Graverobbin' Bastards

March 23, 2014: Mimic takes Magik to the Medbay where Cyclops shows up. A direct continuation of Graverobbin' Cajuns.

Medbay, X-Men's Base

It's got beds and monitors and medical equipment.



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Calvin brought Illyana directly to Xavier's medbay when whatever weapon it was that tore through her stepping disk knocked the blonde sorceress out. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

The upside is that the initial check shows that she's fine. Breathing, pulse, you name it. The downside… is that she hasn't woken up yet. She's hooked up to some minimal sensors but damned if any of them help with why she's still out cold.

Cal's standing by her bedside, not looking /too/ concerned since all her vital signs are normal but there is some since she's still unconscious. The Crown Royal bag is placed on a counter as far away as possible. As soon as he arrived, he called for a medic to come down so any team member who was listening would know someone needs a doc.

Scott comes through the circular doors of the medbay, barely giving them time to lean open as he edges his way through. He's wearing the clothing he wears while teaching class, a business professional of pressed khakis and a fashionable Eddie Bauer collared shirt.

He walks up toward Illyana's bed, frowning while inspecting the medical readouts. "What happened?" he asks with some urgency, before turning to look at Calvin. If he has noticed the bourbon, there's no sign of it, thanks to those blessed glasses.

"If we're lucky, some weird sort of stunning tech." Cal answers, glancing over to give Scott a nod before looking back to Illyana. "In which case, she'll wake up on her own. If we're not lucky, magic. In which case, who the hell knows. My first guess is tech given what I saw." It was almost steampunkish.

Scott turns back toward the prone X-Woman, his frown softening. "Christ, let's hope so." He studies the charts again, before turning toward one of the intercoms. "I'd better call Hank. If it's not magic, he ought to be able to do something about it."

It's about that time that Illyana gives a groan. Maybe she heard Scott's suggestion and wants to avoid an actual exam. Her eyes flutter open, dazed gaze stealing a lot of the ice that's normally found there as she looks around. Spotting Scott she frowns. Scott wasn't at the reenactment!

Cal relaxes as Illyana begins to stir and nods with satisfaction. "Tech. Though I've never seen anything go /through/ her portals as if they weren't there. It might have had some kind of power negation ability built in. We'll probably want to look into that."

Scott comes away from the X-Comm at Illyana's groan. Eyebrows rise and his head turns toward Cal. "Tech," he agrees. "But that doesn't mean we rule out some kind of mystical augmentation." He walks a bit closer, words softening while still bearing a commander's tempo. "Easy. You're back home, Magik. Cal's here." He holds back on asking what she needs, if anything, for he doesn't want to be too overbearing while she's still coming around.

Illyana doesn't like being helpless, or even the illusion of that that comes from being flat on your back and hooked up to machines. She sits up, jaw going tight but she doesn't make a sound this time and starts to strip off the monitors. Her eyes sweep the room, reorienting herself as her brain starts to kick back online. "I feel like a semi hit me." She says, voice a bit raspy. Looking down at herself though, she certainly looks perfectly fine.

"No semi but some weird energy weapon." Cal informs Illyana. "Do you remember that? Whatever it was went right through the portal you threw up. And can you summon a portal? Just to check. "

"Yeah, I think we've all been there before," mutters Scott. He doesn't even try to suppress a sigh when she begins stripping the monitors, and it takes great effort not to be an absolute asshole and order her to sit back down. He even behaves well enough not to scowl meaningfully at Calvin. His questions can wait… the frown fades and he steps aside, now growing curious to see if she has retained her core mutant ability.

Scott has probably learned all too well in the past just how little Illyana listens to orders. She was bad enough as a student, and now that she's moved out of Xavier's, she's even less inclined to do so. "I remember seeing it make my stepping disk… unravel. Then it hit me and it was like… Like something grabbed me on the inside and pulled and then I hit a wall." She shakes her head, as much to try to order her thoughts as at what happened. Cal's question has her frowning and she throws up a hand, gesturing to the far wall and a stepping disk flares open without even a stutter. "Well, that seems to be OK."

Now Cal can really relax and he lets out a small sigh. "Ok, good. Since it went through your portal, I worried that it had some kind of ability to negate mutant powers. Did you pick up any magic from the guy or was it all tech?"

For the moment, Scott elects to remain quiet. He's paying close attention, but is leaving the reigns in Calvin's hands. Instead, he's far more interested in observing the little things, such as, the emotional tells that linger in Illyana's voice as she answers the time traveler's questions.

Illyana shakes her head. "I didn't pick up anything but then it'd be like trying to smell a rose in a sewer." Which reminds her, her gaze snapping over to Calvin sharp and cold, like broken ice. "Where's the artifact?" She demands. The blonde seems to be moving alright, but there's the tightness in her jaw, the whiteness of her knuckles that betrays the pain she's ignoring. She's not in top form but good luck getting her to admit that.

Cal merely glances over at the Crown Royal bag and it BLINKs over to the Medbed.

Scott turns and makes to take off after Illyana, half a second away from engaging in what might be a useless fight to get her back in bed. The words are caught in his neck and he spins about, watching as the bag is BLINKed over to the bed. "Back up," he suddenly says. "What artifact, and where did this all take place? Who was involved?" He walks toward the Crown Royal bag, intent upon stopping anyone from opening it up. "You guys brought some kind of strange artifact back here, to the base??"

