20140310-Team Discussion

March 10, 2014: OOC Discussion about JLA/Avengers

The Strip

Mobius' staff office.



  • Mobius (Staff)
  • Vertex (Staff)
  • X-626 (Staff)
  • Tangent (Staff)
  • Tautochrone (Staff)
  • Eccentricity (Staff)

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Mobius says, "Right, so!"

Mobius says, "Basically the point of this is to get player input about the future of the Avengers/JLA. What I want to know is your thoughts on how they should be organized (two groups. One.), whether they should be secretive, government-backed, dark, heroic, etc."

Shakespeare says, "Thou art a puking dizzy-eyed dewberry!"

Pi sneaks out. "I'm a mutie plotter." :)

Mobius says, "Keeping in mind that, if the groups are seperate, we want to see a significant difference between the two."

Pi says, "(And going to crash way early!)"

Pi heads out to The Strip.

Pi comes into The Strip from The Strip.

Shakespeare says, "Thou art a surly half-faced moldwarp!""

Mobius dies.

ぁ: Eight has arrived via 駧.

Shakespeare says, "Thou art a goatish ill-breeding clack-dish!"

Thor says, "I can see the Avengers filling kind of a halfway role there."

Thor says, "Sort of the government's dirty little secret task force."

Pi says, "Dammit. Mobius!"

Pi heads out to The Strip.

Pi comes into The Strip from The Strip.

Shakespeare says, "Thou art an errant pignut!""

Pi heads out to Staff Nexus.

Mobius loves his office.

Bruce Banner ponders, "I would be okay with either one group or two, but it would be two separate approaches. A one team group would be sort of all the top power superheroes all thrown into a single mix and relatively less firmly organized, more like a network than a full team, perhaps with subsquads within the overall structure. If we go separate teams, then yes, a darker, more black opsy Avengers and a public, more bright and shiny JLA makes sense.

Vertex heads out to Staff Nexus.

Thor says, "The Justice League always struck me as a 'community service' sort of group, yeah."

Mobius nods. "That's the general feel we seem to be getting, yeah."

Bruce Banner says, "And, as I think I've said to a couple of people, I really want to find a way to sort of break the canon grip. As in, not have the usual rosters."

Amora says, "I rather like the two team approach myself."

Glyph is Experiment-626. Sits in and logs.

Bruce Banner says, "Which I think the tonal thing could help. For example, I think Thor would be more of a JLA type hero, whil, say, Green Arrow or Batman would be more Avengersy."

Amora says, "Even though the JLA and Avengers do have similar motivations and what not."

Calvin Rankin nods to Bruce.

Thor says, "Damnit Banner, get out of my head."

Bruce Banner says, "Oh, like it's hard having two people in your head. >_>"

Eight says, "So a "superhero union" vs a "superhero taskforce.""

Thor says, "Well played, Banner."

Thor says, "For me it's a question of internal conflicts vs. external ones. The Justice League exists to protect Earth from aliens, invaders, what have you. The Avengers exist to protect the Earth from herself."

Tony Stark sees the JLA as the bright and shiny group of heroes, and the Avengers as more of an Expendables type team. You could go with two teams, or make the Avengers a subset of the JLA. But then you start squabbin' about who leads, and why and so on and so forth.

Mobius says, "And also Loki. :P"

Eight says, "So where do the guardians fit in?"

Mobius says, "GotG?"

Eight says, "Da."

Eight says, "if the JLA are "earth level" threats, isn't that also the GotG?"

Shakespeare says, "Thou art a unmuzzled full-gorged barnacle!"

Bruce Banner says, "Do we have enough cosmic type chars to justify a GotG?"

Amora says, "Right now, no."

Eight says, "Right now, no."

Eight says, "It pays to think ahead though."

Bruce Banner says, "Then I'd say, worry about it down the line, although you could always make the Guardians a space-centric subset/satellite group off the JLA proper."

Glyph says, "I'm inclined to leave the GotG to a group app process later down the road."

Amora says, "Right now let's just stick to the subject at hand…"

Thor says, "Seconded, Glyph."

Tony Stark says, "But we know come July/August if we're public and people know we're here they'll show up all wanting to be Groot or Rocket.."

Amora agrees with Glyp.

Amora says, ""

Bruce Banner nods, "I agree, let's not overcomplicate by looking too far down the Yellow Brick Road.

Tangent begins winding up his box, exposing his middle finger

Eight says, "That other game already has a Rocket."

Tony Stark says, "Exactly."

Tangent says, "Oh, i didn't know how this machine worked"

Tangent says, "honest"

Mobius says, "Yeah. We don't have too many cosmic chars, and — my fellow staff feel free to correct me — I think we're generally thinking about keeping us focused on Earthbound characters for the beginning."

