearby, her blue eyes watching the containers. She grins, anticipation rising in the young woman, as she leaps from the building, swinging her way across the gap to land on the roof in a crouch. The skylight in view now, her blue eyes narrow and she steps forward, her hands on her hips, her masked face less than pleased. "You. Is there something about being a Robin that means you have to meddle and get into everything?" Snark, and unhappy snark at that, as she shakes her head, the blonde hair escaping from the cape.

Oblivious to Oracle, the voice in Damian's ear, Spoiler leans forward, watching the activity through the skylight. "You might as well be useful. I suppose." She offers a look, her eyes narrowing, adding, "I'm the Spoiler."

Bruce Banner knows nothing of the particulars of the goings on here, but they certainly do seem to be keeping bodies busy - busy and distracted. The crates from HALO Biomed are sitting in a neglected corner of the warehouse, diverted there by Bruce slipping into the invoice system and just inverting a couple of numbers. Within were the components for a hazmat-safe, federal grade centrifuge, processing and filtering devices. Throw in some gene sequencing tech, the kind of thing that might help you identify, say, the genes that cause your body to react to gamma radiation by mutating into a gigantic apocalypse monster instead of a tumor in your brain, and it was Christmas as far as Bruce was concerned.

Stealing the forklift was going to be the hard part.

Bruce is clad in a pair of jeans and an MIT hoodie that makes him feel like he's betraying CalTech in deep and serious ways. Still, better the disguise. A baseball cap and sunglasses add enough disguise to hopefully hide his face, not that anyone without the right security classifications even knew what it looked like. He crouches down and ponders, having not figured on all the activity. Probably illegal. Not his business. But he wasn't going to have another day before the paperwork 'mistake' was corrected and this stuff was taken far, far away.

Lunair doesn't really know what's going on. Not directly. What she does know is that picking off mobsters and such is immensely profitable. Or that it's good practice. Probably the second, since she's backed down on the killing things for profit front. That, and she's disovered the catlike joy of outright torment. Naked, twerking Triad? Yes. Sometimes there's glitter involved. It's terrible. Like crafting ebola terrible.

But Armory is clad in dark, sleek armor that looks ripped out of something like Metal Gear Rising. Eat your heart out, laws of thermodynamics. She's perched nearby, watching people come and go. Hmmm.

Fantomex is not really very interested in the gun-running business. He makes his own guns, and really… he is not selling. Or buying. But occasionally he is stealing, because some weapons are very nice, and artsy, and worth a fortune.

And so, there is a gun smuggler here that has a very valuable handgun in his possession. Rumored to have belonged to a World War Two super-villain. Maybe Baron Strucker, or the old Zemo. Likely a false rumor, but the gold-plated handgun is still worth a small fortune and Fantomex has expensive tastes.

So he has been watching the warehouse for a few hours. And now that things are starting to move, there seems to be a fair number of people around that (like himself) probably shouldn't be on the rooftops. He should probably just leave and wait for a better, less troublesome moment. But Fantomex lacks any trace of common sense, and he is curious, so he sneaks forward to intercept those colorful clad kids that are doubtlessly going to do something interesting.

"Your blonde hair. It's beautiful. You should show it more," Robin says to Spoiler, picking an odd place for a compliment. He unsheathes his katana from his back and gets ready to jump through the skylight. "You can call me Ibn al Xu'ffasch, since I imagine you'll have trouble with calling me by /his/ name." He speaks, then, but not to Spoiler. The words are for Oracle, "Let me know when you have the lights ready. We will want to cut them right after we break through."

What and how she could do what she can is a mystery to Damian, but he's been told there's few limits to her powers. Now, back at Spoiler, "Let's go make ourselves useful."

He takes a leaping step off the ledge down towards the skylight, kicking downward with his heels just as he strikes the glass, shattering it brilliantly as he descends downward, cape wide.

