An Offer She Can Refuse (But Doesn't)

March 19, 2014: Cal invites Lunair to be a student at Xavier's and she has her interview.

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<Insert RP Scene here.>It's been several days since Mimic took Lunair to the Danger Room for a real work out. And then she gets another call to meet him at the park. They arrange a time and he's there, waiting in the tree as last time to avoid being a public spectacle.

Tree! Lunair remembers the spot. She's rested up since then and thought about things. She brings a drink with her, sipping as she walks to the appointed place. Unless instructed, she doesn't come along with armor. Although, she glances up to the tree. And waves. "Hello there!"

"Hello." Cal replies and then BLINK. They're both on the roof of Macy's. "It makes talking privately easier. he explains and gives her a smile. "So how are you doing?"

BLINK! Lunair's going to get used to that some day. "I understand," She smiles back. "It's a nice view," Lunair peers over the edge. "I've been well. How are you?" She tilts her head. She takes another sip of her drink.

"Glad to hear it." Mimic says. "I"ve been good too. ANd wondering what you thought of the training the other day. Not just the experience itself but your analysis of your own performance."

Lunair nods. "That's good, I'm glad to hear it." She pauses, going quiet. "I think I could do a lot better. I rarely deal with opponents that tough. I honestly feel mostly disappointed," She admits, furrowing her brows. "But it was quite a workout," She offers. "Definitely intense."

"I think you can do a lot better too." Mimic agrees but there's no disappointment or condemnation in his tone. "But I think you did fine considering you went into it cold, with no idea what to expect, and with no idea what you faced was even possible. I'm pretty sure a second time would show a marked improvement."

Lunair both winces, then smiles. "I see. Thank you," She nods. "And yeah, those things were positively Lovecraftian, but without the racist allegories," Her nose wrinkles. She pauses. "I think so. I thought about it, and especially now I know that they hate fire more than explosions. Lasers are a close second though," She admits. "But that must be horrible for you to talk about?" It's an awkward way of realizing he's probably traumatized.

"It's not so much hate as napalm sticks and stays burning." Mimic points out. "There's a reason I chose that over a regular flamethrower. They're well armored but they do have vulnerable points. Energy weapons work better than projectiles but something area effect was called for and that huge one was slowing you down." At the last comment, he pauses. "Killing them is one of my favorite things to do." is all he says on that subject. "So would you like to try again?"

"Also, that," Lunair replies. She tilts her head. "Yeah, it was. And I see. I can give it a shot, sure. I'll grab my armor this time, though," She offers with a wry smile. "Because they weren't reaching to give me a hug," She considers.

Calvin Rankin nods at the assessment. Hug, no. Sting, yes. "Glad you're up for it. But actually, I didn't mean today but in general. In fact, I'm wondering if you'd like to be able to train like that on a regular basis."

Stinging is bad. "Oh! Alright," She looks duly abashed. Lunair looks to him. Thinks a moment, eyebrows furrowing. "That would be pretty intense, sure," She smiles. "Do others do something like that often?" She asks.

Mimic nods and there's a bit of a smile. "Oh, yes. All the time. In fact, there's a whole school with people just like us and they all receive training in how to control their abilities and how to use them to be as effective as they can be."

Lunair smiles as he does. "Really?" She tilts her head. "Huh. I meet a few people with odd abilities but not many," She admits. "Usually just average humans," Lunair ponders this. The same ones who think of her as very odd. "Do you have to be - have a certain kind of ability or anything?"

"No, you just have to not be human." Mimic answers but adds after a moment "Not counting aliens and other species such as Atlanteans. Basically, those who need help and or a safe haven."

"I see," Lunair replies. "Or not entirely but kinda close enough to human? I mean, I can pass okay until I pull a weapon out of nowhere. I know lots of folks stick out more and people - don't like that much. Even if you're just a fighter, they look at you like a predator."

Mimic nods his agreement. "Exactly. As a predator. Dangerous. To be feared and hated. That seems to be a common thread in this reality." That last is more of a grumble to himself instead of toward Lunair. "Would you be interested in attending such a school?" And now he gets to the heart of the matter. "You obviously have your abilities under control but as you realized, you can do better with training. And you'd be among people like you. It's also an accredited college so you can get a degree there. Although depending on what you choose to study, a lot of it is self guided."

Frown. She knows that sentiment all too well. Although, at his grumble, Lunair looks curious. "Huh…" On one hand, on the other. She is already pretty wealthy. Lunair looks thoughtful. "I see. Do you have botany then?" Grin. "That doesn't sound bad. I'm part time at most anyway, due to - stuff." Being a mercenary. Ahem. "It sounds interesting. I - will - sure."

