Breakfast at Xavier's

March 01, 2014: A few of the grown X'ers share a few minutes in the kitchen.

Xavier's Institute - Kitchen

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Mid-morning in Westchester means most of the Xavier kids are in various classes, which means Logan gets some peace and quiet in the kitchen before they all come down for lunch. Wearing a white tanktop, old jeans, and a pair of cowboy boots, the old feral noses about in the fridge for a bit, dragging out a few things for sandwich supplies and setting them on the breakfast bar in the massive kitchen.

Reaching aside, the canuck snags a remote to flip the tv in the kitchen on and put it on one of the all news channels to idly listen for any mention of the recent fire, explosion, or anything else he might be interested in.

And then it's back to the food, the dark-haired mutant making a sandwich after plopping into barstool at the elevated countertop.

"Good idea." Cal says, standing in the entrance to the kitchen and leaning against the door frame. "Make mine with extra cheese." He can of course smell what Logan's decided to make sandwiches out of and gives the man a grin as he walks over to the fridge as well. Pulling out a couple beers, he goes to sit as well and sets one down in from of Logan. "Anything interesting happening?" he asks with a nod toward the news.

The sudden flare of a stepping disk is unusual, but not unheard of. After all, Illyana graduated some half-dozen years ago or so and she hasn't lived here since then. But she stops in from time to time. Enough so that pretty much everyone can recognize her, even if they might not actually know her. The blonde Russian opens a cupboard and gets a mug so she can pour herself a cup of coffee as if showing up for coffee were part of an everyday routine. Which it's not.

Hearing Cal's arrival before looking over at the younger man, Logan lifts a hand to wave him over, "Hey, Cal. And yeah, yeah." Having just finished his own, the Canadian sets it on a paper towel and to the side before starting the second. With a nod of thanks for the beer, he nudges over the second sandwich for Cal, "Eh, dunno yet. Good work at the fire other night, though. Saved a lot of people." Then there's a new arrival, and Logan looks over to Illyana with his sandwich in hand, chewing a bite before he greets, "Hey, Illyana. Hell, all grown up now, aren't you. How's the college life treating you? Come sit down for a minute." Where Logan and Calvin are having the breakfast of champions, beer and turkey sandwiches.

'Hello Illyana.' Cal says in Russian, looking over at the young woman as she ports in. "Looking for Piotr? I haven't seen him today." It's the most likely explanation for why she's here without havingbeen asked to show up for some emergency or something. Twisting off the cap of his beer, he takes a swig then a bite of his sandwich.

Illyana adds cream and sugar to her coffee around a large yawn. 'Looking for coffee.' Illyana replies in Russian, looking a bit groggy. Illyana doesn't sleep much and when she does it often takes her a while to wake all the way up if there's no adreneline shot. She doesn't answer Logan until she's had her first satisfying sip of coffee. "I hate schedules." She grumbles, presumably about college. "Profs always get so grumpy when you're late."

Taking another bite of his own sandwich, Logan chuckles at the exchange in Russian and then remarks aside to Cal, "Went nosing into an explosion at some research facility the other day. Intuitive Mechanics. Not sure what AIM stole, but might be worth investigating a bit more if the opportunity comes up."

Blue eyes drifting back to Illyana, the old man grins a bit, "Was it any different here? At least at the University, you probably got a better chance of coming up with an excuse than you ever did here, eh?" Logan laughs a bit again, reaching to open his own beer, "Life out on your own treating you good, Illyana?"

"Maybe you shouldn't schedule your classes so early." Cal suggests and manages to keep a straight face as he adds "Nothing before three in the afternoon."

Illyana shoots Cal a look that brings the chill of Siberian winds with it. "It doesn't matter what time of day it is. And University doesn't really understand 'I spend half my time somewhere that time runs differently and they don't synch up well'." Illyana says, finally taking a seat as she wraps both hands around her mug.

"Tell 'em you're working a job to pay your bills or something," Logan offers with a shrug before wondering, "Hell, you should be almost done anyways, yeah? You been away from us for a while, Illyana." Taking a swig of his beer, the old mutant looks to Calvin, "What about you? You're still young. You ever think about getting a degree or something?" Setting his drink down, Logan leans forward on the countertop as he considers the blonde Russian a moment, "How've things in Limbo been, anyways? Know it ain't exactly the happiest of places, but you had any real trouble recently?"

