Cable With the SRD

March 3, 2014: Nathan Dayspring, Cable, wakes up from a lucky shot to the back of his head. He's not too lucky at the moment…

Undisclosed SRD Location
A windowless bare cell lit by recessed lighting.


Cold, hard floor.

It's the first conscious thought that moves through the mind of the telepath as he lies motionless. It's an easy thought; physical surroundings first. Threat assessment.

How long?

While unconscious, his body took over the healing process, knitting all the bits of flesh together where it had been so harshly insulted by a large caliber bullet. To the back of his head. Now, as he begins to regain consciousness, there are other considerations that now present themselves.

Cold, hard floor.

Where is he?

Slowly, Cable begins to sit up, and as he does so, realizes that he is in a basic orange jumpsuit. Gone is his clothes, his coat. Pushing himself to a seated position with a grunt, he's got his back against the wall to give him some support. Now he can begin to take stock while trying to ignore the pounding headache that is, remarkably, housed right at the site of injury.

Bleary-eyed, Cable blinks once, twice, and begins to reach out to see if he can't figure out where he is telepathically, only to grab at his head again, both hands cradling it as the pain of the headache stabs into his brain.


Further down the hall in a monitoring station

It's a small windowless room, specifically built to monitor the few special cells that the containment facility runs.

"Hey, he's waking up."

There is a little excitement that surrounds the monitor that is dedicated to the telepath's cell. Two men gather round, staring in curiosity, very much like one looking into a glass cage of a dangerous predator at a zoo.

"Doesn't look like much, does he?"

"What the hell are you smoking? He'd snap you like a twig." The main operator shakes his head before he picks up a phone. With a three digit push of the keys, he passes the message on, "He's awake."

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