Pizza Pickup Gone Wrong

March 1, 2014: Wolverine and Nightcrawler get roped into helping Domino with a job. Or not.

Somewhere in NYC

In New York City, outside of a Luigi's Pizza.



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A little time, a little patience, perhaps just a smidge of random luck, and the pieces all come together. The right part of New York City is singled out. The right restaurant is pinpointed. The 'team' is brought together. The Canadian scrapper's covering the ground. Domino and Nightcrawler are hanging from a construction crane not terribly far away, all things considered. There's just a sliver of sunlight left peeking out over the broken horizon, barely able to pierce through the dense urban wall. There aren't too many people around, though it's hardly empty out on the sidewalks and streets.

So, Dom's opted for a suppressor. For what good it's going to do. Kurt may not know his guns, though the monster of a scoped rifle Dom's got braced against the crane's yellow scaffolding and her shoulder certainly doesn't -look- like a non-lethal option.

It's also manufactured in Germany, apparently. There's a '.338' caliber designation to be found, as well.

"So how'd a peculiar little creature like you end up in Logan's good graces, Blue?" the albino asks, her focus dead-level through the rifle's optics as the breath from her soft words mists within the chilled air.

(Come on out and play…)

At one angle, it is somewhat easy to see the blue bamfer as he perches upon one of the iron bar safety 'fences', but at another angle, he is all but invisible to the eye, particularly if viewed out of the periphery. He's still dressed casually, baseball cap upon his indigo-coloured head, his tail looped around the bar beside him loosely.

"Logan is quite good at convincing villagers to put down their torches und pitchforks?" Kurt's response sounds almost airy, as if recounting a joke told over and over. "Und I repay the favour by being his.. 'wingman' at pubs."

The size and scope of the gun doesn't escape the blue elf's notice, however, and he reaches out to poke at it. "I thought you said this wasn't a kill? That could kill an elephant, I think?"

Remarkably, no one seems to notice a large mutant with a shock of white hair; at least the part with him being massively built and half-metallic to boot. No one near, anyway. Nathan Dayspring, born Summers, now called 'Cable' is on the street, his hands tucked into his drover's coat as he walks the sidewalk towards one of now favorite haunts, 'Luigi's'. Pizza.

Across the street from Luigi's, Logan is leaning against the wall of a brick building, wearing boots, jeans, and leather jacket. Having set up for the job with Dom and Kurt up in their perch and himself left on the ground, the old Candian is puffing away at a cigar in the fading sunlight.

And….there's our boy. Hard to miss a nearly seven foot tall, bulky man. Especially when you yourself clock it at just over five feet. Taking a long puff on his cigar, Logan blows out the smoke and slowly begins to walk, moving to the street. Pausing to make sure he doesn't get hit, the canucklehead starts to cross the street towards Luigi's and Cable.

"Wingman. Sure," Dom sourly replies. "Can't say I've seen a lot of torches or pitchforks around the Eastern border, he must have done one hell of a job."

To the tapping of the side of her weapon, she slowly drifts her attention toward the (surprisingly difficult to see) mutant stuck to the crane nearby. "You're going to disrupt my aim." Back to the scope. "I could kill three elephants with it if I lined the shot up right. Hopefully it'll be enough."

There's method to Dom's planning. Cable's used psychic sleight of hand tricks to make himself blend into the crowd before. It's possible that he could slip right past the albino woman, if he had the mind to. Logan might be a familiar face, and he's got a nose like none other. Even if the Timebender is in hiding, the Wolverine should be able to sniff him out. Turns out that she made a good call there, that's two of the three confirming visual on the target. "Got eyes on the mark."

That's not all she's got eyes on. Not too far away is a squad car. Parked. Looks like the two officers are bailing out to step into a diner not far away. The way they're parked it'll take them some extra time to get back to their vehicle. It's a detail which she files away for later.

"So what, you can teleport, disappear right in front of my eyes, and hang from ceilings. You don't strike me as the sort of guy to grow a golden heart."

Kurt shrugs lightly, though now those golden eyes stay focussed on the gun and the woman behind it. He keeps his tones casual, but there is something under them that begins to creep in. "That is not all I can do, fraulein. One never gives away everything. Always keep them guessing."

Soon enough, with Logan on the move, Kurt shifts his focus to his friend with just a swivel of his head, and nothing more. A quiet whistle sounds, "He's the size of Piotr." Three elephants? Sounds about right.

Now, Cable's always got 'eyes'. Mutants, metas, non-mutants and potential threats. Though, in this case, he's also a little interested in keeping the police in sight, for the most part. He's able to catch one, two mutants on the street as they pass and gives them a nod- nor does he 'hide' himself from their eyes, or rather, brains.

