Ice Cream And Hummus

March 22, 2014: Hank and Kitty chat over midnight snacks. Lockheed makes a pig out of himself.

Kitchen - Xavier Mansion
A big kitchen.



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Luckily, it's not terribly late when Hank and some of the others get back from the nightclub, but it's late enough that those students boarding at the school are under 'curfew'. It means a quieter atmosphere and one that is quite welcome as Hank moves through the hallways towards the kitchen. With his overcoat off, he's wearing khakis and a tweed jacket…to a club…but it takes him only a moment to start digging around in the refrigerator and freezer. A tub of hummus is pulled out and set on a counter and some chips are placed into a bowl before he starts to try and eat the snack.

The problem is, the chips keep on breaking in the hummus.

He's about ten chips in before the entire bowl, chips and all, get swept across the kitchen island to clatter on the floor with a growl. Why is it so damn hard to eat some chips?

The familiar sight of Kitty wanders in but instead of going through the door she goes through the wall and she has a passenger tonight since a sleepy Lockheed rests curled about her neck and shoulders, still drowsy since he got woken up to accompany her to get some snacks. She's wearing sweat pants and an old tee shirt from the college she attended while in Chicago, the latter rather faded while both garments are baggy. The kind of comfortable the wearer prefers when at home and relaxing.

The clatter of the bowl is the thing that clues her into Hank being here but Lockheed caught on to his presence as soon as his head phased through the door, his nostrils flaring only to then have whisps of smoke float from them when he breathes a little sigh close to Kitty's ear. "Stop that," she whispers to the dragon while waving her hand before her face, trying to rid herself of the stench the little puffs of smoke have to them. All these years and she still has yet to get used to the smell. "Hey… what's up… Hank?" Huh. "What's wrong?"

Hank McCoy took a few moments to breathe and is at the end of a third exhale when Kitty phases through the wall, startling him. "Nothing…just…apparently chips and dip continue to elude me." He slides off of the stool and moves over to clean up the mess he made. The bowl is set back on the counter and the chips are quickly swept up and tossed before he grabs a spoon from the drawer. "Still have Lockheed, I see. Did you know the Wagners have tiny…smurf-like creatures that somewhat resemble them? Next thing you know, a sentient Care Bear will be knocking at the door." Taking the spoon, he digs into the tub of hummus to at least eat that.

Lockheed moves away from Kitty once they're close to where the ruined chips and such can be found, the little snot helping himself to a treat while she speaks to Hank. He's quiet save for the occasional huff or grunt, little sounds of pleasure. Chips. Yum.

"Lockheed and me are like peas and carrots," she comments, quoting a movie that's almost twenty years old, now. "I couldn't imagine life without my little purple buddy, you know." Hank's news about the Wagners and his joke after that has her angling her head. "Nope. Didn't know that." Shouldn't be surprising. She's only been back a day or two and hasn't had a chance to reunite with everyone, yet.

Hank McCoy sort of smacks the spoon into the hummus, "Well, I don't know much of anything about them…Talia and Kurt are being rather secretive about them." Oddly secretive, really. "As long as neither you nor Lockheed will be going off to fight in Vietnam, I suppose we're safe, for now." At least the little dragon is helping him with the cleanup. He eats another scoop of hummus, like it was peanut butter, "Why did you come back, Kitty? I mean, you could be anywhere. Why come back here?"

Huh… Viet… oh, right. That. That gets Kitty to shake her head and chuckle while she moves away heading towards the very large freezer/fridge combo that is humming away across from them on the other side of the room. "Honestly, this really is all the home I have, Hank." Which may sound odd, seeing as how she has parents (albeit parents who are no longer together) when many of the students and staff here don't for whatever reason. "After my parents got divorced things just stopped feeling… right. And I didn't really know what I wanted to do with myself, yet…" And that's why she's here!

Hank McCoy doesn't answer immediately. He just seems to take in Kitty's explanation and nods. "What did you major in at college again?" He knew she went…he arrived during her 'Senior year' at Xavier's. "I'd offer the hummus, but I've double-dipped at this point." Not that is spreads more germs, but it's just icky. "There might be some unbroken chips in the bag, too." He then glances over, "Unless Lockheed has gotten hold of them."

