Protest Violence

February 24, 2014: A mutant rally turns violent.

Somewhere in NYC.

In downtown New York City.



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In the Middle of New York City

A mutant rally is getting ugly. Carrying on like this since noon, the folks have been here for 9 hours. With both sides screaming at the top of their lungs at each other. It's the normal groups: The pro-muties and the anti-muties are both screamin' bout equality and safety and blah blah blah.

Hundreds of folks in each group stay pretty well calm for the first third of a day, but now as rocks begin to be thrown and the NYPD sends in their SWAT team with the shields and the batons, things start looking worse and worse


The blood curdling scream as someone hits the deck and flails. Blood squirts from their chest inbetween closed fingers and sprays out onto the pavement. After that, all hell breaks loose.

Of course Kurt is in a rally of this kind. He's trying to remain as incognito as possible (with tail tucked in his winter coat), but it's not hard to tell the man is -blue- and fuzzy, should one actually look.

For hours, the Amazing Nightcrawler has been preaching peace. No violence. To keep heated words back and work towards common solutions.. and for hours, he's been hitting brick wall after brick wall.

It's the BANG that sounds that brings the elf's attention around, featureless gleaming yellow eyes searching the crowd even as they begin to jostle after those first seconds of awareness hits. Riot. Screams.

And, in true Wagner form, he's .. not getting bowled over by the crowd, no.


Several rapid-fire teleports are needed to determine exactly where the victim is, and in the next heartbeat, to land at his side…

"Find a spot where we can move him!"

*crunch* *crunch*

"Like," *crunch* "Who needs a gun? At a mutant gathering? Aren't they supposed to be… Like… Organic guns?" Lester looks down on the scene from a nearby rooftop, one hand clutching a bag of peanuts while the other shovels them into his mouth. When Kurt 'bamfs' into action, he sits up a bit, his bored look stretching into something of a grin, "Hmm… Now that's interesting. Wonder how hard it'd be to hit /that/ target…"

For almost fourteen seconds he considers the blue mutant before he shrugs, aims, and sidearm a peanut towards his open mouth as he shouts orders.

On his way back to Westchester after a trip to God knows where, Logan had seen the growing mass of folks while passing on his chopper. Circling around the block, the short man parked his bike and then began moseying on over towards the rally, adjusting his leather jacket as he goes.

Starting to reach into a pocket for a cigar, that's when the gun goes off and the scent of blood starts to fill the air. Growling, the squat old mutant starts running down the sidewalk, pushing his way through the now chaotic crowd none too gently.

Forcing his way close enough to see a familiar fuzzy blue figure, Logan shouts over the noise of the crowd, "Get him to a hospital, elf!"

There's another fuzzy blue creature out amongst the crowd tonight. (Perhaps even a couple more, never know!) Talia's been here for hours, most of it spent in the shadows due to the tension in the air. Where she's spent most of her time, running around without having to hide herself had been okay to do. Around this reality, she's quickly learning that the situation can change in an instant depending on where she happens to be. "It just never changes, does it," she quietly sighs to herself from the fire escape of a nearby building.

Maybe it hadn't been the Tallus that brought her to this timeline, though it's become very clear to her that there's still lots of work to be done here.

The first bang causes her to flinch, flattening herself that much closer along the wall. She's seen this stuff happen before. One definitive spark is all that it takes, like the start of a marathon. She's done this before, taken on worse… Back then it had been with five trusted allies. Kurt's down there, somewhere. For the moment, she's on her own. In perfect silence she leaps off the side of the building and drops to the street below, crouched low as all four limbs launch her forward like an arrow through, and at times clear over, the mass of people.

Kurt finds the victim, a young man who is losing a lot of blood. What side he is one wasn't particularly clear, but he's gurgling and losing consciousness quickly. "It's a mutant! Get him!" Three skin heads approach Kurt with truncheons that must have been held under their coats. Their big and ominous looking.

"Hey! That punk is trying to fling peanuts at a mutant! You some sort of fascist pig?" a man who suddenly grows a pack of needle-like bones from his face. Without warning, the needles jut out towards Bullseye!!!

"Shut the up old man!" A wooden bat comes smashing over Logan's head from behind. The surprise is on the would be mugger, however, as the bat smashes clear in two.

Not far from where Talia Wagner touches down, a group of three mutants are pummeling a pair of human men. The latter are on the ground in a prone position with their hands and knees up trying to defend themselves.

From high above, Daredevil listens to the sounds below. The screaming, the punches, the clanging of metal upon the ground, it all cuts an image into his mind. He takes flight in a swandive, heading downward seeing if might be able to help calm things.

Kurt doesn't catch wind of the peanuts, so one, two may very well *twang* against the back of his baseball cap. It's not of any importance to him; nor does he care who it is he's now kneeling down to aid. Human? Mutant? It doesn't matter.

"Logan, please watch out for TJ! She's out there somewhere!"

Pressing upon the wound with a bit of the guy's own jacket, Kurt murmurs, "You will be fine," in a heavily German accented tone. As he works, there is nothing to help the fact that the elf's hands are being covered with blood, as well as his clothing. "We'll get you out. Just.. take a deep breath and close your eyes."

In the next second, Kurt appears to attempt to lift the stricken victim, and is gone, leaving behind nothing but the stench of brimstone.

