Graverobbin' Cajuns

March 23, 2014: Visiting a battle reenactment set at a Cemetery, there is some unexpected action as a thief gets his hands dirty.

Green Wood Cemetary, Brooklyn, New York

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The near 500 acres of Green Wood Cemetery was once the template for NYC's public park system with it's beautiful valleys, grassy hills and winding paths that weave through overhanging trees and respectfully avoid the final resting places of its '560,000' or so permanent residents. Statues dotting the scenic map from one end of the landscape to the next. Truly a thing of modern wonder if one sat and took the time to look at all the work put forth, like many of the old world locations in NYC and it's surrounding 'country-side'.
The energy is high here today, one of their special events involving beer gardens and a historic war reenactment of the Battle of Brooklyn fought in 1776. It started with a parade earlier, a ceremony on Battle Hill followed by the actual 'fight' that is just now finishing up. Trolley's already pulling away from the general area as they take off to finish their tours for the night. The smells of alcohol, food of all kinds (mostly BBQ) and muskets still lingering in the crisp NY air; all and all it's a lovely day if not for the occasional chill breeze.

The things Illyana does for extra credit. One thing she doesn't do, is dress for the occasion. She's in jeans and T-shirt with Xavier hoodie and ass-kicking boots, but normal attire is hardly the exception and so she blends in just fine. She has a rather crumpled flyer in one hand, her camera tucked into a back pocket and right now she's in line to get some food.
Food and beer. What more can someone ask for? When it comes on one of the first nice days as springs arrives, it's too tempting for Cal to resist. Besides, battle reenactments? Kind of fun to watch. He doesn't need to worry about the trolley so longers in the area, finishing a beer and some fries.

"More coincidence, homme?" The voice pipes up from a huddled up coupling of stands where jerky and dried fish is being sold by re-enactors dressed in bonnets and old dresses. Apparently Remy had two of them fawning over him while getting a free meal. The reddened cheeks and giggles testament to that. A kiss on the cheek and the thief departs his new never to be seen again friends and crosses the green grass to close the gap between himself and Cal, "Once more, I begin to wonder why I be seeing you again. New York is a big place." Illyana's gone unseen up to this point. To Remy she is just another faceless blonde amidst a crowd of tourists and weekenders.

That's Illyana. Faceless and forgettable. She's a few stalls over, having just gotten her cinnamon roasted almonds when something teases at her senses. Her head turns, cold blue eyes sweeping around her as she tries to pinpoint the source of the disturbance in the Force.

Cal glances over at the sound of a familiar accent. "Fate is a strange thing and coincidences are rarely coincidences." he paraphrases. "Or you're just following me. Bonjour, Remy. Fan of Revolutionary War history?"

"Qui, I am a big fan. What better day then to come out and watch history unfold." Both of Remy's hands shove in to his coat pockets (not a trench coat for once) and he steps in next to Calvin with one casual glance over his shoulder before grinning back at the larger man, "Lovely weather yes? Other parts of de cemetery I have not yet seen, how about a walk, friend? You can tell me more stories of alternate /dimensions/." Never mind the four men running down the sidewalk their direction, two security personnel, a police officer and a man in a suit. Yes, Remy is perhaps the disturbance in the Force.

There are little tingles, and there are great big bangs, and there's the dark creep of Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. Guess which one is coloring Remy all kinds of Icky at the moment? Illyana moves through the crowd with purpose, the incoming security of much less concern to her, her sights are set. As she approaches, she takes in Remy's attire. No mystical sigils, no tell-tale artifacts. But mud caked on his soles and dirt smudging his hands. Of course, in fixing on Remy, she also spots Calvin. "Don't let him slip off." She tells Mimic, while pointing at Remy.

"Alternate realities." Cal corrects. "Alternate dimensions exist within the same reality." His gaze shifts to where Remy looks and then back to the man. "And I'm thinking that in most realities, you've been to other parts of the cemetery." He sniffs deeply as if to make a point then adds "Some old mausoleums perhaps? And these gentleman coming our way would like to retrieve what has suddenly gone missing?" Pause. "Illyana? What are you doing here?"

"Comme il faut, Cal." Remy's sly smile grows until he hears Illyana while pretending to ignore the four who are now pressing through the crowd the cop going so far as to poke a person in to turning around with his nightstick. They look lost or like they do not know exactly what they are looking for except for the man in the suit. He is scanning faces. The kinetic mutant is making sure to keep his back to him. "Who is the beauté? Si aggressif, I like." Ignoring Calvin's questions about the gentlemen blatantly ignored with his own questions about Illyana cutting in.