Thor says, "It'd keep things simpler."

Thor says, "Plots more relatable, too."

Glyph says, "MOre or less, yes."

Tony Stark says, "I agree, though. It'd be like starting off the game and trying to explain what the hell Beta Ray Bill is."

Mobius nods.

Gambit says, "Sif's boyhorsefriend."

Gambit says, "Easy one."

Thor says, "Or having plots that people on the street literally cannot get involved in."

Eight says, "I think a even very rough sort've loose organizational chart for overlapping responsibilities and seperate focuses would be helpful going foreward."

Mobius says, "Back to the Avengers/JLA, though… If the majority want to go with threat level, that's fine, but I'd prefer to focus more on a seperation based on Tone."

Thor says, "Gritty vs. Classic?"

Eight says, "We're going to have a certain degree of overlap."

Tangent would tend to agree with that, Mobe

ぁ: Shift has arrived via 駧.

Shakespeare says, "Thou art a mewling guts-griping bladder!"

Tangent says, "I'm for having them as one group, but I think the difference would be tone if there's a separation."

Natasha Romanoff says, "I prefer a separation based on Tone."

Bruce Banner says, "I don't think you necessarily want to say "Thou shalt only join one" either. As you said, more a matter of tone and the kind of adventures you get into."

Amora stares at Shakespeare.

Bruce Banner says, "Batman, for example, -can- do very bright and shiny RP, but fits in very well in darker stuff, too. Same with Cap."

Thor says, "Well. That's a rabbit hole of how you wanan write them, Bruce."

Glyph says, "I agree, Bruce. I don't think they have to be exclusive. But, I do think characters may occasionally face conflicting duties as a result… which is all to the good RP."

Calvin Rankin likes the ide of the JLA as being he Boy Scouts and the Avengers a government task force (to use extreme examples).

Amora raises a hand.

Thor calls on Amora.

Eight likes the idea of the JLA being international global sorts of worries, vs the Avengers who're an American taskforce funded by Shield.

Tangent says, "Separating by tone (to play devil's advocate) might rob folks of some of the conflict that comes along with having guys like Batman and Superman in the same group."

Gambit says, "The people's protectors vs the govin'mint's strong arm?"

Amora says, "Oh nevermind. My statement is off topic, I realized. :)"

Bruce Banner says, "I have some very particular, personal to my char issues about being affiliated with gov't or SHIELD, but that's my cross to bear."

Calvin Rankin nods to Gambit.

Mobius says, "That's a good point, Tan."

Eight says, "The American protectors, vs the JLA."

You say, "And Tangent, only if a specific persond oesn't want to do both roles."

You say, "Batman could certainly do both."

Thor says, "Well- we can reconcile that, Tangent. Just because a group's /tone/ is generally Gritty doesn't mean someone can't join the group as a White Knight type."

Mobius says, "That's true as well."

Tony Stark says, "We could play the JLA like NATO and the Avengers like Zero Dark Thirty."

You say, "It's easier for a dark hero to play shiny knight than the reverse."

Eight says, "The fun about cutting the JLA and the Avengers into different "governing bodies" is having the two teams coming into conflict over resolving things."

Eight says, "And if there is some even unofficial degree of competitive nature between the two, people switching teams could make for great RP."

Mobius says, "Yeah, I look forward to the Gov't backed group turning up to a crisis to find the black ops group already there and going… 'Da fuq?'"

Thor says, "滩 to Shift."

Bruce Banner always likes the Authority method, of a group of superhumans unbacked by any government, just doing what they think is right because they can. Try and stop us. :)

Eight says, "We could break it down into cleaner camps. Kill vs nokill."

You say, "One group could always have a darker strike force as well not generally known. Maybe not even by the others of the group."

Eight says, "Your deadpools, Wolverines, Punishers ect."

Mobius says, "So, let me just make sure I'm following."

Shift says, "Seconded, Eight. That could easily be a defining piece to each group, more at the heart of who they are beyond 'what they do and for whom and in what official capacity'."

Gambit says, "I like that also Banner that is my take on what the JLA would be as opposed to the Avengers being backed/formed by SHIELD as someone earlier stated."

Mobius says, "We want two groups, that's a definite, yes?"

Thor says, "Yes."

Calvin Rankin nods.

Bruce Banner says, "Seems to be so, yes."

Eight says, "Yes."

Tony Stark is good either way.

Shift says, "Yes, I think two groups is a benefit."

Eight says, "Atleast 2."

Shift says, "Especially considering how iconic each group is."

You say, "Also, one large group is more a social club than a team."