"Then stay in this dimension more?" Cal suggests and this time it's not a joke. "At least during weekdays when you have class." At Logan's suggestion, he snorts. "Everyone is young to you, old man. And I have a degree: humanities with a minor in education. Just not in this reality." He had lots of things 'just not in this reality'.

Illyana can't help a small snort of amusement at the idea of her having a job. "Yeah, I finish at the end of the semester." She answers Logan and Cal's questions together. "I can't leave Limbo along that long. Even when things seem quiet, doesn't mean they are. I'm not gonna let things get bad." Not again. "Five days on Earth is just too damned long in Limbo. See? I do have a job."

"Fair point," the old Canadian chuckles at Cal's comment. "Humanities, eh? Wonder how different our culture is from yours," Logan remarks idly before chowing his sandwich and listening to Illyana speak. The old man grunts at the Russian woman, frowning faintly for a moment, "You know you've help to call on if you need it, Illyana, yeah? All you gotta do is say the word and point us in the right direction."

"Then just takes classes 2 or 3 times a week and stay here from the day before." Cal says. They're almost all MWF or TTh. "That way you're only gone a day and then back a day. It's not like you need to graduate quickly." He considers Illyana with an oddly nostalgic look. "You'd be what? 14 or 15 back home? Piotr wouldn't believe the young woman you've become." That's one difference right there. "Very similar." he answers Logan. "Whatever split them off from each other was recent but I haven't found it. Probably a number of smaller differences on a butterfly effect level."

"Thank you oh wise one," Illyana says with sarcasm to Calvin. "But it's last semester so it's too late to adjust classes which, thank you yes. I've done when I could." Calvin's nostalgia has Illyana giving him an annoyed look over the rim of her coffee. Logan's reminder gets a tight frown and she nods. "I know." Her words are a bit terse, a lot not being said there. She knows that she has folks that would back her up. But she's seen too many of those she cared about die for her. She doesn't need a repeat.

The answer from Cal gets a nod from Logan, though his attention settles on Illy for the moment while drinking his beer, "You know. But I want you to keep it in mind if you do find yourself even thinking you might be in trouble, eh?" Leaning an elbow against the counter, he continues, "Been some craziness going on in the city too, so keep your eyes open, Illyana. And remember you've got a home here. You got plans for after school?"

Speaking of craziness in the city… "I ran into Spider-Man yesterday." Cal tells the others. "He's younger than I thought he would be. And I don't mean his age. I can see why he has so many problems with the press. On the other side of the spectrum, there's a sentient robot running around being a hero. It seems dependable."

"I like to think I consider all my options, Logan." Illyana assues him with a slight smile. Which still doesn't commit her to actually bringing in anyone. Just thinking about it. When Cal brings up the robot she tilts her head to the side a bit. "Dressed in motorcycle chic?"

"Spider-Man? He's a kid. Good kid, but a kid," Logan remarks with a chuckle before frowning at the latter bit. "Robot running around playing hero? Eh. That's gonna be trouble. That /is/ trouble, it just ain't come out yet," the old mutant grumbles before shaking his head and looking back to Illyana, "What, you seen the robot?"

"Is there like to be more than one?" Cal asks but nods. "Yes, that's the one." Logan's comment gets a small frown. "Why is it trouble? Assuming it's telling the truth, it's a refugee from a Soviet AI experimental program. It has just as much of a right to decide its fate as anyone else."

"Eight. Yeah, it was curb-stomping some meth-dealing voodoo guy. Who I currently have locked up in Limbo until I can talk to some of the other magic folks I know of. See if they can burn out his magic so that's not a problem anymore." Illyana says, swirling the dregs of her coffee around in her mug.

"Because there ain't no way to know the thing ain't fucking with you. Even if it is telling the truth, ain't no telling if there's a layer underneath that that it doesn't know about until somebody wants it to kill somebody or something," Logan grumbles on the topic of the robot. "Anyways. That'll come out one or another sometime, don't care, ain't like the thing's coming here." He waves his now empty bottle dismissively before reaching for the the remaining bit of his sandwich.