"What, I can't be a fan of tacky costuming and the celebration of people left bleeding and dying in the field?" Illyana says, her tone very blasé. She's no stranger to bloody wars, it's there in her cool gaze.

It's obvious that Calvin knows the dirty thief and she presses her little cone of candied almonds into Cal's hands as she turns to face Remy so she can put both hands on her hips. "You have no idea what you have, do you?"

200+ year old tomb plus Illyana getting involved equals… "He stole some old magical artifact?" Cal guesses and reaches into the cone to pull out a couple of almonds and toss them into his mouth. He tilts the cone in offer to Remy. "Well, it shouldnt't go back in case someone else tries to steal it. Want to show him the difference between an alternate reality and an alternate dimension?"

"Everyone is a fan of tacky costumes and celebrations so I give you a pass on that one, chere." Remy sidesteps again just to make sure the suit doesn't catch a profile shot even though the man is getting closer. "We walk and talk?" His arms slide out and attempt to link between Cal and Illyana's he'll stride down the road with them at this rate not like they're looking for three only a single individual. "Question is do you know what I have?" Remy doesn't have the foggiest. Someone else wants it and its worth a bunch of money + boredom. Simple as that. Magical artifact though? Explains a few things. "I know de difference, I watch Buffy and seen plenty o Twilight Zone." The rogue is obviously still playing coy and twisting on a hook right now to get moving.

Being around an audience, one armed to the teeth with cameras, isn't the best idea. While she stiffens, eyes flashing as Remy oh-so-casually takes her arm she grits her teeth and lets him start to get them moving though she'll start to steer them towards a less populated area. "In specific? No. But something steeped in enough dark magic that I wouldn't be surprised if there'd been a ghoul problem here if that thing hadn't been properly contained. Which it most decidedly *not* at the moment. So you'd best be telling me why you pulled whatever that is out of it's protective bindings, prettyboy."

Protest his arm being taken by a hot guy? Hardly. Cal tosses the empty plate that held is fries into a trash can as they pass. "You're a rake in every reality, Remy. Joining the X-Men doesn't change that. And it would let you put your talents to a better use while still being exciting and a challenge for you." What Illyana says does get a raised brow though. "Dark magic indeed. She can deal with it. You can't." He certainly can't. Magic. Meh.

"Tsh, I ain't a team player, homme." Gambit replies as they start to walk which makes his nerves calm immediately. "'sides who be your boss, huh? See. I don't like havin' a boss. I like bein' my own boss." Looking sidelong at Illyana over the rim of his glasses those red and black eyes visible; the smile re-appears, "You tink, I'm pretty? Merci. Ghouls you say? I imagine they smell ghastly."

For the moment they seem to have lost the trail of the hounds behind them and are soon far enough down the path and alone Remy tucks his hands back in to his pockets.
"Yes. I'm devastated by your good looks." Illyana says in an utter deadpan, her blue eyes still ice cold and hard enough to cut. As Gambit pulls his arms back, she reaches out to grab his sleeve. "I'm deadly serious. Show me what it is you have and what you plan on doing with it or you're not going anywhere."

Cal shakes his head at the question. "You don't get that info unless you're serious about the possibility of joining. You'll just have to take my word for it that he'd welcome you." The Professor welcomes everyone, even criminals. "And that you come to value being a member. You should also take my word for it that she's completely serious and worth listening to. Just give it to her. She wouldn't give a damn you stole it if it wasn't dangerous."

"Guess I have to just remain mildly curious about you, X-Men den." Remy's smile falters a moment as Cal's words sink in and he sighs stepping off the direct path to walk around a copse of trees. "Y'know I only go along with this and don't just make my exit because my new frien' here." A thumb tosses towards Cal. "Even if I tink you're adorable, petite." That same hand rises up and he scrapes his fingers roughly over some of the stumble on his jaw as if struggling with himself. "So, this is some supernatural evil, huh? Explains all them warning tresspassin' signs." The smile turns back in to a grin as he pulls out a small crown royal baggy and begins to open it. That overwhelming pressure of /vile/ bad seeping outwards thankfully there is a plastic collector card case over the small ripped off piece of a decrepit worn page that looks like it could be an old brown paper bag or dried flesh. "All gibberish to me." Holding it up between two fingers he lets it sit aloft before them. "See, harmless."