Noting the skin heads approaching Kurt, Logan scowls, then opens his mouth to say something—


Being short does put Logan's head in pretty good bat swinging range. Ooof. The unexpected impact staggers the hairy Canadian forward a couple steps with a grunted, "*@#?@!* punks.."

Growling, Logan whirls and takes the couple steps needed to introduce his fist to the jaw of the would-be homerun derby participant while shouting, "Yeah, yeah, I'll find her and make sure she gets out of this. Get the kid out of here, elf!" The feral man grunts again when the evidence of Kurt's disappearance reaches his ears, then turns his head to try and assess things, blue eyes looking for another blue-skinned elfin mutant.

Too much… Just too danged much. Talia can only hope that Kurt's alright out there. He teleports much better than she ever could, he'd move fast so long as he's able to.

As if in answer to an unwhispered prayer she catches the telltale flash of smoke resulting from his bamfing further in the crowd. Okay, he's still on the move… One step at a time, it's all anyone can do! When she comes across mutants ganging up on others nearby there's an immediate shift in her attention, changing direction in a heartbeat as she goes lunging toward the small cluster of conflict.

"Enough!" she blurts out, trying to suddenly -appear- between the two genetic types with hands held outward. Yellow eyes have turned into narrow slits as she glares at the three other mutants. "Has no one here yet realized that problems are never solved by violence?! Don't add to this!"

The yelling and glaring should make her easier for Logan to find, too!

This is definitely not Robin's home turf- which is why he's not here! Tim is, though, because he's in New York for a visit and on his way back to his hotel room he accidentally ended up in a rally. Whoops. His normal sunglasses + convenient hooded jacket (hey, it's February) means he's incognito, but he's somewhere around the outskirts, lingering, mostly trying not to get caught while still unable to resist sticking around.


Canisters begin hitting the floor and dark smoke billows out of them in every direction. All around the canisters, humans and mutants alike begin to cough uncontrollably. Immediately the begin to run away from the epicenter; every where you look, folks begin fleeing.

Down in the middle of it all is a red clad figure who also has to hit the road. Sensory overload.

Looking around, it only takes Logan a few seconds to spy the blue figure of Talia, and then he's pushing his way through the crowd in her direction.

Which suddenly gets a lot easier once there's smoke grenades going off in the middle of the street sending everybody scattering. Grunting a muttered curse to himself, the squat Canadian rushes to TJ's side.

Unless avoided, Logan grabs one of the blue, elfin girl's arms and moves to tug her away from all the chaos, and the smoke filling the air, "Come on, girl, time for us to go. We'll meet up with the elf somewhere."

Teargas. Already? They must have been prepared, it's not like they didn't have the time to as evening came around. At least Talia doesn't have to worry so much about getting pummeled by three of her own, though when Logan materializes out of the crowd and takes her by the arm she very nearly spins about and flings a bolt square at his chest.

The three-fingered hand is open. As are her eyes. Wide open. "Mister Logan—!"

If she feels the need to apologize, it can happen later. One more quick glance is cast back upon the crowd. She wants to help, she really does, but there comes a point where it's well and truly out of their hands. If -Logan- is clearing the area, that means something.

TJ swallows once, nods, and falls in line beside the other mutant. This situation's taken on a life of its own, they can get swept away in it or they can be smart about picking their battles.

Oh, here comes a stampede. Great. Thankfully Tim can sandwich himself into the doorway of a shuttered deli and manages to avoid the worst of the crush. He, of course, has a bare-bones utility belt hidden on his purpose- never leave the Batcave without it!- from which he produces a modular gas mask.

With it pressed to his face, he's able to pass through the rapidly growing gas cloud without any ill-effect, and proceeds, finally, on his way to his hotel and some room service.

The sign that says 'Mutant & Proud' is a souvenir.

Things begin to clear out now, luckily only one injury. Who shot, it's not clear because who got hit is not really clear. Nightcrawler is able to get the guy to the hospital, whether or not he survives is another sort of deal.

Even as the crowd disperses it's not enough to quell any sort of the hatred these two groups have for each other. It hasn't been the first time, and it certainly won't be the last.

The near-zap from Talia simply earns a scowl from Logan, who just makes sure she's coming with him, away from the violent crowd and tear gas, "Nothing more for us to do here, unless you wanna deal with mutant-hating cops. Kurt got the guy to a hospital I'm sure. No telling who shot. Too many people to smell anything." The short man shakes his head a little, still dragging the blue elf along. Spotting an alley that opens onto another street, he moves to head down it.

"I'd really rather not," Talia admits. Keeping pace is no trouble, she's a quick sort. Perhaps not quite as graceful with a Logan hanging onto her arm, but it does make her easier to keep track of. "Let's just get off the streets," she offers both as a suggestion and something of a plea. She'd rather not deal with a riot any more than the police if it can be at all helped!

"Yes, I'd like the angus burger with extra pickles, and can I get colby jack cheese instead of american? And instead of fries, can I have a house salad? Dressing on the side, please. Thank you. Oh, and in the salad, no carrots. Yes. Thanks."

Tim sets the hotel phone back down in its cradle and then stretches out on his luxurious king-sized hotel bed, remote in hand. Oh. They have HBO. Sweet. Time for some Game of Thrones reruns.

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