"It's more of a two year college." Mimic explains. "So botany… Well, you can certainly get a grounding in the basics if that's what you were interested in. The credits will transfer." As she makes her decisions, he smiles. "Good. What exactly are your current living arrangements? It's not here in the city so you can either live on campus or commute."

"Ah," Lunair nods. "That's alright. I was mostly doing it out of interest," She admits. "I like gardening." Which is an odd hobby considering her murderous job. Lunair pauses. "I live in an apartment here. I am fine either way, I guess. I hadn't thought about it. How far is the commute?" Although, ugh, traffic…

Mimic needs to think about that, given commuting isn't an issue for him. "I think it should take about an hour without traffic." Which means that with traffic, it's HELL. "Most people find it better to live there and commute into the city for entertainment when they want."

Lunair's face wrinkles. And then there's campus parking and … "I guess I'd better see about living on campus. Traffic around here kind of sucks," She admits. "And I don't have a cool blinky power," She remarks. "It shouldn't be hard to let go of the lease. It's almost up anyway."

"Okay." Lunair seems uncertain about this interview business. But few people really sail threw them. Her eyebrows lift as she's talked about. It's such an odd feeling, really. Then suddenly, *BLINK*. Her eyes stay wide. She's going to get used to that sometime. Probably soon. Ish.

Charles sits at his desk quite passively, the window behind him filled with light. As Mimic and Lunair appear before him, he looks up, then smiles at the two- the expression not quite as surprised as one might expect.

"Hello, Calvin," he says to the man. Wearing a dark turtleneck and a tweed jacket, the Professor looks more like a college instructor than mutant. "And who is this lovely young woman?" he inquires, looking at Lunair. "The one you've been telling me about, I assume?" He smiles kindly at Lunair. He knows who she is, obviously, but there's an implicit invitation to let her introduce herself- or be introduced.

"Have a seat." Cal suggests, motioning Lunair to one of the chairs in front of the desk. He himself goes to sprawl on the couch, implicitly removing himself from the situation.

Huh. Lunair pauses. She blinks owlishly, before smiling politely. Hopefully it's all positive reviews. She glances to Calvin, nodding as he tells her to have a seat. She takes one of the chairs in front of the desk. "I - think so." She has no idea who Calvin talks about, after all. For all she knows, he tends bonsais and does clog dancing on Wednesdays. Still, the Professor seems like a nice fellow.

She's just really, really unsocialized. Her expressions seem to be conscious, rather than reflexive. "If he was talking about Lunair Weir, that would be me," She offers politely. "Pleased to meet you."

Charles nods. "And likewise, pleased to meet you," he says. He seems extremely aware of Lunair's movements and her jerkiness, watching her seat herself under the awkwardness of social obligation. "I understand you want to attend school here?" he inquires, still maintaining gentle, pleasant tones. He seems to be handling her as one might a startled animal, to keep her from bolting (or reacting unexpectedly in some other, more catastrophic way).

"It was offered, and it sounded nice, yes," Lunair nods. She smiles faintly at his response. She seems friendly enough, if - just awkward. And so far she doesn't show signs of being startled. Just uncertain and nervous. But she's warming up to the Professor. Carefully, mind.

"Well, we have a very complete educational system here," Charles says, emanating a literal sense of calm and ease. "We are a board certified high school, so you'll receive more than a GED, if need be. We are also an accredited two year college, with programs in several technical or educational programs. Most colleges accept our program, so credits /are/ transferable."

Lunair is an audience now. She listens. Her stare is a bit distant, but she pulls together and looks more here and now. "I see." She nods. "So I could transfer what I have here - though, I don't have many because I just started…" She did just recently go to live on her own, after all. "And transfer them back? Neat." She smiles faintly. Maybe there's a gardening program or something. Horticulture does sound vaguely naughty, though.

Charles smiles. "Horticulture is the study of the cultivation of plants," he says, apropos of nothing (to Cal, anyway). "And I am sure we can work something out. With some basic tests, we can pass you through most of the basic math and science courses, if nothing else," he offers with a spread of his fingers. "And if there are other topics you are interested in, we can try to arrange a tutorship for credit."

"I mentioned the other aspect of college life here." Cal tells the Professor. "She knows she needs further training in the use of her abilities. And being able to just be around others like her will be a good thing."