Once the door to the restaurant is reached, Nate opens the door only to pause to allow a delivery boy out with a pile of three hot pizzas in a big green delivery bag.

Noting the police car and the cops, Logan frowns to himself around the cigar in his mouth. Well that complicates things just a bit. Particularly for the ground crew. Hm, hm, hm. Making it across the street, the Canadian pauses on the sidewalk, dropping down to one knee to fiddle with the laces one boot for a few seconds while waiting to see what happens. Approaching the guy with cops less than a block away doesn't seem like the best of ideas. Which leaves it to Dom to either take her shot or not. Not gonna get a much better chance than the giant standing there holding a door open.

"Least you've still got some common sense there," comes the softly voiced reply. Only the messed up strings of black hair move in the wind as she follows the white haired mutant's path to the door.

(What the hell are you waiting for, Domino? Once he gets inside there's no telling what's going to happen besides a lost attack window. Take the flippin' shot already!)

A ghostly white fingertip graces the trigger. Hesitates. Just for an instant. As far as momentary attacks of conscience go, she's had much worse.

The delivery boy steps past. Crosshairs settle upon the back of the tall mutant's head. She's just going to have to trust Logan to keep that delivery kid quiet. Time's short for her, and much less so for Cable.

From the crane there's a *THWUMP!* as a large caliber round slams out of the suppressor, its passing only heard as a momentary supersonic *snap!* as it crosses the distance between shooter and target.

It's going to be messy. At least she went with an armor-piercing round instead of a hollowpoint, the wound will be much cleaner by comparison!

"Mark. Teleport!"

Kurt's attention is down with the Canadian now, and he's keeping an eye on the police car; nothing like difficulties with law enforcement. The moment the soft *THWUMP* sounds beside him, those golden yellow eyes widen as he now fully realizes there isn't a tranq in the end of that long barrel. And that bullet that flies? Aimed for the mutant.

Not a kill order?

Immediately, the blue elf looks to Domino, and he hisses, "You lied!" before he coils his tail around her ankle and in the next second, BAMF! down to the street. If he doesn't beat the bullet there, he's pretty damned close to doing so. Enough that

Cable's got the door for the kid making an honest buck, and pushing it a little wider as the kid finally makes it under his arm, he's turning to walk inside. The scent of fresh bread, pasta and pizza wafts out before it mixes with the city air and the distinct stench of sulfur. It seems almost simultaneous when the teleporter appears and the large caliber bullet catches the largest of the Summers' clan right in the back of the head… covering Kurt and potentially Domino with a fair amount of blood and brain tissue.

"Watch out,"

The cry from the German comes too late, sadly, and if there was ever a time when the elf looked mad? Now would be the time, even as Cable, mountain of a man, begins to fall forward, the glass door now catching on his body.

Starting to straighten up, that's when everything happens. The scent of sulphur, pizza, and blood all mingles almost instantly in the feral's senses as the bullet strikes home and the other two mutants BAMF into sight.

Grunting, Logan lunges forwards towards the door, covered with some droplets of blood, though not so much brain matter as the pair who just teleported next to the tall mutant.

"That was not a fucking tranq, Dom!" The old Canadian snarls as he reaches the other mutants, reaching to grab the patch-eyed merc by the arm while looking at Cable, "Shit. Elf, we should probably get out of here. Taking him or no?"

There's no time to so much as verify the shot. Bullets move fast, but Dom's put some considerable distance between her roost and Cable. -Lied?!- "I,"


Suddenly: Gore. From her own shot. There's something that doesn't happen often. She's still partially crouched when reappearing, the rifle at her shoulder, her point of balance suddenly -gone- with the loss of the construction scaffolding.

She's rolled out on the gore-stained sidewalk almost as soon as she reappears, hacking in disgust both from the cloud of brimstone and the jump, itself.

"Omega..level..dammit..!" she hisses. "He's not dead!"

Then, as she makes to stand back up (helped by an angered Wolverine!) there's a distant -WHUMP!- that shakes the ground and sets car alarms blaring for a clear city block. Something just -exploded,- not all that far away. Logan could probably hear the distraught screams, already.

Pale blue eyes wide, Dom looks between the two. "Go, I'll secure this site!"

"He looks quite dead," Kurt spins, glowing eyes flashing with the anger and disappointment of perceived betrayal. "You lied.." and there's a moment when the blue fuzzy elf is more than willing to take the stricken mutant over the trigger-mutant. Particularly with the police nearby. While he doesn't always agree with the justice meted out there, she just shot..

Aaaand, he's an accessory.