"Yes, much like other escapees from experimental programs designed to turn people into weapons." Cal notes dryly. "So we'll just have to give it the same benefit of the doubt and help if it needs it. But yes, it's not truly our problem. I suggested it join SHIELD but it refuses to 'belong' to a government again. I can understand its reluctance."

Illyana watches the pair, a smirk curving her lips. Apparently them butting heads amuses the Russian. Too bad for Logan, as he reaches his hand finds only air as Illyana's drug the sandiwch over to her. She takes a bite, giving him her best, sweetest smile. It's obviously fake. Since when does she *actually* smile?

"Cute," Logan grunts at Cal, snorting before he adds, "'cept it's a whole lot easier to add about fifty layers to a robot than it is a person. Is this robot gonna let somebody take a look at his programming and the way he's built?" Shaking his head, he looks to where his hand is finding the lack of a sandwich. Blue eyes cutting to Illyana, he smirks in response to her smile, "You're welcome. And you should come by more often, Illyana. So I'm not stuck lookin' at Cal here all the time and dealing with a bunch of teenagers."

"A sentient robot is also more aware of its various layers than a human, I'd think." Cal says with a shrug. "But I'm not an expert. Until it gives me a reason to distrust it, I'll take it at its word. At least it can hold a serious conversation, unlike Spider-Man."

Logan does get a grin from Illyana, even if it holds a bit too much of a feral edge. "Aw c'mon, was I that bad as a teenager?" She mock-pouts and shrugs at the suggestion. "I'm not a student here anymore. Time to move on, y'know?"

"Might be right. Who knows. And what happened, Spidey didn't hang around for a chat?" Logan chuckles a bit at Cal before grinning right back at Illyana, his own teeth actually having a bit of a feral aspect, the canines sharper than normal. "Nah, you weren't bad, compared to most of them. You've been through shit. Some of the kids here, they're just kids. Can't blame them for that, really." The canucklehead grunts at the last bit, "I ain't a student here myself, you know. There's always a place for you here, Illyana. But. Can't exactly fault you for wanting to be off on your own, either." The old mutant shrugs a bit.

"No, he was unable to talk except in one liners that amused him more than anyone else." Cal answers, perhaps exaggerating slightly. But only slightly. He nods at what Logan says then adds "But you don't have to live here to be on the team either. And you're right, you're no longer a student and it's time to move on. Or move up, so to speak."

"It's good that they're just kids. They should get to hold onto that." Illyana says with surprising empathy from the girl. "Just like Logan said earlier, you guys need me, you know where to find me. But there's too many cooks in this kitchen and I'm too used to being in charge."

"Sounds about right for him," Logan answers Cal dryly before looking back to Illyana. "I agree. Even if they do drive me crazy sometimes. Point still stands, you ain't gotta join the team or nothin', but you should drop by more often, Illyana. Good seeing you, eh?" The old mutant moves to slip off his barstool, "And I hate to leave you two kids alone, but I got some things to take care of."

"Give a girl an army of demons and all of a sudden she thinks she's a general." Cal snorts but it's good humored and he's grinning at Illyana. "It just makes you fit in here better." There's lot of them used to being in charge. Which makes Illyana's point exactly. Logan gets a nod and an offer. "Need a lift somewhere?"

"Well. There is free coffee, which is miles better than the stuff in the cafeteria. Or that my demons make." Illyana gives a little shudder at *that* memory. Nope. No asking the critters to make her a mocha *ever* again. Cal gets a smirk, "I'm a Queen, thank you very much."

Cal's offer gets a shake of the old soldier's head, "Thanks, but I'm gonna take my bike out." Tossing his beer bottle away, into the recycling, Logan wanders back over and if not avoided, he gives Illyana a one-armed hug from the side, "You might be Queen of Limbo, but we're still your family, kiddo. Stay out of trouble." And then the man is heading off for the front of the mansion.

"So am I yet here I am." Cal counters, smirking back at Illyana then nodding to Logan. "Stay out of trouble." he calls then adds in a normal volume "Like that's going to happen."

"There's an X in our genes. I think staying out of trouble is impossible." Illyana notes as she finishes off her coffee. Cal's comment gets a smirk, but no reply as she stands up as well. "I'm gonna ditch before the kids show up." Probably the same reason Logan's leaving! Things to do. Riiiiiight.

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