Lunair smiles back. All puns aside, she likes plants and planty things. "Sure thing," She nods. She seems to trust the Professor (He IS a professor). "That seems like a good idea." And really, it beats being the class weirdo. People always sense a predator. She looks to Cal and rubs the back of her head. "Yeah. People get kinda freaked out or pick up an odd vibe. Although, I know I have it a lot better than some."

"You have an unusual personality. Some people won't be as accepting of that as others," Charles observes with a gentle voice. "And your gifts- I understand they're rather unique," he hedges. "I understand if you don't want to discuss them," he adds. "Some students need some time to adapt. But this is a safe place, with safe ways to learn to manifest and control your powers."

Lunair pauses. Lunair doesn't quite know what to think of that. On one hand, it's probably quite true. On the /other/… Well. Truth stings sometimes. But he seems so kind, Lunair goes with it. "They're - they are?" Hm. Lunair just thinks over it a moment. "What would you want to talk about them?" Her syntax gets a little fast and loose. "That makes sense." She did, after all, get out of the lab when the girl who moved earth freaked out and lost it, now that she recalls.

"Yes. Some people don't like to be labelled as 'mutant'. They came from places where to other people, that's all they were," Charles says, spreading his hands slightly. "A mutant, a weapon, a danger. We cultivate the whole person here at the Institute," he explains. "Make sure that you receive an education. Have a home. You are more than just your genetic gifts- you are a whole person, and we try to address that," he says with an encouraging smile.

"You have a very unique ability." Cal agrees. "It's not just that you summon things. Many people can do that. But creating out of thing air only weapons? That's unusual. And not just weapons but weapons using technology that doesn't necessarily exist yet. Somehow, you either intuitively understand how they work and create it or summon them from another dimension or reality where they exist."

Lunair is quiet again. She nods. It must be tough for anyone with a more obvious power these days. She smiles back faintly. She is lucky enough that she can blend or pass for the most part, even if she's odd. "Uh huh," She is an active listener! Or she tries. The situation is a bit boggling and entirely novel. She looks to Cal, tilting her head. "I never really thought about it like that." She considers her hand a moment. Summon or create? Hmmm. "Well. I'd feel like a jerk if I was summoning them."

Charles nods at Calvin. "Thank you, Calvin," Charles says with a grateful nod. "It is a unique gift. A dangerous one, too. There are many ways you could approach it," Charles says, gesturing with one hand, then another. "We can study your gift. See if it can be applied to less destructive skills. Or we can train you to at least use what you have to a greater extent. As much as I hate to say it, there /are/ violent people in the world, and if your natural proclivities are towards those acts… well, I should hope you are at least on our side, rather than aiming at us," he says, offering a friendly smile at the girl.

"She can also do less lethal weapons." Cal points out and is suddenly holding a Jaffa zat gun. It disappears and he has a taser which also disappears. "I suggest a late night course on science fiction films with lots of popcorn. She'll be very popular with other students when she says it's assigned homework."

Lunair is just a bit perturbed by the idea of yanking some poor sap's weapon at an inopportune moment. Either way, she looks between the two. She looks thoughtful. "And he can do what I do." She seems in awe and kind of baffled. "I guess I'm violent. I'm not sure. I could be?" She does seem fighty when she has to. "But then, it feels awkward to fight someone who can't fight back," Ponder. She does seem to have a trained in fighty side (surprise), but it's mostly restrained. She beams at Cal. "That'd be interesting. And yeah, he suggested the Jaffa thingy." She doesn't always get it quite right. She's clever. But not perfect.

"A fascinating talent," Charles says, sounding quite calm. "I… will ask you to exercise some discretion with your gifts in particular," he says, nodding at the girl. "They have a higher chance of danger than most. Not as much as some," he chuckles ruefully. "If you feel a need to test yourself, ask one of the senior instructors for some help in using our training facilities. That is, if you wish to stay….?" he asks, making it a question again.

"That's /my/ ability." Cal tells Lunair. "I can mimic a limited number of other people's powers. But the original is always better at it. Your weapons will be more powerful than the ones I make." He's suddenly holding a light saber (turned off) which he ports over to the Professor's desk. "She can also create multiples and give them to people." The advantage of that is obvious.

Lunair nods. "Okay." She seems to grasp that. Pulling weapons is well, a hostile and potentially dangerous gesture, after all. But she seems curious at the rueful tone in his chuckling. She looks to Cal as he response. "Yup," She smiles faintly. She remembers. Also, the name Mimic probably gives it away unless he mimics bird calls (in which case… birds!). "Yeah… I can do that, too," She offers quietly. "I'll try here." She can't promise. She might go bonkers. But she'll give it a sporting try.

