Supergirl meets mutants

February 25, 2014: Logan gets sent to check on a teenage mutant whose power has manifested. Arrives in time to see Supergirl saving the teen in question from bully violence.

Historic District - City of Metropolis

The historic section of Metropolis still holds a lot of the Danish flavor it had when it was first created. Many of the old Churches and other buildings are still here after all these years; the city was founded in 1644. The homes in this area all give off a European style feel, with a more Victorian architecture than other parts of the city. Efforts to expand in this district have often failed in the City's planning commission. There's a hope that this is where Metropolis can preserve its past.



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No matter how nice the houses are in the historic district, one can always count on teenagers to be scumbags when given the opportunity. These kids can't be older than high school, and from their fashion and, if we're frank, their odor, it's obvious that they're the stoner set. Even stoners can turn to stoning, though!

Granted: it's entirely possible that young Marlene Barlande did not MEAN to fry her boyfriend's hand with her newly manifested bio-electric aura, that glows around her like blue neon. But these kids don't want to hear it. The kids came out to the closed-down shopping mall parking lot to smoke up and enjoy the stars and banter. Now, they're chasing Marlene across the lot. It's dark, but she can't hide. She glows.

One of the teens picks up a chunk of broken asphalt. "MUTIE FREAK!" he screams, and throws it at Marlene from a short distance.

A blonde woman in blue, with a red cape, is suddenly there to catch the rock. Marlene falls over and cowers. The teens are stunned. Supergirl!

Supergirl crushes the rock in her hand. Her eyes glow red. "Are you supposed to be civilized?" she asks, half sarcastic, half incredulous.

A word from Charlie after a bout with Cerebro, and Logan has the Blackbird out for a trip to Metropolis. Really not Logan's kind of city. Everything's too shiny, too new, and way too good to be true.

Leaving the jet somewhere out of the way and taking to foot, Logan makes the trip through the historic district of Metropolis without too much trouble, scowling around at the nice houses while receiving directions through an earpiece, "Yeah, yeah, should almost be there."

A moment later, his conversation turns more urgent, "*$#(@, is she alright? I'm running, #*&@*!@!" Boots thumping against the ground, the feral mutant dashes across the lot when his keen sight spots the glowing girl a few seconds after Supergirl's rock crushing. Slowing, he sweeps a glance across the the gathered teens and Supergirl before gruffly wondering, "The $*#( is going on here?" The old mutant is wearing jeans, cowboy boots, and a leather jacket.

Supergirl's glowing red eyes turn to look at Logan, so quickly that the red dots of her heat vision leave little aftertrails. The Maid of Might puts her hands on her hips. "This girl is in danger. And this unruly mob," she says, turning to the teenagers, "is leaving."

Supergirl gives a minor zot of heat vision to the ground in front of the teens. Just enough to send some smoke up. Despite their usual /love/ of smoke, the stoner teens panic. "Let's get out of here!" one of them yells. So they run, getting out of there, seeking to bypass Logan.

"Don't you get any ideas, either," Supergirl says, pointing at the X-Man. She turns toward glowing Marlene. "Are you all right?"

Flicking looks between the pair, Logan's stance eases a touch when it's apparent the situation is mostly in hand, with the bullying teens leaving. The short old Canadian growls at the stoners, "Ever run into you punks again for a reason like this, you'll all be missing fingers."

He doesn't pay any attention to them beyond that really, hand reaching to tap at his ear, or rather the little comm device tucked away in it, "Yeah, yeah. The girl's alright, I think. Just scared. I'll let you know. Got some costume here."

Stepping closer towards Supergirl and the teenager mutant, Logan says, "It's alright, Marlene. Don't neither of us mean you any harm, y'hear me?" Eyes flicking from the bio-electric girl to the costumed young woman, the hairy fellow grunts, "Thanks, girly. Always nice to be reminded we're not in this fight alone."

Maybe Krypton has social prejudices about short people. (Kara has two inches on Logan.) Or maybe Supergirl finds Logan untrustworthy for some other reason.

