A Bamfer's Life For Me

February 28th, 2014: Just what happens in the life of a Bamf?

Around Xavier's

Within the halls and rooms of Xavier's lurks a particularly adorable sort of evil…



  • Bamfs.

Mood Music:

Another day. Darkness. Familiar friend. Close companion. Two round white things and overturned clear thing nearby. Still holds scent. Faint. Reach out, fingers curl around strange small metal thing. Brought close, sniffed, tossed away in disgust. Sounds better striking floor than smells. Grunt at it. It doesn't respond. I win.

Out from beneath low place, gallop across floor, across sideways floor, across overturned floor, stop. Staring down at a messy bignest. Drop. Falling, fun!

Bouncing, more fun! Tumble across cloth, still warm. Blue fur. Not of own. Familiar scent. Another beside headsponge. Tiny, like me. Sleeping. Defensive as drawing near, crouched low, like big brother. Eyes narrow, hunting. Closer, closer, reach out, ready to swipe at—

Bright yellow stare, head pops upright. "Bamf!" Was sleeping, now smoke. Jump back, startled! May have called out. Shake head. No play here.

Jump down to floor. Sound is weird, like rain on glass. Tiktiktiktiktik—door. Like rain indoors beyond. Door not open.


Foggy. Air feels heavy, wet. Fluffy white cloth on floor, feels inviting, but… Movement behind foggy curtain. Walk to sidefloor, cautious, curious. Peer around curtain.



Other yellow eyes turn, stare. Narrow. Fangs, like own. Bigger.

"Gah! Get out of here, you creep!"

Hand comes up, three fingers, like own but bigger, linked by pretty blue sparkles—



Familiar less happy to see me. Back by headsponge. Shake head, clear wet heaviness. Snort. Leap back to floor.


Hallway. Sounds. Vibrations. Elsewhere. Away. Running, still, warm air greeting face. Leap to sidefloor, leap across doorflap as opens, spot head of different familiar on way past—


Hear doorflap close behind, loud, sudden.

"You seriously need a leash on those things, Wagners! I'm two seconds away from calling animal control!"


Go to most familiar. Must be awake by now. Too noisy to sleep. See him sitting. Yellow eyes. Happy to see. -Familiar-

"Hello, mein little freunde."


Look past happy familiar. -Hat.-


Big. Feels loose on head. Funny. Still like. Pointy! Three ends, like hands.

"That is my pirate hat, you silly—"


"Hey! Come back with that!"

Sound far away now. Muffled. In upper layer. Not near.

Noises closer. Vibration. -Food.-



Less familiar see me, startled. Fall onto backside. Paperthings everywhere.

"Watch where you're teleporting, you blue rat!"

Thin yellow thing. Rolling closer. Narrow in hand. Feels right. Like sword. Me sized. Point goes forward. Like big brother. "Bamf!"

"What, are you trying to become a pirate now? That's my pencil, you darned—"


Foodarea. Food!


"Ewwww! What is that!"

"Eugh, GOD, it's that SMELL again! I've just lost my appetite."

Bagel. Bagelbagelbagel—


"What th? That's not your food, you revolting little creat"


Plain. Waitno. Tiny dark purple things? Pick out easy, come into hand. Movement behind. Quickly.

"You! Out of the cafeteria!"

Tiny dark purple things good for throwing.

"Ow..! Quit throwing raisins! Come here, you little—"



Outside. Cold. Pretty. Quiet. Sunrise. More pretty. Hatthing falling off of head. Push back. Drop onto tail Thin yellow thing stuck into cold white blanket. Can wait. Have food.

Have -bagel.-

..Still plain. Not complete. Need something. What..?

"Cream cheeeeese…"


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