The Family Bamf

March 17, 2014: Kurt, Talia, and a couple of Bamfs lurk within the darkened streets for Saint Patrick's Day.

New York City

Somewhere within Manhattan…



  • The Bamfs

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Saint Patrick's Day in the city. Well, more night at this point. The Wagners are stuck to the side of a building, enjoying the show with a Bamf apiece. Talia's apparently teaching hers to do tricks for blue raspberry flavored marshmallows, tossing one into the air for the small blue teleporter to leap, catch, and bamf back to the wall, munching happily.

The next one tossed goes into her own maw, glowing yellow eyes merry as she enjoys the evening.


The elder Wagner is, yes, settled on the side of a building, gleaming yellow eyes bright in the night. The marquis for the various theatres are brightly lit, purples show, greens, and yellows giving his blue fuzz something of a colourful play. His own bamf sits upon his shoulder, it's own eyes glowing as it looks at those marshmallows that the Wagnerette has.. and is sharing with his brother.


The bamf teleports out, catches a marshmallow destined for Talia's own mouth and teleports back to Kurt, looking so very pleased with himself.

"That wasn't nice," Kurt remonstrates, looking sideways at his little companion. "Apologize."


"Yes. Now,"

"Bamf.. bamf.."

"No, it's not her fault.."


Out goes the 'mallow, back goes Teej's head, eyes narrow to slits, and"Hey! It wasn't your tuoooh, you little brat…"

Glowy eyes narrow into slits in the shadows, positively staring at the guilty Bamf. "All you had to do is ask."

Another mallow comes out, armed within her broad fingers before she makes to flick it at the guilty one's forehead. Instead it triggers her 'pet' Bamf into making a move for it. It -is- his turn, after all! The guided shot disappears from the air in a puff of deep purple smoke.

Either one Bamf just spared the other, or she just triggered a skirmish between the two pudgy little rascals.

"I'm gonna need more marshmallows… And quite possibly some Tylenol."


Kurt reaches to take hold of the guilty-party's tail when the next 'mallow starts flying, but he's too late when the first *bamf* hits, followed by the second a split-second later. They both appear, and seem to collide midair, each reaching for the tasty treat…. and begin to plummet, locked in that mortal (for bamfs) combat, rolling over and over to try and gain possession.

"Tal— oh, no." While Kurt may be aware of the revelers down on the streetlevel, the bamfs may not be, or more accurately, they probably really won't care as that bit of sweet is the only thing on their little minds.


On one hand, Talia's tempted to say 'oh relax, they'll be fine! You got thrown off of a ravine and you turned out alright!'

On the other hand, she can picture those two brats ending up on the evening news.

Two more treats are armed in her palm, whistling down to the pair before she tosses both of them straight up into the air. Up and -away- from the crowd.

Bamf Control 101: Send the treats in the direction you'd like them to go, then stand well clear.


Kurt can easily see the two falling on the tops of the revelers' heads and make the evening news without any difficulty. Particularly if the bamfs work out the fact that there is alcohol in great abundance there.

The moment Talia launches the 'mallows into the air, a shrill whistle comes from Kurt, which brings the pair's attention up— and just before they reach the level of the top of a lightpole, there is a rapid-fire *bamf*bamf*, announcing their departure, and reappearance just above the sugary sweetness.

"Good idea.. but perhaps we should bring them home before they discover—" and he points down with one of his three fingers.


"Hey, it was your idea to bring them here in the first place, you doof," Talia counters with a silly smirk.

It's followed with a circular motion of her hand akin to 'wind it up!' or something they might use to guide aircraft around a runway. "Form up, little dudes! We're going back to Wagner Country! Before you get us all busted," she adds in a quiet mutter to herself.


"So hey, I've been thinking about getting a car…"

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