"That's /Supergirl/, not 'girly,' thanks," the Girl(y) of Steel notes. "And I'm sorry, /who/ are you?"

Marlene seems more confused than anything else. She's crying and the electricity is making her tears crackle. She stays cowering on the ground of the parking lot.

Supergirl folds her arms, just under the S shield on her chest. Her eyes scan over Logan, feet to head. "And /why/ are you full of metal?"

Logan has had a hundred some odd years to come to peace with the fact that teenage girls are taller than he is. …It's sort of worked. He scowls up at the blonde Kryptonian and grunts, "Alright, Supergirly. Me? I'm a friend to kids like her," headbob in Marlene's direction, "Name's Logan. I got a friend, good guy, Charles Xavier, runs a school."

While answering Kara, the man's attention is mostly on Marlene, and he moves closer to the cowering girl unless stopped, even while continuing his explanation, "The school's a nice place. Safe for folks like us." At the query about being full of metal, the Canadian grumbles, "*$(#*@ costumes…" A heart beat later, he adds in response, "Terrible skiing accident." Which is a pretty blatant lie from the dry way he offers it.

Supergirl slowly frowns after Logan's comment. "I don't know what skiing is. I'm going to look that up and if you're making fun of me I'll remember. Logan."

She turns to look behind herself, at Marlene, who's sitting on her butt and looking at Logan. "p-people l-like… you mean… am am I a—" She's almost muttering, barely able to vocalize. Her voice has an electric buzz around the edges.

"And, y'know, if you leave with her… it's not like you'll be able to hide if you're not on the level." Supergirl points at Logan, casually. "Am I gonna regret it if I move out of the way?"

"Making fun of you? Not on my list of things to do, girly," Logan grunts in reply to the blonde. Once closer to the sitting girl, the squat old Canadian crouches down on the balls of his feet, elbows and forearms resting across his thighs.

Eyes on Marlene, Logan bobs his head in a slow nod, "Mutant? Different? Yep. Hate to break it to you, kid. Ain't the happiest news for a lotta folks, I know. And it don't make anybody's life easier," he pauses with a wordless grunt, lapsing into silence a moment. "But. The school's a good place, if you need somewhere. Help you learn to control it."

Head tilting, he looks aside at Supergirl, remaining crouched, "I'm 'on the level', Superkiddo. Nobody out there gonna really do much to help us long term except us. These kids get forced to put up with a lot of #*$@. Charlie helps get some of them away from that."

"Oh, Goddddd," Marlene says, putting her face in her hands, which makes little arcs of electricity emanate from the points of contact. "My parents are g-going to kill me—!"

Supergirl drifts to one side, watching Logan with the girl. Every time Logan calls her 'girly' or 'kiddo' her eyes widen just a little bit, like she can't believe he just went there. She bites her tongue on it, in any event. Her hands go back to her hips. Even as a no-good teen, she has the iconic Super-poses down to instinct.

"Who's 'us'?" Supergirl asks. Her voice is a bit softer. She seems less hostile toward Logan, and more sensitive, in a vague sort of way, to whatever weird situation is unfolding in front of her with Marlene. She almost certainly does not fully understand the scenario.

The crouching Logan doesn't seem concerned by the electricity arcing around the scared girl, "Your parents are gonna do no such thing, Marlene. They got a problem with you being what you are, they ain't fit to call themselves parents in the first place. You didn't choose this, after all." There's a little pause, a grunt, and then he continues, "Charlie can help talk to them if you're worried. Lots of folks get upset. He's good at explainin #&$@ though, alright? Done research into the science of it and everything."

Giving Marlene a moment to let all of that sink in, Wolverine's attention returns to the cape-sporting blonde standing to the side. There's a soft snort as he takes note of the hands-on-hips stance, "Us? You must not see much news, kiddo. Us is mutants. Folks don't like us much. Apparently you aren't allowed to be special or different unless you fly 'round with a cape, stop bank robberies, and look like you belong on the front of a magazine."