Illyana's jaw tightens as Remy brings that big out and the sense of that evil spills out. When the cajun pulls it out, so cavalier, Illyana takes a step *back*. Her form seems to shiver and blur for a moment and she closes her hands into tight fists, nails cutting into her palms with her lips pressed into a hard line. "Far from harmless." She says, some strain in her voice. She looks over to Calvin. "I can't take that thing through Limbo. It's too dangerous. The cute warding is keeping it contained for now, but it'll burn through that in less than a day."

Cal watches Remy curiously as he pulls out his ill gotten gains. At the sight of what he stole, he… wrinkles his nose in distaste. He has no mystic senses for it to trigger. "So where should we take it?" he asks Illyana.

"Oh." The sound Remy makes upon seeing Illyana go through the bizarre distortion of visibility around her. That isn't odd or nothing. "It may be best if I keep my hands on it then?" The grin remains as his fingers roll it between them deftly, exchanging digit to digit and back again.

"Frank this is Buchanon, the target has allies I'll need some back up. I'm going in alone." Calvin hears this mere seconds before the man in the suit is rushing towards them pulling off an action hero worth jump and tumble over a hedge coming up with a bulky outlandish pistol drawn, an odd looking thing with nozzles, wiring and knobs along it's length. "PUT THE ARTIFACT DOWN!" That last part is what Yana and Remy hear also of course see.

"Merde." Escapes Remy under his breath and he takes a step back, away from the man and between Illyana and Calvin as if they'd just become his own personal meat shields. Kind of what he has been using them for all along, even if he does like Mr.Rankin. He's a great friend like that. "Pardon?"

"Yeah, no. You hold onto it I get the feeling it'll disappear." Illyana says to Remy with narrowed eyes. She glances over to Calvin, that frown still on her lips. "I can put together some better warding until I can find someone better equipped at de—" And then they're so rudely interrupted. Illyana's hand snaps up, a portal appearing like a shield between them and Buchanon. "Mimic, get us out of here!" Normally she makes with the teleporting, but as long as Remy's got that thing on him, she doesn't want him anywhere near her realm.
Hearing the man gives Cal enough advanced warning that he transforms to metal even as they're being threatened. But he's not interested in a fight so long as they have an evil artifact to take care of. He and Illyana ae on the same page here. *BLINK* All three of them are standing on Macy's roof in Times Square, one of Cal's favorite place to hang out and watch the city. "Looks like you were set up, Remy. Hired to steal it but considered disposable. Cheaper to kill you than pay for it." With the enemy miles away, he shifts back to flesh.

Remy pats his own body down quickly as if looking for a bullet hole or two. Buchanon did fire that odd weapon before they were yanked away by Calvin and he really isn't sure where the round went. Not that it would do too much harm to him or Calvin, stun them, incapacitate but Illyana being demonic of essence that would have been a different story. It has those affects on a normal and then some.

"Close one! You saved our hides." It's then that Gambit spies Illyana topple, that is where that second blast went that burst through her shield. It struck the young sorceress. Remy quickly touches two fingers to her neck, "She lives. Only unconscious. " He thinks so at least. "Sorry about your friend; I promise I will make it up to you somehow." He reaches down and pulls out that Crown Royal bag again dropping that plastic covered object in to it. His hand extending to Cal hesitantly as a sigh escapes the thief. "I suppose this is a good start, no?"

Illyana has enough time to look confused as the first shot from Buchanan's gun tears a hole in the stepping disk, causing the circle of light to waver, wobble and unravels and then the second shot hits her in the chest just as Calvin teleports them out. She hits the roof in a heap and lies there.

Cal spins and starts toward Illyana as he hears her drop but pauses as Remy gets to her first. Not quite willing to take his word for it, he moves to her other side and kneels down to check. "I'll get her to the Medbay." As Remy offers the artifact, he's hesitant to reach out and take it but does so after a moment. "Thank you. She'll make sure this doesn't hurt anyone."

"Medbay? I like the sound of that." A nod and Gambit steps back waving with two fingers. "Be well, friend. Many thanks for the save, again." The Macy's building at least not being absurdly tall the rogue makes an acrobatic leap and lands down on the front billboard then begins a quick scale down the side to vanish in to the crowded streets below. The bag later will be opened and reveal a playing card in place of where the page was. Remy LeBeau is now roaming the streets of NYC with a demonic page from the Darkhold.

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