"If you're going to ask me to tell you when I'm ready, you may want to wait before you act next time…" Oracles tone is sharp "Fortunately, I'm ready" As Damian breaks through the skylight, Oracle flicks a switch on the panel in front of her… the lights in the warehouse immediately go dark.

The look at Damian is startled and one of Spoiler's hands rise to touch her hair, "I… what? Are you seriously hitting on me now? And no way would I call you Robin, he is my…" Trailing off, she sits back on her heels, her eyes narrowing at him above her mask. "Alphabet soup…Ibn it is." Snark and she glances behind her, adding, "Who're you talking to?" But then he is leaping and she follows him, shattering the remains of the glass, aiming to land on a soft thing, a person, her booted feet propelling a man forward onto the floor, just as the lights go out.

Bruce Banner instinctively ducks and drops behind a box as he hears the breaking glass and the building goes dark. Oh, fantastic. Some sort of raid. Cops? DEA? Or, of course, his worst nightmare, SHIELD? No idea. From the timing of the lights and the glass breaking, though, they know what they're doing.

With the various species of goonage reacting in their goony ways, Bruce tries to take advantage, moving at a quick crab-walk over to one of the forklifts, "Please have the keys, please have the keys, YES!" he mutters.

Well. That was unexpected. Lunair didn't figure there'd be so many folks coming on in. On the other hand, you can't swing a dead mafioso without hitting like, 5 super heroes of some flavor or another (ask about our low calorie heroes! For the weight conscious super villain. Now with authentic katana flavoring). She decides to move in at the breaking glass, her helmet providing some sort of internal night vision or lighting. hard to say, it doesn't glow. But it does explain why the visor is down.

And now it's time for attack formation JUSTICE. Or: Lunair is going to amuse herself. Enter the Nudity Ray. And several now naked, horrified goons who somehow find convenient scenery to hide behind.

Lights out? Oh my. There are clever people involved here. Clever and likely online people. Fantomex can see in the dark pretty well, but he imagines the goon squad is going into happy-fun chaos mode.

A mental nudge is sent to EVA, his flying saucer/autonomous brain, to search the nets for that hacker. And the white-clad thief hurries up to catch-up with Damian and Spoiler. Because, interrupting a gangster meeting by crashing through windows how you do it in Gotham.

Damian's katana glints in the moonlight as thoughs he slices at scream in agony. His lenses are set to night vision, giving him an unfair advantage to those trying to get away. "Fair point, Oracle," Damian mutters into his comlink. "He's your what?" he asks Spoiler as he continues to fight through fools and idiots. "Lucky boy."

Meanwhile, things are getting pretty hot elsewhere, depending on your understanding of the word. Several of Lunair's targets go nude. One is probably pretty good looking and there as eye candy for our women viewers. One is decidedly not. Like, at all. Use your imagination.

In the dark, there's a forklift heading straight for Banner's. The darkness is surely going to make it difficult to avoid the world renown scientist! Oh no!

Fantomex arrives just after the fighting begins. Any conversation will have to wait until he gets closer, but there's certainly a lot to do downhere.

Oracle will notice that the police have been alerted to the gunshots. Apparently a fisherman put in a cellphone call. Additionally, squadcars are being diverted here through GPS

Spoiler is moving fast, using the environment, as she remembers it, to fight those few unlucky enough to be close. "It's complicated." The reply is almost defensive, a landmine of emotions and teenaged mess, "Oh wow." She pauses in surprise as the guy goes… totally nude, the blue eyes widening for the instant before his fist lands in her face and she reels back, shaking her head, half crosseyed in surprise. She glances over as Fantomex arrives, her grin returning, "Hey." A stranger, but they seem to be on her side at least.

Over the com to Damian, Oracle advises "Restoring emergency lighting" and with another motion over the console the warehouse emergency lights flicker on.

There is now sufficient ambient light for all to enjoy the supposed eye candy that is around.

"The police have been notified and enroute, I'm dealing with that."