Illyana is still in the bed, though she's swung her legs down in preparation of getting down when Calvin teleports the bag over. She looks at it. And then looks at him. "Not the bag, the thing *in* the bag." Scott's tone does manage to get her attention and she frowns at him. "Some guy with red eyes that probably got it grave robbing. I'm not sure what it was, but Evil is not an understatement."

"There wasn't any choice, Scott." Cal explains. "Illyana was going to take care of it and then she was knocked out. We couldn't have just left it in the park for anyone to pick up. It hasn't been out of my sight since." He points to the bag. "It's in there, Illyana."

A look of hesitant understanding is given to Calvin, though with the ruby lenses blocking his eyes, one only has a thinly pressed mouth to go on. "Grave robbing," he mutters, looking back to Illyana. "You're kidding. People still do that?" He shakes his head, before folding his arms and eying the bag. "I'm not comfortable with this," he points out. "I'd rather you get a full work up, Illyana, before we go opening any bags with Evil Magical artifacts inside, especially since you might be the only person around here who knows what to do with it." He turns to look toward Calvin. "Cal?" He doesn't need to expound; the tone of his voice is both hoping for agreement from the man, while also diverting to his opinion on that matter and Scott's voiced concerns.

"And I'm telling you, it's not in there." Illyana counters, looking between the two of them. "Look, I know between the two of you you've got all the magical sensitivity of a post but *trust* me. That thing can make my skin crawl at ten paces. And I'm *used* to Evil. And it's nice that you want me to get a full work up Scott, but I'm not one of your kids anymore." She punctuates that with the sound of those heavy boots of hers hitting the floor as she slides off of the medbed, her spine going very straight as she holds herself still for a moment.

Shaking his head, Cal looks to Scott. "Given what Illyana said, it needs top priority before the school is over run with ghou…" He trails off as Illyana insists it's not in the bag. If anyone would know, it's her. "That bastard." It's almost a sigh and he reaches up to run a hand through his hair. "That /stupid/, Cajun, bastard. Even after being told it's dangerous, even after being told its wards are weakening, even after someone tries to kill him he /still/ pocketed it. Probably trying to get more money for it now he knows it's powerful."

"What's that supposed to—" Scott starts, but Calvin's words interrupt him. He turns back around, blinking behind those glasses (which in effort means he's giving the man a blank, slack jawed stare). He remains silent for a moment, before drawing a deep breath and seemingly resigning. "Whatever this 'thing' is, if it would have posed a danger to the school, then it'll pose a danger to others." He looks between the two. "Isn't this what we're all about? Using our powers to protect people? What are the odds that we can track this thing down and, I dunno." He looks at Illyana. "Deal with it, somehow?"

Under his breath, Scott mutters in annoyance, "Whatever the hell 'it' is."

Illyana reaches for the bag, opening it. Just in case like, sunlight made it go poof or something. Inside is the plastic card protector that to her sight shows Warding glyphs and inside? A playing card. She makes a disgusted sound. "Aaaand it doesn't have *any* wardings on it at all. *Wonderful*." Following up with a sigh she gives Scott a nod. "I can try to scry him, if the magical aura on that thing isn't making too much…. static. And I still need to find something to *do* with it. I don't want it in Limbo. The taint is spreading there fast enough. I don't need to jump-start it."

"And that's why we couldn't leave it sitting around for anyone to take." Cal tells Scott. If Illyana is worried about it… "Is your Kitty as good with computers as my Kitty was? I doubt we'll be able to find an address or phone for him but if anyone can, Kitty could. He'll probably avoid Shaw's club since he knows I know he goes there."

"You guys made the right call," confirms Scott. "This magic stuff is over my head," he admits. "But I trust you to make the right move," he adds to Illyana. "It sounds like finding this thing is in everybody's best interest. Something tells me this Cajun guy doesn't know what he's got or how to deal with it." He nods to Calvin. "Let's talk to Kitty, see what kind of magic she can work. See if he's leaving some kind, any kind of paper trail."

"I just hope he's leaving that kind of trail and not *bodies*." Illyana growls. "I'll see what I can dig up." Graveyard humor there. "If we're lucky, it won't be the Cajun we need to dig up." Lifting her hands up, she summons a stepping disk to teleport her out of the medbay.

Cal gives Illyana a nods then walks over to the Medbay's computer display as she portals out to Limbo. "After I met him, I checked to see if we had an entry on him. Looks like the Professor sent someone to talk to him once but there's not a lot of information. Fortunately, I know him from other realities." he tells Scott. "His name's Remy LeBeau. Cajun, thief and mutant. He has the ability to charge objects with energy and use them as weapons. He favors projectiles and is an excellent marksman but I've known him to use a staff as well. He's a rake and has the morals of an alley cat. But he also has a sense of honor and has made an excellent X-Man. Both times I met him, I tried to convince him joining would be a good idea without being at all specific about who we are."

Scott tilts his head just a bit as the tale unwinds. The tactical information about the thief is helpful, in case an altercation takes place, and is filed away for future reference. "Something must have motivated him in those other timelines to be something more than a thief. I wonder if this will be the event that motivates him here?"

Scott quickly changes gears before waxing too poetic. "Either way, someone's got to look out for him if he won't do it for himself." He nods his head toward the door. "Come on. Let's go find Kitty and see what she can dig up."

Calvin Rankin turns off the computer display and follows Scott up into the school in search of Kitty.

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