Seeking Loki's Counsel

March 23, 2014: Thor seeks out Loki to ask his counsel.

Asgard, Loki's Chambers

Chambers appointed as befitting a studious Prince.



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Loki's chambers are a little less spartan, perhaps, than most. He's got his finely crafted timber posted bed with golds painted into the fine Norse-like carved lines. He's got a study, and shelves line the walls filled with tomes of the known worlds' magicks. A fireplace sits, crackling, mostly unneeded, but the sound if not the heat of it is relaxing.

The master of the chamber, the younger Prince of Asgard, sits relaxed upon an overstuffed chair dressed in somewhat more casual (though no less 'regal') clothing, feet tucked up, a glass of wine settled upon the table just within reach. A book is held delicately in hand, blue eyes attending the written word as a finger follows the lines as when he was a child, so as not to lose his place in the world of those words.


"Loki!" Thor's bellow is common in their shared wing of the palace, but the sound of his feet slapping on the hallway is not. Disdaining stairs, Thor is making best speed for Loki's room, leaving several servants spinning in his wake.

He slams the door open without knocking, turns around, closes it, then spins and advances on Loki's position, looking almost as panicked as if… well, never. Thor never looks panicked.

"She kissed me." He looks at Loki, baffled. "The Lady Amora. She kissed me. In the garden." He gestures at his face.

"On the lips!"


The sound of his name echoing through the corridors of their shared wing brings a small lift of his shoulders as he inhales and breathes out a sigh. Slowly, before Thor bursts into his room, he closes his book and sets it upon the table beside the wine. The moment his brother does enter, the wine-goblet shakes at the appearance, and Loki puts out a steadying hand.

Setting his feet on the floor now, Loki is silent for a long moment, regarding that storm before he finally does make comment, his tones dry and sounding an amused tone. "It took that long? I thought it would have been sooner."


"…what? You knew?" Thor says, aghast. He flings a hand back behind him. "I thought before she was merely being flirtatious. Or… I don't know, drunk." He calms himself at Loki's reasonable tones, then takes a few steps down into the sitting area and flops into a chair, rubbing his face briskly with both hands.

"I do not understand women. Things have been fine for a thousand years, brother," Thor complains. "We feast, we make merry, sometimes we dally with the Valkyriad. But… this is Amora, a lady of the Court. Courting me!" he says, sounding flabbergasted. "And I do not think for a mere tussle in the woods- she has a way about her that is deeply unsettling."


"Of course I knew, Thor," Loki begins, his tones still so very calm and reasonable. "Why do you think I questioned your decision regarding placing her at your side, blindly assuming Sif would be agreeable?" Shaking his head again, the younger brother rises to pour Thor a glass of wine, his steps casual and slow.

"Do you truly believe she's doing all of this," a wide, waving gesture is given with his free hand as he hands the drink over, "because she's decided that it'd be -fun-?"


"Er, well… yes." Thor sounds confused. "What else is there in life but the thrill of battle and the comfort of victory? How many nights have we spent feasting in the grand hall- thank you," he says, throwing back the wine in one gulp, "-celebrating some grand battle?"

"Wait. Why wouldn't Sif be agreeable?" Thor asks, frowning. Mental leaps over preconceptions are not one of his strengths. "She was… most confusing while we camped on Highback Ridge last week. She kept telling me… something. It was important to her, but she was being very vague. I could not fathom quite what she wanted from me."


Loki shakes his head, a soft 'tsk' sounding from the younger brother. He sits upon the edge of his seat now, reaching for his own goblet of wine. Cradling it, a ghost of a smile hints upon his face. "Of course we have. The thrill of battle, the shrieks of those that fall under your hammer. The wails of women and children as you pass by, like music to your ears."

A chuckle comes next, again ever so quietly as he quirks his head. "Are you really so thick, brother? Sif is your shield. She's fought beside you for millenia. It's been you and she… well, and the Warriors. And myself. But now, you seek to add another to the ranks. A woman. A sorceress who, by all counts, probably would need some sort of protection against the onslaughts. That changes things. A lot."

Now, however, Loki is intrigued… and he leans in as if the answer will be forthcoming all that much sooner. "You.. and she. Camped on Highback Ridge. And only now, she kissed you?" A soft whistle sounds, and he's looking a touch more amused. "Brother, I think perhaps you really should spend more time in Mother's company."


"Aye, but many a time we've shared a campfire on the hunt," Thor says with a frown. "Sif and I are comrades. I know she is a woman and that rankles some of the men at court betimes, but there is non more competent than she as my Shieldmaiden."