Bruce Banner sees the guy coming his way and quickly ducks out of his forklift, tumbling to the hard ground with a thump. Stay calm, Banner, it'll be okay, stay calm. He looks up at the driver of the other forklift just as the lighting comes back on, trying to keep his head down, "Hey, uh, watch what you're up to there, pal! We got enough trouble without crashing into each other!" he says, trying his best to pass himself off as one of the crew.

"Any idea what the hell's going on, I thought this was gonna go smooth…" he says, trying not to look at the gun the other man is toting. Don't shoot me, dude, don't shoot me, you're SO gonna regret it if you shoot me…

Well. That could have gone better. Lunair looks vaguely horrified. Especially as one goon punches a lady in the face. "Well, that's just rude. Punishment time!" Yaaa— wait, what? Well, okay. Maybe it's time to get serious. Seriously awesome! She draws a staff with a carved cat at the end in one hand and an SMG in the other hand. Yikes. So it's time for BAD GUY BOWLING! Turns out, the cat staff is a shockwave generator and people are going flying with each swing. Da da da~! Pervert punishment!

Conversation /should/ wait for after the action. But Fantomex rarely does that he should do. If he did, he would still be sneaking around and he wouldn't have jumped in the middle of the goon squad. "Bonjour!" He replies in response to Spoiler's 'hey'. "Pay no mind to me, I am just a visiteur in this fine city. Doing what tourists do, oui?" He punches an incoming goon, and then kicks another out of the way. Somehow, despite the white outfit, the goons are pretty much ignoring him until he is on top of them.

Meanwhile Oracle might be finding her data transmissions are experiencing a slight delay. Miliseconds. Most hackers wouldn't notice, but it could mean someone is intercepting and filtering her date stream. And that is exactly what E.V.A. is doing. Filtering, copying, and trying to break the code.

"It doesn't have to be complicated," Damian responds before going wide-eyed and incredulous as Spoiler is punched unceremoniously in the face. "You fiend!" he exclaims and drives his blade right through the thugs shoulder! The latter screams in agony, and as Damian's sword is pulled out the blood spills all across the floor.

Damian has no time for sentimentality, however, "Copy, Oracle. Things are getting hairy in here. Might not be able to talk for a bit."

Thugs begin to get flung to and fro by Lunair's device, crashing on walls to each side. Fantomex continues his romp through the room and will notice that the vehicles are starting up in an attempt to get the heck out of here.

The man across from Bruce does not recognize Banner as an ally. He goes for his gun.

Spoiler shoots a look as people leap to her defense, and she leaps back to her feet, aiming a fist into the face of her goon, the poor man having a few terrible moments. "It does!" Naked guy felled, she turns, seeking a new target, the cape flying as she runs towards a desk, looking for paperwork there. "Oui, I mean, yeah, yeah you guys do!" The yell to Fantomex comes with a grin, hidden by her mask, her eyes laughing, crinkling at the corners.

Oracle taps into one of the many satellites she has access to and reroutes the incoming police to a slightly more innocuous location, close but not close enough. Into her com she replies "Copy that. Police rerouted, you have a little more time up your sleeve, but not long."

Frowning, she pulls a diagnostic screen up on another part of the display and studies it intently. "Oh really" she mutters to herself. Into her com she snaps "Switch to secondary channel now." and narrowing her eyes, she enters a series of commands into her console and reroutes the coms and warehouse data links. Whatever is tapping the primary links is now receiving digital gibbersh.

Bruce Banner leaps forward, trying to push the gun down and away, but he's no warrior, no fighter like these heroes raiding the building. He may've picked up a little bit while he's been on the run, but, by the time it comes to physical violence…things usually get out of hand. And they're about to again, as the man he's wrestling pulls the trigger and he feels a quick spray of bullets from his submachine gun rip through his gut.