"Computer Science. Think that there might be a position open to me at the school. Just not sure if I'm going to take it just yet or not." The freezer's reached into after it's opened and a pint of ice cream that's been cleverly hidden from the students, a pint of Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Cake, for anyone caring about such details. A spoon is fetched next, that gotten from a drawer close to it. "Thanks but I'm craving something sweet. Maybe next time."

The chip bag has a dragon in it, the back half of Lockheed sticking out. It's times like this that Kitty has to wonder about what some of the students would think if they saw him like that.

"Trying to put me out of a job, hmm?" Hank teases…he's covered computer science and taken care of issues, but he certainly wouldn't mind passing the torch. He has other things to focus on. "Understood. I think it's definitely something you should think about." He may not be that much older than Kitty, but he's certainly had different life experience. "You've lived away from here…you know that it's important." That, and she can get away with it.

He watches the dragon for a moment, "Does he brush his teeth? If not, I don't envy you tonight."

Kitty looks at Hank, her nose wrinkled and her eyes half-lidded as she kind of winces. "Damn. Sorry, Hank. I… I don't want you do be displaced. No, I won't take any job offered to me if it is about computers unless you and I can work together. How about that? Can still free you up for your other interests and projects and whatnot without totally like… kicking you to the side." Reaching over, she tussles the larger man, smiling. "We'll figure it out. And hey. Like you, I got other things I want to do so it isn't like my life depends on working here as a teacher."

Hank's looked at and then she looks at the wriggling bag, that a sight that gets her to snort. "I'll make sure he rinses out his mouth."

Hank McCoy waves the spoon in a dismissive gesture, "I'm kidding. I'm kidding…I won't be displaced. I've just been filling in as needed in that department. I don't mind giving that part of the job to someone else. Really, I don't, and it might help some of these kids realize that STEM isn't just for boys. I'm sure I'll be kept busy enough with other things. Really. Especially after meeting that Digital Person the other day…" he has a lot of research to do.

The tussle causes him to tense some…he was never terribly touchy-feely before and even now he's not used to such intimacies, especially from a former student. "What other things?" he tries to change the subject. It seems safer.

The tensing causes Kitty to wrinkle her nose and mouth an apology to him, her expression appropriately abashed. The sound of the bag crinkling gets her attention and, with a sigh, she begins to pull Lockheed out of it. "I don't think there are any left by now," she chides him only to then add, "You need to watch what you eat, Lockheed. It'll go straight to your butt and then you won't be able to fly." The dragon huffs at her and goes to sulk, eying her as she opens her pint of ice cream.

Once it's open she spoons some of the frozen treat into her mouth, that first bite enjoyed before she answers. "I was thinking about seeing if any of the tech people need an intern or someone to help with their computers or something."

A nod is given in acknowledgment of the apology. He doesn't like having to feel it, but prickly scientist plus a transformation doesn't really make for much of a teddy bear. He isn't yet as accepting of his appearance as Kurt and Talia are — after all, they were born looking the way they looked. Hank's appearance is his own fault. Sort of.

He watches as Kitty chides the dragon, "Is it really about density with him? I mean, he doesn't look like his wings should be able to support him flying…unless his bones are hollow like a bird's." Because it's just easier to talk about these things sometimes. "Tech people…here? Or elsewhere? I mean, a degree should get you a little higher than Intern level…although," he looks at his spoonful of hummus, "You should apply for a Google internship. I hear they're incredible."

Kitty looks at the dragon who is still staring her down, causing her to sigh and go fetch a small saucer from the cupboard. A spoonful of ice cream is placed upon it and set before Lockheed who takes to enjoying it like a cat takes to enjoying a bowl of cream. "I don't know how he can fly," she answers while this all is going on, "but maybe he'll let you do a scan of his skeletal system." Lockheed does not look pleased by the idea of getting poked and prodded.

Now that she's able to relax again, Kitty continues with the other topic of conversation. "I want to see if I'd enjoy working for a big company," is explained. "And I'm not sure how much time being a teacher here might require, if I take such a position. So thought an intern position somewhere would get my feet wet, see if it's something I'd enjoy or not." Pause. "Does Google have an office on the East Coast?"