Thor rubs the back of his neck. "So… you think Sif is upset because she will have to protect Amora?" he asks, trying to process through Loki's words. "And Amora kissed me… I still don't know why Amora kissed me," he admits. "In truth I know she is a woman at court, and I wonder what she would see in me as anything. I am a warrior, not a court member. I spend more time afield than in Asgard. Why did she kiss me?" he asks again. "And what does Mother have to do with any of this?" he demands of his brother, sounding frustrated.


"Yes, you are. Wading into every battle, every scheme that enters your head. From raiding the Valkyries as a jest to going on a draugr hunt. She is there at your side." Loki sets his wine down once again and he rises in order to do a little thoughtful stroll around the immediate area.

"Think, brother. How much esteem do your friends hold a sorcerer? You know and I know that I can be invaluable in the field. We've proved that over and over. Every move you make, I've countered and protected your back. But," and here, Loki pauses, "I can also wield a sword. Not as good, perhaps, as you.. or Sif, but I have been well taught." For a long moment, he allows that to sink in before his steps bring him back near his agonized brother. "An untried sorceress, and one who is obviously enamoured of you. You -are- the Crown Prince, after all."

A shrug graces the slight shoulders of the younger Prince, and a smile creeps across his face again. "She's good about women. Perhaps she can give you some advice. I'm sadly lacking in that ability." His track record? Not. That. Good.


"Aye, they know well your worth on the field of battle," Thor says, agreeing with Loki's words. "And you have proved yourself. Where…" he sighs. "Amora has not. Do you think… is it possible she approached me to gain privilege to our circle?" he asks Loki. "I know many covet the Warriors position to us. It was only a few centuries past that I smashed Wulfgar's face for suggesting that Sif would be better served working in the kitchen. She still has not forgiven him that slight, nor me for not allowing her to defend her own honor."


"She approached you because she is interested in being courted by you, Thor. And the best way to gain your attention is to be in a position where you will best see her." Loki virtually facepalms now, as he enunciates each word carefully. "I saw it when I spoke to her myself. And Sif saw it, which is why she was so very willing to be on my team for the knattleikr game."

Now, his tones take a softer tenor, and he exhales as he tries to explain, using smaller words, and easier concepts. Just to make sure. "How else would you notice her? Not in court. Not in the libraries." A laugh escapes him, and now he perches on the arm of Thor's current seat. "And now, brother, you either need to decide if you wish to court her or if you simply take her up on her offer to fight by your side." A brief shake of his head accompanies his words, "Because I don't think she's the type that will simply make merry in the moment."


"Aye," Thor says, sounding a bit dazed. He eyes his wine glass. "'tis a strange thing to be pursued, and not the chaser," he says after a moment, his tone wry. "And Sif's curious behaviour of late is most confounding. Would that I could talk to /her/ of this, but she has made it clear Amora is not a topic for her to discuss with me 'pon. Usually she is straight to the point of her sword, but she dithered and spoke circles around it in such a way that the Silver Tongue himself would have been jealous," he says, ribbing his brother's leg. "Most curious behaviour."


Loki laughs, the sound of it genuine. He pushes back at his brother's shoulder at the jest, and shakes his head. "Never. Saying that she's as good as I? It's her form and figure that gains attention, hardly her words." A grin is plastered upon his face now, and another laugh sounds, "And her sword when all are paying attention to other things."

"Besides," and Loki rises from his spot, the laugh playing once again. "I think it is simply the added burden of having to guard a maiden, and an enchantress to boot. After all, it's not easy guarding one who can't fully protect himself."


"Aye, brother, aye." Thor gets to his feet and clasps his brother's shoulder. "I appreciate your words, brother," Thor says in those earnest tones. "Truly that woman has worked a spell on me. Perhaps she's more enchantress than sorceress," he says with a laugh. "I find her intoxicating. And yet…" his face turns a bit wistful. "I always envisioned a warrior at my side if I were to ever take Father's place. But perhaps a woman of the court would be better suited to such a position -someone who knows the ways of rulership. I must take the long view, aye?" he asks Loki. "Think of what's best for our people."

Brows rise at his brother's words, though he laughs again. "A spell? Well, any spell can be undone if correctly guessed. If you'd like…?" and Loki lets his words hang in the air. Still, he can see the effect upon Thor, and he exhales. "Think not of such a thing yet. You'll find the one best suited when the time comes." He touches his brother's arm in response, and offers an encouraging smile. "Tread carefully, brother. That is, I think, the best counsel I can give."

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