Ice Cream Hath Charms

April 2, 2014: A demon gets a craving.

Xavier's Institute, kitchen



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The Xavier Institute has no shortage of pests. In the sense of what might be considered vermin, not the students. It comes with the territory of being out in the country. Squirrels, rats, bugs and snakes… Bamfs. Oh, and on occasion… demons. Like the one in the kitchen. Not the main, commerical-style kitchen for the school but the smaller one that much of the staff share.




The door of the 'fridge is open and things are being tossed out, the sounds a sharp counterpoint to the muttering undertone of the demon speaking to itself in a harsh, gutteral language that some might not notice as words at all. The demon is about four feet tall, almost skeletally thin with the bones of its vertebre standing out sharply beneath bright red skin. It has claws and horns and tail, but no wings, the fingers seeming to have an extra joint and all of them too long.

The commotion caught the attention of one of the students, who called their friends, and now there's a good quartet of them just outside the kitchen, wide, wide eyes and the tops of their heads all that's visible as they peek in at the pilfering demon. Logic would say to alert the teachers but no. They're far too interested in gawking.

It's a little early for dinner but you get hungry when you're hungry and adults can eat whenever and whatever they want. It's one of the best things about being an adult. So it's the noise that first catches Cal's attention as he heads for the kitchen, his enhanced hearing alerting him before he even sees the small crowd. "What's going on here?" he asks as soon as he turns the corner and sees them. Without waiting for an answer, he nudges one of the kids to the side and steps into the kitchen. Mutant power out of control? Kurt's pets getting into mischief? These are normal. But this… "Illyana!" he calls, hoping she's in earshot.

No such luck. The blonde Russian is rarely around the Institute. While some students chomp at the bit and even sneak their way into X-Men missions, Illyana has shown little interest in joining the 'team'.

With Calvin's appearance the quartet of students scatter. One of them literally, bursting into butterflies that flutter away.

Calvin's appearance gets the demon's attention, body jerking back so the head pulls free of the refridgeratro's depths. Bright, glowing yellow eyes with no pupil or whites fix on Calvin and it bares long fangs, hissing at him.

"Try it and you'll end up in orbit." Cal warns the demon. "Which might be better for you than Illyana learning you left Limbo and attacked people in the school." However he accomplished that. He'll have to ask. "Do you talk?"

With those solid eyes, it's not easy to follow the demon's gaze, but there's the slight tick-tick-tick turning of it's head with quick, birdlike movements that give the impression that it's looking around. It slowly steps away from the 'fridge, leaving the door gaping open and clawed feet making crushing, squishing sounds as it walks over the things it's already tossed out. The question gets another tick-tick-tick of movement and while it's facing Cal now, and closer, it's still a good dozen feet away. A long, forked tongue licks over sharp teeth and long fangs. "Talk. Yesssss." It says, the words formed with some difficulty, eyes narrowing at the mention of Illyana. "Not attacked." It points out.

"And lets keep it that way." Cal reaches up to run a hand through his hair and surveys the damage. "You couldn't have just put them on a table?" It's a rhetorical question. "What are you doing here? Is Illyana all right? Did she send you?"

The demon moves slowly, almost crab-like in the lateral movement until it gets to said table. One clawed hand is placed on it and used to climb up, the rest of its body seeming to fold up as it crouches there, watching Cal warily. The mutant's question about Illyana gets a cock of its head and it's tense manner seems to ease a bit. "Darkchilde. All right." Claws scrape over the tabletop, drawing thin curls of wood and its next answer only comes after a lengthy pause. "Not send."

Cal turns as the demon moves to keep it in front of him. Once it answers, he relaxes a bit as well. "Good." The type of trouble that Illyana would need to call in the cavalry for is not something he'd look forward to. "Stay there then. I'll call her." He pulls his cellphone out of his pocket.

The demon watches Cal carefully as he moves, and seems to flinch a bit when Cal says he's going to call Illyana. The turn of his head marks him looking for other ways out as he moves a bit further away from Calvin.

It's always a crapshoot, getting ahold of Illyana via phone. The sorceress and technology aren't even remotely friends. "Hey Cal, what's up?" Illyana answers, her tone clipped and all business. It's not like they call each other to hang out or braid each other's hair.