Bruce stumbles to his knees as blood pours from his torso, the copper smell of it in the air as he falls forward and catches himself on his hands, "Stupid…bastard…run. Run, you son of a bitch, RUN!" he yells, his voice rising into a roar that doesn't seem as though it can come from his throat as his body starts to spasm and thrash, seizing almost like an epileptic as his skin begins to bubble and stretch around his expanding musculature, the tendons in his neck standing out as he screams in agony.

Uh oh. Fortunately, Lunair is unwittingly avoiding the coveted supplies. Lunair peeks up. "Oh wow." There's a whole team of people here. She notices a gal running towards the desk, and there's a guy with a sword going all samurai movie on some poor bastard. Then another guy - shoots a forklift operator. Gasp. Wait. Why is - that doesn't look - that seems famil- "RUN! HE MEANS IT!" Lunair offers helpfully. When Hulk say run, he always backs up his statements with sources, as a good scientist does. He's the credible Hulk.

Also, Lunair is swatting another poor bastard into a wall with the cat staff.

Fantomex understands Spoiler's grin, as he can read her body language quite well. He was going to answer when some vehicles begin to move. Uh huh. That won't do it, because it means almost assuredly his target is in one of them. "Excusez moi," he says, running to intercept the cars, looking for a certain gangster.

Meanwhile E.V.A. lost track of Oracle transmissions. Confusing. It is the first time the techno-organic 'saucer' is noticed by a human. Maybe she is up against another A.I.? That would be cool. Okay, she spreads her search to more routers, more, more, looking for that particular code strings. It takes her a few seconds to find again Oracle.

Ibn al Xu'ffasch tries to act quickly as vehicles begin to depart and reaches into his utility belt for two handfuls of metal spheres. With two throws, the young man shows some ambidexterous skill throwing the spheres out in front of the warehouse entrance. After the throw, he reaches to a switch on the belt and presses. Long, sharp spikes extend out, turning the small metal balls into spiky tire poppers!

Damian smiles, happy with his work, but as he turns back he gets a worried look upon that smug face of his. You can almost see the white lenses of mask grow in horror as Banner begins to transform. "Run! Spoiler, run!" For added measure he even gives Spoiler a shove. "Oracle, this is Robin…there's something here….Something big…" His voice trails and for the first time since he's come to these shores, Damian sounds afraid.

Spoiler's blue eyes follow the sound of the shouts, and widen, and she needs little encouragement from Damian, taking to her heels, heading for a doorway. Her escape is slowed by the need to carry a notebook, some files from the desk, and Lunair gets a glance, her gaze moving from the other woman to Damian, and then finally to Bruce. For an instant, she slows, staring at him, and then the eggplant cape is flaring behind her, the bolt past the departing vehicles, up a fire escape, onto a roof to watch from there.

Oracle continues to monitor the diagnostics on the data streams she's set up. Interesting, the data lag disappears from the primary channel and a few seconds later her secondary channel to the warehouse is tapped. Whoever this is, they're good… but are they good enough?

On Robins update she frowns and checks the camera feeds. There it is, no wonder Robin sounds scared. Noting Robin, the girl in purple and 2 others are heading out of the building Oracle responds via com "Copy that, I have a visual via the camera feeds. I make yourself and 3 others to clear the warehouse, please verify. When you're clear, I'll contain that threat."

Whilst relaying that information to Robin, Oracle has been entering a series of commands into her terminal. Can she backtrack the source of the lag? She's certain the firewalls will hold and she's not going to tip "them" off again. Into coms she adds "Robin, I'm interested in those extra three, don't let them get away."

Hulk pushes up from the all fours position, still leaning forward, apelike, if an ape happened to be nearly nine feet tall, green and full of the kind of rage usually reserved for the clinically insane. Which Bruce is, completely, totally, over the wall insane. Massive shoulders lurch and there's a deceptively quick swipe of an arm and the offending thug and his forklift are casually swatted, flying through the air in a rising trajectory until they smash through the wall just below the roofline, leaving a massive hole in their wake.