"Excellent. We'll get you set up right away with a safe room," Charles assures Lunair. "Calvin, would you mind escorting her to the dorms? I think I saw Kitty running around- she would be good to give her a tour of the ladies' quarters," he requests of the man called Mimic.

Cal nods at Lunair's decision and stands as the Professor makes his request. "Of course. Once you've packed, we'll move your stuff here." he tells the new student. "I normally charge by the mile but it's one of the perks of studying here."

"Thank you, that sounds nice." She nods. Lunair looks between the two. "Kitty?" She doesn't seem to know who that is. Then a soft 'ah' at Calvin. "Okay. Well. Some of it I'll have to get rid of or sell," She offers. "And awesome! Er. I can still give you food and drink for your troubles or something." Lunair isn't heartless by a long shot. But Charles seems like such a nice professor, Lunair is okay with this.

"Then I leave you to it. If you'll excuse me, then, I have some paperwork to finish," Charles says, offering them both apologetic smiles. He waves as they leave his office, then goes back to his computer, typing busily and reading several documents scattered on his desk.

Mimic gives the Professor a smile then escorts Lunair out of the office. "Welcome aboard. You can call me Cal when we're here at the school. Unless you take one of my courses in which case it's Mister Rankin." He escorts her to the girl's dorm and, as promised, they do run into Kitty. Seems the Professor was right about her whereabouts. How shocking. "Hi Kitty. This is Lunair, a new student. Could you show her around please and make her feel at home?"

Lunair smiles, stands and waves. She lets herself be escorted out by Mimic and nods. "Pleased to meet you, Cal. Or Mister Rankin if I end up in your class." She can be alarmingly literal, but she has sense of humor about it apparently. "I - see." Girl's dorm, huh. Lunair looks it over, then back to Kitty. Blank stare. Wave! Then a smile follows. "Pleased to meet you." She seems nice enough, but she's a little - off. "I appreciate it."

It hasn't even been twenty-four hours since Katherine Pryde - AKA Kitty, AKA Shadowcat - has been back. After a bit of time a way studying abroad for a while and then taking a little time to travel after graduation she returned to New York and immediately came here, to her second family. Charles was wonderful as always and gave her access to one of the staff rooms instead of putting her up in the dorm, Kitty too old to be roomed with the girls (and perhaps there's a bit of an attempt to bribe her into staying and teaching at the school by allowing her a 'grownup' room).

She's still a bit jet lagged but there she is, wandering the halls, purple dragon draped casually about her neck and shoulders as he murmurs to her in what'd probably be called Draconic in D&D-speak. Something strikes her as funny as she is chuckling at the same time she raises a hand to wave to the others, now heading in their direction.

"Kitty Pryde." Cal tells Lunair. "A former student but she's recently returned. If anyone can help you get into trouble, it's her." As they come to a stop by the former student, he gives her a smile. "Do you still go by Kitty?" he asks her. "You can call me Cal. I've been here a couple years now as an instructor." Which is usually code for X-Man. "It's nice to meet you. The Professor would like you to show Lunair around if you have the time."

Lunair is a bit surprised. She nods. "I see. That's good to know." She offers. She looks between them. "But if you need to rest first, that's okay," She offers. "I - can hang out or - pack or something," She looks thoughtful. "And you have a dragon? Neat." Cool! Or something. "I'm still Lunair, but Luna is fine." Sh goes with it, uncertain of her place here. She has to get a feel for the place.

"Yup, still go by Kitty," comes from the very same person the question's asked to, that causing her to smile. "I don't think I could get away with going by anything else, really. Some of the others might revolt and rise up against me if I tried." There is a snort from Lockheed who is busy examining Lunair, the exhale out his nose that follows emitting a little puff of sulphuric smoke from his nostrils. He's petted by Kitty who nods at Lunair. "Yup. This little guy -" Lockheed is about the size of an average male house cat, "- and I've been friends for a long time."

'Show Lunair around' is code for 'anywhere that is not restricted to the students', that something Kitty knows about from her years as both a student and a member of the X-Men. "Right. And nah, I'm good, Luna. I'll crash tonight." Hopefully she'll be able to sleep. If not, well the school's computer system might wind up with an upgrade.

"I'll leave you two to it then." Cal says then adds to Lunair "Let me know when you're ready for me to move you over. Giving them both a nod, he walks away.

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