"One of your pets is here." Cal answers then adds "Stay there!" Pause. "Not you, it." he says into the phone. "We're in the staff kitchen and it made a mess rifling through the fridge. Don't you feed these guys? On second thought, I don't want to know what they normally eat."

There's a pause, and instead of an answer there's the sudden appearance of a stepping disk, Illyana appearing with the phone still held to her ear. Her boots appear first, those heavy leather, thick-soled things she's so partial to with silver skull buckles that encase her legs all the way to the knee. Then there's the equally black leather pants and finally more black in the form of an old, faded Black Sabbath T-shirt that's seen better days. It's the demon her eyes find first, the phone thumbed off and slid away as her gaze stays on the thing. "I don't feed them." Her words are clearly for Cal. "Do you know how many of them there are? It'd be a never-ending job." She frowns at the demon. "What are you doing here?" She asks with an exasperated sigh.

The phone is turned off and put away as soon as Cal see the portal. "It was rhetorical." he notes dryly. "I didn't think you went out and bought demon chow at the local Petco." At her question, he also turns to look at the demon. "Beyond making a mess." he adds.

When the demon answers Illyana, it isn't in its stilted English, but insead that gutteral, hissing tone. Its body lowers, belly scraping the table as it moves towards Illyana, climbing down to the floor. When it gets to her feet, it wraps around her legs like some kind of oversized cat, head tilted down as it looks up at her with those glowing yellow eyes.

Illyana listens, watching it approach without a lick of nervousness even to Cal's keen senses despite the claws and the fangs and all that. Too long around the critters for that to bother her. As it finishes speaking, she pinches the bridge of her nose, eyes squeezed shut as she lets out a long-suffering sigh. "Do you have any ice cream?" She asks Cal, tone strained.

At the question, Cal opens his mouth then closes it again, quirking a brow and looking at Illyana. "Seriously? It wants ice cream? How does it even know what ice cream is? I thought you didn't feed them." He shakes his head then gestures with a hand. "In the freezer, of course. Not the fridge. Though it shouldn't get any treats without first cleaning up the mess it made." Mutant children, demons, what's the difference.

Illyana cuts those hard blue eyes over to Cal, narrowed slightly. But then, she was expecting the reaction. It just makes her bristle. "Yes. It wants ice cream." She says, absently dropping one hand down to pat it on the head. Cal's suggestion that it clean up the mess? That gets a half-hearted chuckle. "You… honestly don't want it to try. I have in the past. The results are never good." A portal opens off to the side and she nudges the demon that way. "Go." It looks up at her with a hopefuly sort of pout and she arches a brow. "Go!" It gets.

Illyana look around at the mess, hands setting on hips and then finally moves to start collecting the stuff to go into the sink and trash and whatnot. "I don't remember if you knew, or I told you or whatever, that Limbo reflects its ruler?"

"You didn't. But you did once years ago." Cal answers and he starts grinning as the meaning of that sinks home. "So because ice cream hath charms to soothes the savage Illyana, all your demons have an ice cream craving too? Does that extend to flavor as well?" As Illyana starts cleaning up, it all disappears and BLINKs into the sink.

Illyana tosses the stuff she had collected into the trash and lifts a shoulder in a defensive sort of shurg. "Kind of, yeah." Illyana admits. Her whole manner is sort of bristly about it. Well, combined with that whole 'he knew another her', and she doesn't know what *that* her told him always makes her rather edgy. Like someone with Secrets. But that's not too much of a surprise.

"Huh. I never made the connection." With the demon gone, Cal walks over to the freezer and pulls out a pint of ice cream. Then over to the cabinets, he gets a couple bowls and spoons. "How did it get out? Are the naturally occuring portals between here and Limbo?"

"Yeah, I don't make the stepping disks, I can just control them. They open pretty much anywhere in time and space. It's usually a crapshoot as to where they're going if you just jump into one though." Illyana sits down at the table, one hand resting on the top and tracing her fingertips over the furrows left by the demon's claws. "It didn't teleport from Limbo right here." She says, not looking at him. "It came here from wherever it got dumped out to here. It's been travelling for a while."