Hulk, meanwhile, snorts and looks about him as people begin to panic and he starts slamming his fists down on crates full of armaments, shattering the weapons within to splinter of metal. One brave (or moronic) thug starts blasting at Hulk's face and chest with his machine gun, which only attracts the beast's attention as he reaches out and snatches the man up by his shirt, his gun uselessly firing until he empties his clip into Hulk's unmarred chest, "Hulk not like you. Not one bit." Hulk snarls in the man's face, making the criminal promptly faint in the behemoth's grip. Hulk just casually tosses him over his shoulder and lumbers on, the shooter landing on his face and chest with an audible crack of bones, snapping a couple of ribs.

Fantomex glances at the commotion in the corner and uh huhs. He has read about green, big & mean. He better hurry up. The kids are out of the way, so he doesn't need to worry about it. Not that he was worried about it.

Intercepting the lead car, now sadly tireless, he punches a rear door window and drags out a thin, middle-age man that is screaming in Spanish about Fantomex ancestry and trying to pull out a handgun from a shoulder holster. Something that is no longer there, the thief in white got it first. "Merci… and have fun with Mr. Green," he comments, heading out at high speed.

Oracle finds out her data is getting rerouted to the firewall of a small datacenter downtown. Looks like the router there has been compromised, there is a wireless connection to… nowhere. It is gone. It left a message, though: "HI I'M E.V.A." No address or email. Not the name of a hacker Barbara would recognize, either.

"I'll do my best," Damian says in the com, but right now his eyes and worries are on something else a bit more pressing. As the Hulk moves closer to him, he reaches towards his scabbard once more and pulls out his katana. He has no idea, despite his years of training, how to even begin to defend himself against something like this.

People are spilling out of the warehouse like an overflowing toilet. The longer Hulk is there, the more people attempt to escape. The good news is there's a lot of evidence here and surely some of them will be apprehended. Surely the cops will find a talker.

The bad news is that all the evidence, and perhaps many of those witnesses, are about to go squish under Hulk's mighty fists.

Spoiler, watching from the rooftop, is tense, her eyes worried, and she decides - against everything everyone always tells her - to go back down there. A leap takes her onto the top of one of the vehicles, and a swing with a kick takes the driver out. A few more urgent and organic sounds from within the vehicle occur, just prior to the slam into a wall and stillness. Then Spoiler is leaving, the two occupants tied to the van, waiting for the police.

Through the camera feed, Oracle sees that Robin is preparing to stand and fight. Into the com "Are you really going to stand and fight or are you just buying more time? I can lock the warehouse down once you're clear and contain big and green there."

On another screen, a dialogue box pops up - one of the traces she's been running has completed. E.V.A hey, not something or someone she's heard of before.

Hulk is, luckily, not particularly interested in staying. Unfortunately for Bruce, he's not interested in that box of medical supplies either. He takes a moment to hurl an eight foot tall box, the weapons-laden crate slamming down on the back of two fleeing crooks, pinning them to the ground and knocking them breathless. The sight of the night sky through the hole created by the forklift is too enticing. Hulk's a sucker for open sky.

There's a moment where he looks at Robin, sword drawn, ready to fight and snorts, "Puny sword man," he mutters, "Hulk not fight you. Hulk tired of fighting stupid mask people who are stupid." The beast tenses his tree-trunk legs and leaps, rising up and shattering through more of the roof near the same spot, the force of his leap so great that the building barely slows his momentum as he goes flying into the night. There will be reports of car crashes and shattered pavement at random intervals throughout the city as he makes his egress, until finally finding a nice place out in the country to fall asleep. More naked hitchhiking is apparently in Bruce's future.

As Hulk bounds out into the sky, Damian gets his swagger back. The familiar smirk spills almost into a chuckle. "Tt." He sheathes his sword and murmurs into the com, "Looks like the monster is out of here. Not sure I can catch up with the other three you wanted. I'll track them and get their info to you as soon as I can." He pulls his grapnel gun out and fires it upwards, hearing sirens in the background.

Time to get out of here and back to the cave.

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