Tautochrone says, "Basically, I would think the thought would be"

Tautochrone says, "'Can I run this many people in a scene comfortably'"

Mobius says, "Okay. That said, we're stuck a bit on how to divide them. So far we've looked at Tone (gritty vs heroic), Threat Level (Internal vs External), kill policy, and government backing, right? Did I miss anything?"

Bruce Banner says, "The social club instead of team thing I think works better for X-folks. A total side issues but I'd rather have a massive m utant based group with competing philosophies within it, rather than eveyrone running around poking each other in the eyes. But I like IC philosophical debate. :)"

Eight is more than comfortable figuring out some shadowy corner of the US specwarfare world to base the Avengers or similar taskforce out of if we want to create a "kill" goodguy group.

Thor says, "Eight, I think that's thinking a bit far down the road."

Thor says, "Let's focus on Avengers and JLA."

Eight says, "i was thinking about the Avengers, actually."

Eight says, "DIA's AWG stuff ect."

Thor says, "…you know, we /could/ just break them up naturally."

Thor says, "I mean, just let RP kind of drive who ends up where."

Bruce Banner nods, "I agree, I'd say start with a group and if dark people end up wanting to go darker, and there's a schism, let it happen.

Amora likes how Thor thinks.

Eight says, "That could be hyper messy and take a prolonged period of time to achieve."

Thor says, "You in a hurry?"

Tony Stark says, "So be it."

Experiment-626 says, "They're all fairly interconnected issues, however. How we set up AVG and JLA will impact how we setup the Xers or Titans or anyone else. What we're looking for is a good framework on which to hang stories, even if it perhaps pushes characters to reevaluate their bg and connections."

Tony Stark is all for the Avengers not even existing yet.

Eight says, "It must be done in 22 minutes."

Natasha Romanoff says, "I really like the idea of origin-plots we can play."

You say, "A framework is good."

Bruce Banner nods, "But I have heard some talk that the Titans want to already have an established history together, so they can play grown-up ex-sidekicks rather than stuck being teens again. Just FYI.

Eight says, "Thats not hard Bruce."

Mobius will probably focus a discussion on the Titans later or tomorrow depending on the time.

Experiment-626 nods. "I think AVG and JLA is a good start."

Mobius nods.

Mobius says, "So, we like the idea of letting it break apart ICly through RP, then?"

Mobius says, "Does that mean we want to go back to one group and see what happens?"

Mobius says, "Or rather…"

Mobius says, "Before you answer that."

Mobius says, "Let me tell you what we, as staff, have sort of decided about groups."

The laws of reality seem to have given the area in this office a pass, for here is the impossible domain of Mobius. On and on the walls seem to stretch, until you meet an odd bend where they fold back in on themselves at impossible angles and loop around into a neverending room.





Natasha Romanoff





Calvin Rankin

Bruce Banner

Tony Stark




<O> leads to The Strip.

Mobius says, "First, we don't a horde of cookie-cutter groups. Each one needs to fill a specific purpose otherwise they begin to stagnate as we have fifty or so groups with one or two people in them."

Mobius says, "We also don't want a repeat of the Avengers/JLA/X-Sphere getting huge and then… Stopping. We will probably be hitting groups with Staff run RP when we feel they need their cobwebs cleared away."

Mobius says, "We don't want to see HQs used as homebase. If you have enemies and a place you centrally locate, there's a very good chance people are going to bust down your door and make a mess."

Mobius says, "Not all the time, of course, but it can happen, and you need to be open to that."

Thor says, "I'm ok with all of that, Mobius."

Calvin Rankin nods.

Experiment-626 says, "Basically, it's all about keeping the game moving."

Shift would love to see the Avengers formed ICly through RP.

Natasha Romanoff says, "I've heard some of the JLAers say the same thing."

Eight agrees.

Amora is good with it, too.

Mobius says, "So that said… back to my question. Are we looking at having one group and letting them split down the middle naturally? Keeping in mind that that split will still be subject to the same rules. They will need to fulfill to seperate roles. And no, I don't think 'arbitrarily decided group A' vs 'arbitrarily decided group B' is a reasonable division of roles."

Mobius says, "Or… That. Have them both form ICly is always viable."

Thor says, "That second thing. RP."

Gambit says, "Need a Nick Fury to start recruiting."

Thor says, "With the text and stuff."

Thor says, "Where you type and people type back."

Experiment-626 says, "Staff can always provide Nick, if necessary. Or someone else."

ぁ: Tim Drake has arrived via 駧.

Shakespeare says, "Thou art a vain earth-vexing gudgeon!"

Tim Drake says, "Hiiii."

Natasha Romanoff says, "Hey."

Tim Drake says, "I'm on break at work, so you guys have me for about 15."

Bruce Banner wants Waller instead of Nick, but that's just his personal prejudices. :)

Eight says, "A nick indeed would be helpful,some folks will need to be "sold" on assisting."