To murder.

"Ja, Logan, you're right.. I'll grab them both und.."

The rumble and *BOOM!* from something only a block or so away gains Kurt's attention, and at the moment, he's torn. She can, but he's.. down.. and..

"I'll get him to a hospital, und…"

Cable is down. Down for the count. The blood seeps from the open wound in the back of his head, painted on the door. Those inside now begin to scream, but it's not likely that they'll be running out and OVER the body of the downed mutant anytime soon. Even someone like Nate Summers has vulnerabilities. The single blue eye looks as if it is starting to glass over, even if the man is still breathing, though barely. There is yet life.

"The fuck does being an omega level telepath have to do with a bullet to the skull?" Logan snaps at Dom in a growl, his fingers digging into the pale merc's arm, "We're not go.."

The rumble of the explosion has Logan squinting in that direction at the screams, "The hell was that? Did you set off a bomb, Dom?"

Growling again as he tries to straighten things out in his head and decide how to handle this, the feral shakes his head as the people inside Luigi's start screaming now too, "Goddamnit. Get us out of here. We'll figure something out."

(He's a stubborn little Elf, isn't he?)

The people in Luigi's are absolutely -stunned.- Yelling, panicking, some just staring with eyes nearly as wide as the sizes of the drinks the place happens to serve.

Mutants. Assassination. HERE. This is going to be all over the news. Maybe it's just Domino's luck that's prevented anyone from whipping out a smartphone to take pictures of the crime.

If Dom's luck doesn't continue to hold out, she may well be the next victim here.

That worried stare flashes into an angered one, "A what..? Logan, I've been right here." Then the albino attempts to pin Kurt with nothing but The Look. There's a slight baring of her teeth now, a subtle hissing in her words and breath as Logan's grip digs into her arm. The armored skin's not going to offer much resistance against that.

"Do -you- know this guy at all? 'Cause I sure as hell do! Researching the target is part of the job, Blue! -He's going to live.- He's put -himself- through worse! Twelve hours, if he's not back on his feet and stuffing pizza down his maw same as before then you just come right back and find me. You two already seem to have a knack for doing that! I'll take care of this!"

Given the circumstances and given the two who are talking to him (and each other), the next action is pretty much of a no-brainer for the teleporting elf. He reaches out to take a hold of his friend, and in the next moment? They are simply no longer in front of 'Luigi's, but rather now in the middle of Domino's warehouse on the docks.

"We can wait for her," Kurt gives in explanation. "Assuming the police don't arrest her." Which, from the sound of it, Kurt wouldn't truly be hurt if the albino merc did wind up in more than a little trouble. And, there is the sweet car parked in the warehouse…

Growling, Logan releases Domino's arm, "You could have said he wasn't just a fucking telepath, Dom." Shaking his head, he opens his mouth to say something more when Kurt grabs him and BAMF.

Shaking his head as they appear in the warehouse, Logan grunts, "Fuck that was a mess. She should've told us what she was going to do." Grumbling curses, the old man turns to wander in search of a fridge with hopes there will be beer. "She'll get out fine. The question is, does she come back, or do we gave to hunt her down later."

They're gone. Finally..! "-Shit- that took way more effort than it had any right to," Domino mutters to herself. Just where those two went she doesn't know. She doesn't even care. If she guessed the teleporter right, they'd both be searching out for that explosion right now. As it is, her time's limited. The clock's started some time ago.

From her combat webbing comes a small cylindrical device, brought around in her left hand as she crouches low over the downed mutant. "Hiya, Nate," she says to the body with a lopsided grin, the device emitting a high-pitched whine as she deftly jabs it against the metal side of his neck.

The whining sound changes pitch, tiny sparks shooting out from around the drill bit as it starts boring through the cybernetic exterior which covers half of the man's body. It takes seconds for her to get through, and to get what she ultimately came here for.

A blood sample.

"Next time I'm opening a free clinic," she sighs as the filled vial gets tucked away.


(Right on time.)

The two returning officers never know what hit them. The few shots they manage to get off miss completely. Then they're on the ground, in pretty bad shape. Then she's at their car, still only seconds away from when the pair had teleported out. She busts out the window and reaches for the CB inside.

"Car 91 reporting a Code X on Christopher Street. A wanted Omega level has been spotted, requesting immediate SRD support."

Logan and Kurt will find more than enough alcoholic goodness to raid at the safehouse. Cable will find himself up against some serious firepower once he comes to. And Domino? She's going to flee the Tri-City area in a stolen vehicle with a sample of material that's worth a helluva lot more than the explosive charge she had set up as a decoy earlier today.

Not bad, as far as jobs go.

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