"It just seems that if he doesn't fly due to aerodynamics, those threats about his…posterior might be empty," Hank points out. Moving from his stool, he goes over to one of the cupboards, pulls down a plate, and then gets a couple of slices of bread. It's a better vehicle for hummus than the spoon, at least. Settling back down, he shrugs, "I don't know off the top of my head." Golden eyes actually hold a flicker of humor as he offers, "You should Google that."

The threats were indeed empty as Lockheed is still noshing dessert with little or no regard for his flying form. "Yeah, well, wish I could eat like him and not worry about… you know." Kitty miiiiiiight be looking over her shoulder to try and get a glance at her posterior as if asking 'does my ass look big?' by doing so. "Goog… oh! Hey, good one, Hank!" Ha! She didn't expect that!

Hank McCoy might have sneaked a glance at Kitty's posterior as she tries to glance at it, but his eyes quickly go back to his own snack. There is a grin…as best as his lips can make even though it tends to look a little more like a grimace in showing sharp teeth, "I -do- have a sense of humor, you know." It's just that not many people get it. This one, however, wasn't too esoteric and he knows that Kitty's bright. "You also sort of walked into that one."

Smart or not, Kitty probably would've gotten it anyhow. She is a child of technology, so to speak. Grinning, she nods a little but this time refrains from touching Hank who instead gets a playful wink. "Yeah, I know I did. I'll have to be more careful around you." Having had enough to eat for now, the lid goes back on the carton and the ice cream's hidden in the freezer. "So what other stuff do you do, Hank? I know that… guy we met the other night has your interest but what else do you like to do. What do you do for… recreation?"

Hank McCoy opens his mouth to say something but decides, instead, to take a bite of bread. Only when that's been chewed does he answer, "I don't really do the whole 'recreation' thing. That 'Digital Person' is pretty fascinating…I'm still looking into that and may reach out to a few others to see what they might know of it. To think that the Russians have been doing this for over twenty years and I haven't heard about it until now…even though there are apparently many being made." It's irking him that he doesn't know more about it!

"Blame that on the Cold War, Hank." That being how their technology was kept a secret for as long as it was. And heck, it probably still is. A hand lifts the spoon which has been brought to the sink, it meant to be washed although that has been forgotten for the moment. Something much more important than rinsing off the silverware just came up. "As for fun? We'll get you out there. Show you what fun is. Not going to let you be a stick in the mud, Hank!"

"My work -is- fun, Kitty," Hank offers almost immediately. "I'm not a stick in the mud…but why is it so wrong that I enjoy what I do?" And it helps keep him away from getting too many stares. "Look, I went out to that nightclub with Cal…sure, there were others there, but that's not really me. Would I go again? Maybe, but not by myself. It's not like I dislike what society deems as 'fun', but…" he shrugs then, "If I didn't enjoy what I did, why would I have devoted so much of my life to it? I know I'm not like most people. I never was, even before all of this…" he gestures to his appearance.

There's another sigh, "Look. I'm happy to go out and do things, but please don't think that I don't have any enjoyment."

Whooops. Kitty really did not mean to offend or upset the man she has grown to respect greatly and she finds herself wishing for nothing more than to beat a hasty retreat before she finds herself putting her foot in it further. The spoon gets some dish soap squirted on it and it's washed and put into the drainboard to dry and then she's hurrying to scoop up Lockheed. "Sorry. I just… don't want you to spend your entire life in a lab," she rushes forth, about tripping over the very words that leaves her mouth. "But… I… You're one of the few real friends I have and I should've known better, sure but… okay! Look, we'll go out sometime, okay?"

The same wall Kitty and Lockheed arrived through is approaches and she starts to go intangible but not before asking, "If you need help with investigating Eight, let me know?"

Did his growl come out when he didn't mean it to? It still happens, even after trying to figure it all out for the last five years. "I didn't mean it like that, Kitty…I'm not angry, just…" he trails off and moves to put the hummus away. "I'm honored that you consider me a friend. I would be more than happy to go out sometime."

Wait, did he just agree to a date?

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