He rocks a bit on the balls of his feet, still considering the costumed teenager, "Charlie's a good sort. Wants to help bring unity and all that, y'know. Believes there ain't no reason folks can't get along if they try and put aside the bigotry and fear."

Supergirl has so many questions she wants to ask! Why don't folks like mutants? Why does this Charlie guy apparently send strange men to grab young women in the night? Why is stopping bank robberies a /bad/ thing, exactly? But she knows that now isn't the time to ask. She grabs the edges of her cape, lingering to the side, uncomfortable but not sure she should just… leave.

"…good," Supergirl finally says, with shaky authority. There you have it: she deems Xavier's mission to be 'good.' It now has the Supergirl Approval.

Marlene, meanwhile: "I just want it to st-stop…" She crackles with electricity again.

Logan for one doesn't seem particularly /bothered/ by the fact that there's supers out there who don't put up with the shit mutants do. A younger, emo-ier mutant might be jealous or something, but it's just the way tings are. Logan's head shakes a bit and he chuckles at the blonde heroine's comment, "Thanks, girly. You ever wanna learn more, try watching the news or doing some research. Maybe when you look up what skiing is, eh?"

His attention drifts back to Marlene, an arm lifting to reach out towards the girl's shoulder, electricity or no, "You gotta calm down, alright? You're safe now. Nobody here to hurt you. You're different, yeah, but we can make sure you learn to control it, alright? It won't always be like this. Take a deep breath for me."

It's rather like touching an electric fence. She's got voltage on her, that's for sure, this young Marlene. She tries to breathe, but she's panicking about something else now—

Both Supergirl and Marlene say, as if they were cued together, "Your hand—!" There's that delicious smell of something roasting.

Okay, so maybe Logan wasn't expecting the voltage to be /that/ bad. Still though, it doesn't get much more than a grunt of pain and curse from him as he draws his sizzled hand back, shaking it. The charred skin is already starting to visibly mend itself, however.

Looking down at it briefly, the old Canucklehead flexes his fingers and then repeats, "..Right. So, like I was sayin. You gotta calm down for me, alright Marlene? Can you try and do that for me?" He holds up the hand for her to see that it's fine. "Just a little jolt, I'm alright."

Supergirl can see Logan's hand healing. She can watch the process on a cellular level, even. Her mouth hangs open very slightly — what the hell kind of weird planet is this.

Marlene is trying to breathe, again. The breaths are deep, but shaky, quivering. "W-Wait," she says. "How do you know my name…?" It's a valid question, and one that probably would have been asked earlier if this girl's best friends had not just tried to kill her due to genetic fortune.

"Charlie, he's one of us. His stuff is a lot more.." Logan's hand comes up, a pair of fingers tapping at his temple, "Telepath. A strong one. And he's worried about mutants, all of us. Sometimes he can pick up when kids have their first bout, you know? Particularly when it's emotional, or they're scared because of it. He picked up on that, sensed you, and sent me out to come looking."

Lowering his hand, he pats himself on the chest, "And so here I am. And thanks to blondie with the cape, you're okay. Scared, maybe, confused, but you're okay, right?" The gruff old mutant looks aside to Supergirl again, "And thank you for that by the way, girly. She didn't do anything to deserve tho
se punks chasing her."

Supergirl seems to regain some of her dignity when thanked. "I— There's no need to thank me. If people need help… I'm here to help." That's the sort of thing Kal would say, right? Kal, the tiny baby who is now a grown man. "But… you can help her more than I can, right now. So — um — it's… good that we're both… helping." Kara has the look written all over her face: this is one of her worst goodbyes.

Then Supergirl slowly takes off into the sky, not even trying to salvage that one. She needs to listen in on more conversations. Get a sense for how people talk in this weird language.

Supergirl is gone, and Marlene slowly gets to her feet, presumably ready to be led off to her fate. "Thanks," she mumbles, hands wrapped around her glowing self, not sure what else to say.

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