"Makse sense." Carrying the things over, he sets them down and starts dishing ice cream into the bowls. One gets pushed to Illyana before he sits down. "Home is where the heart is. Xavier's is safe. Where else would it go when it was alone in a strange world." And the demon picks up what Illyana feels as she just explained.

Illyana gives Calvin one of her Looks, but doesn't comment as he nails it. Her connection to Limbo is a big part of her. But it's not one that she advertises. It makes most people twitchy just to think about. She stabs at her ice cream with the spoon before taking a bite. "I'd never had ice cream in Russia. It's one of my first memories of the States."

The pint of ice cream vanishes as Cal ports it back into the freezer. "A good first memory to have. I remember that day, when we got you back from Arcade and Piotr decided it would be safer for you to stay with us." Smiling at the memory, it fades a moment later as the next memory follows naturally.

Illyana shakes her head, but doesn't voice the 'so weird' that goes with it. Because for her, he was never there. But then she went from six to fourteen in the space of a breath for them. "It wouldn't have mattered. Some things, you can't escape." She brushes off that she didn't end up 'safer' with a shrug and another bite of ice cream. "But you'd know that better than most, hmm?"

"Shit happens." Cal agrees but doesn't finish with the rest of it. "Except for those times when it doesn't and it's rarely your actions that make the difference." He takes a spoonful of ice cream then adds "Except when it is." He shrugs a shoulder. "The multiverse is a complicated place."

Illyana smirks over at Cal then. "You're useless." She informs him as he talks in circles. "I'm sorry about the demon." It's given somewhat grudgingly, that apology.

Cal gives Illyana a grin in return. "Sorry but it really seems to have no rhyme nor reason. Sometimes the difference is as simple as a yes/no choice. Other times, there's nothing obvious at all so it must be a series of little events that split things off. I think you and Piotr don't come to the US in a lot of realities. Which means you probably end up having a relatively normal life. But I was rarely in any one long enough to say for certain." The apology gets a shrug. "Not your fault. If you weren't its queen, it would probably have just eaten someone where it showed up. A messy kitchen is better."

"Probably." Illyana admits of the whole eating someone bit. "Monsters escape sometimes. I can't stop that. Limbo touches too many times, too many places." She rubs at the back of her neck with another sigh and then smirks over at him. "You just let it all roll off of you, hmm?"

The question prompts Cal to glance down at his ice cream and eat a couple spoonfuls before answering. "It's a matter of perspective. When you've been through worse, when you've done worse, you learn what's important. And a messy kitchen is so far down that ladder that it doesn't even register on the worth getting bothered scale." He looks back up at Illyana and gives her a nod. 'You know what I mean.' it says.

Illyana gives a soft snort of amusement. "I'm not talking about the kitchen." She notes, her tone dry. Like her, he knew what she meant. Having finished her ice cream she stands to take it over to the dishwasher. Yeah, she can put her own dishes away. "There anything that gets you bothered, Cal?"

"Of course. Only sociopaths don't get bothered by things and I'm not even sure about them, depending on your definition of bothered." Though Cal's finished his ice cream, he just lets the bowl sit there as he watches Illyana. It's not often they spend alone time together. In fact, almost never. "Why?"

Illyana leans back against the kitchen counter, arms crossing in front of her as one leg comes over the other with the rub of leather against leather. He's used to those blue eyes of hers. Cold and hard, an emptiness filled with shadows under the ice. "Because you're odd, Cal." There's a slight smirk, as she says that about someone. "You're too… steady to have seen so much. Makes a girl suspicious."

"Pot meet kettle." Cal's tone is definitely amused but the humor in his expression fades as she continues. "I had people with me." he explains. "We saw it together. I didn't need to go through it alone." Mostly. "And metal is stronger when it comes out of the crucible and the impurities have been burned away."

Illyana tilts her head in a slight nod, accepting his words as an answer… but it doesn't look like she's buying it entirely. "Burdens shared, hmm?" After a long moment she pushes away from the counter. "I'll to a walk of the grounds. Make sure there aren't any more unexpected guests of the demonic persuasion."

"Plus it was my job to be steady." Cal adds then nods. "Not a bad idea, especially if you can find out where the portal opened. Make sure none are wandering around out there."

Illyana tilts her head in a nod and gives Cal a parting smirk before she heads out the door, the sound of her heavy boots a steady beat that slowly fades.

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