Tony Stark looks around, whistling, having no idea what you mean.

Bruce Banner just finds Nick Fury boring. :P

Amora says, "I really think this should happen via RP."

Mobius recaps for Tim. "Basically, we seem to be leaning towards letting the JLA and Avengers form naturally ICly, keeping in mind both need to fulfill seperate and distinct roles.

Eight says, "He only has one eye man."

Tim Drake says, "Anyone mind paging me and"

Natasha Romanoff says, "I like starting everyone from scratch and playing the origins for both teams. I think it gives this game it's own canonical history we can point to and say, "SEe? THere's the log!""

Tim Drake says, "nvm"

Amora vastly prefers the organic way of letting things happen that way over just up and deciding 'this is how is it done and always have been', usually.

Shift has considered apping Nick, would be up to the task but is worried his RL won't cooperate.

Experiment-626 says, "Nick probably works as a plot npc, for now."

Tim Drake says, "Yeah, I've spoken a bit with Avengpeeps, the idea of forming on grid has been tossed around."

Shift says, "Agreed"

Thor says, "I think Amora hit the nail on the head."

Calvin Rankin nods.

Tangent says, "I'll tell y'all this"

Mobius says, "Possibly a support? We haven't really worked out the details for support chars yet, but… Well, anyway. That's a different discussion."

Eccentricity chimes in. "I'm personally all for letting this place find its own direction rather than starting off of the same foundation of every other similarly themed place. We have our own world, let's give it its own history."

Tangent says, "I just spent two years building a group, someone else is gonna have to help this time around for the JLA"

Tangent says, "Because I'm exhausted with half my scenes being to recruit folks."

Bruce Banner says, "I love that idea, let's not go with preconceived stuff and just see where the RP river flows, man. Groovy."

Shift says, "If we go the organic route it might be good to have another conversation like this when the new group is close to being formed."

Mobius says, "Agreed."

Tim Drake says, "I'm going to be focusing on getting the Avengers off the ground once Cap hits IC."

Thor says, "Seconded."

Bruce Banner says, "When we get alts, I can have Dr. Strange help with JLA stuff. He's much more suited to that than Avengers."

Experiment-626 nods.

You say, "Unless it's American government funded? Let's consider JLI? Just a thought."

Shift says, "Because A LOT can change between now and then."

Experiment-626 says, "My intention is to open alts as soon as CG is done."

Mobius says, "Alright… So… Is there anything else anyone wants to discuss about the Avengers/JLA specifically?"

Eight says, "I like the UN vs NATO thing."

Bruce Banner says, "Or just "Justice Leage" and forget the third point of the acronym. :)"

You say, "Or that."

Thor says, "Yeah, I'm with Bruce."

You say, "Or Society :)"

ぁ: Roy Harper has arrived via 駧.

Shakespeare says, "Thou artan artless dizzy-eyed flax-wench!"

Amora belatedly agrees with Shift. Another meeting would be a good idea… and is with Bruce, too.

Mobius recaps for Roy. "Basically, we seem to be leaning towards letting the JLA and Avengers form naturally ICly, keeping in mind both need to fulfill seperate and distinct roles.

Mobius says, "And also having another discussion once we get to that point."

Mobius says, "So again… Anything else we want to discuss about the groups?"

Roy Harper says, "Hmmm. WOuldn't it be easier if you just say certain teams have existed in the past, then something happened (disassembled, Breakdowns, whatever) and currently there are none?"

Thor says, "I'm good here."

Roy Harper was using the same reasoning for why there'd be no Titans now.

Eight is good.

Experiment-626 says, "Perhaps we can make the next meeting an OOC event so people can plan for it."

Thor says, "Cool."

Gambit says, "Requirements maybe."

Thor heads out to cut down on spam then.

Thor says, "Good talk, folks."

Tim Drake says, "That'd be good. I need to head back out onto the floor soon."

Roy Harper says, "Okay. I see I missed a crapload. :D"

Mobius says, "Oneeee sec."

Thor haaaaaaaangs on.

Mobius says, "Okay."

Player Name On For Idle Doing

Mobius says, "Yeah, sorry about that Roy."

Mobius says, "You pretty much just missed it. Someone can probs fill you in?"

Roy Harper says, "Yeah, was thinking the same thing would have applied for Titans. I was just commenting on that before I had to go home"

Eight heads out to The Strip.

Eight comes into The Strip from The Strip.

Shakespeare says, "Thou art a bawdy dizzy-eyed giglet!""

Calvin Rankin could capture the convo and post it.

Eight says, "Tasha!"

Roy Harper says, "Danke."

Amora says, "Thanks for the talk."

Natasha Romanoff says, "Hello, Eight."

Mobius will teleport you all back.

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