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April 15, 2014: Something has the Brotherhood riled up and ready for war. Emits by Remy (Language warning)

District X

District X or the more popular coined Mutant Town is a crowded, poor neighborhood with a high crime rate. It hosts the largest mutant population in all of New York City and perhaps even the United States. District X is situated in Alphabet City, Manhattan or what is called the Middle East Side and from all outward appearances is little more than a ghetto but there is more to it than that especially with the burgeoning mutant numbers because with those numbers comes community and subculture, a subculture unique to those who host an X-Gene and their enthusiasts.

Despite being a "ghetto" the borough of District X is rife with mutant-owned or oriented businesses of all variety. All manner of fashion designers, inventors, artists, musicians along with the drug dealers, mutant gangs, criminals and prostitutes call M-Town home. If a person wants that authentic "mutant" feel they come to their ethnic enclave; M-Town, despite the obvious dangers.



  • Pyro
  • Avalanche
  • Sgt. "Leatherneck" Metzger (SRD)
  • SRD
  • Graydon Creed (Television only)

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Rain hasn't stopped the gathering at the end of Brundlefly street just in front the RadioShack, outraged shouts and yells are all audible beyond the cityscape's noises. Almost a dozen men and women stand around enraged and fuming at what is being displayed on the television, Rex a retired musician from the band Lone Rangers and a radio DJ for WPIG was murdered shortly after revealing himself to his listeners as a mutant.

"Can you believe this shit?" Snarls the slender blonde man near the front of the cluster of M-Town denizens. "This fuck' wants to up and pretend we all just be cool with this?" A spark ignites from one of his fingertips and turns in to a violently whipping little flame that dances from across his fingertips. "See that, them mother humps strung him up like a piñata…" A graphic content warning scrolls across the largest television set again showing the splayed out and crucified picture of Rex. A black flag has been nailed in to his chest with a white cross upon it, a symbol that has lately been becoming popular among anti-mutant extremists and lobbyists, the call sign of a group called the Purifiers. They're rumored to be part of the Church of Humanity and one of Graydon Creed's many backers for political positioning, Graydon Creed being one of the men currently embroiled in debate on the television as well, his words defending the accusations the Church had anything to do with this, his honey sweet tone assuring the people that the Purifiers are in no way affiliated with him and his panel yet he doesn't see them as wrong or villains just misunderstood, scared and lashing out at the true evil our society is facing, mutants.

More shouts rise up from the growing mob and the blonde Australian turns flinging a ball of fire in to the window the pop to explosive sound of a tube being blown out causes the crowd to roar louder. Fortunately it's a small crowd, unfortunately it's a crowd of possible mutants, this is District X after all.


Standing there in the rain, unmoving like a sentinel the small wind that seeps through the streets in its own uproar snares a wisp of white hair from beneath the hood, lashing it out into the open with a twine of auburn. The rest of her features that hair frames remain cloaked and hidden to the shadows that come from her green trench coat.

Of all places she is not surprised here is where an uprising with start, heralding the cries of the outraged, the persecuted, the wronged… Her people.

A gloved hand works fingers together at her side, should she stop this? Or let their rage carry them on, towards the one who is deserving it, carving a path of destruction in their wake to persecute in return.

"Always torn from right and wrong…" She murmurs as she looks up towards the sky, the folds of the oversized hood peeling back just a bit to reveal her features and the green gaze that matches her attire - though if Graydon was the object of that assault that blew glass outward and shut the tv off, she would not have any hesitance…


Raven's finding a lot of things about this situation which are wrong, though most of them are easily set aside and ignored. It's the small rally of people in front of the TV, before it gets destroyed, which draws her in. It's the face that had shown up across the screen which caused her to stay. Now more than ever as the crowd gets riled up from the display of power. For the moment she looks like any average mid-thirties woman. Normal to a fault. It's a disguise which she keeps when approaching the hotheaded Fire Aussie, reaching out to try and catch him by the wrist.

"And you think that what you are doing now will make one ounce of difference in your favor?" she warns, her tone cold and firm. "Unless your goal is to draw the Mardee's upon this district like a tidal wave, stop prattling on like a fool and step away."

Someone, at least, is making an attempt to stop it. Probably with reason.


A slap outwards to unlatch from Mystique's grasp at his wrist and the Australian's hand unleashes a jet of flame upwards, a display not an outright attack /yet/ "Hands off lady, I will job you." That wave of fire fans out even against the downpour like some living creature, "Now, nick off." The man clearly doesn't recognize the disguised Mystique but his appearance is one of some notoriety in certain circles, Saint-John Allerdyce; aka Pyro.

"I suggest you listen to him we don't want anyone here to get hurt but if you push us… we'll make an example of you." Another voice, this one thick with a Greek accent cuts through the crowd like a knife as a broad shouldered man with short cropped curly dark hair elbows his way to the front to stand near Pyro. Dominikos Petrakis, aka; Avalanche a mercenary and sometimes mutant rights extremist (when it suits him); his broad features looking fierce under the mop of curls. Looks like he means business or he is just trying to save the average looking woman's hide. He is completely unaware Rogue is standing just to his left, his push to the front having shoved her in to a rotund man with tentacles for a beard instead of actual hair. Wriggly, squirming, tendrils that try to tangle out towards her as she crushes up against him. "Sorry." The man whispers politely as he tries to make some room for her.

Pyro's eyes look almost a-glow as he stares openly at Mystique, "You a flatscan, Sheila?"


Inanimate objects, okay, but the woman… No. Rogue doesn't need to step up though, she is already being pushed into place and forward by the riling crowd, her hood falling back and away with the step from the tentacle bearded man. No words, just a nod to him as her eyes do not even stay on him to stare, there are worse things she has seen, and one of them is working its way up to occur.

Stepping back towards the fray with Pyro and disguised Raven, she pushes back past Avalanche and speaks up. "You have a rage building up, I see that suga', but I think it needs to be directed where it belongs.. To who it belongs, you're giving them what they want to see - she's right. Now let her go."

Her stance is casual and calm, but booted feet remain planted, sliding just a bit apart for a stance of readiness, the parting and unveiling of the hooded trench coat revealing the fitted outfit beneath, a dark green cropped top, leaving her abdomen bare, pants matching, held aloft upon bare hips by a few belted straps that lead to the effigy of a belt. No armaments, but she doesn't need them. "I'm no flatscan, try me."


The hold is broken, but the woman's made her presence known. Now she has their attention, which is exactly what she wanted. The challenges, the threats, the questioning, and none other than her Anna-Marie approaching the crowd from behind. If these fools direct their energy toward the wrong fight then it isn't going to end well for them.

"Would I stand before you if I was?" the mystery woman asks with an amused smirk, the whites of her eyes flooding with color until every last detail, down to the brown of each iris, is replaced with a solid golden sheen. The sound of Rogue's voice among the crowd only further builds her confidence, at the very least she still has one ally here today. One very potent ally.

"Unlike Creed, I do not have a death wish, Pyro. Nor should you. Nor -any- of you," she adds with a sudden shift of tone from secretive to commanding.

It's time to take control of her troops.

"She speaks the truth. Do any of you truly believe you will accomplish anything by standing about with fists in the air and a broken television?" she presses, simply -daring- someone to rise to her challenge. "You have all grown weak and misguided, you have forgotten what we stand for! Now unless you desire a fight you cannot possibly win," she continues while shifting her voice to perfectly mimic that of Pyro's, turning to stare back at him with that blank gaze. Here, too, the woman's disguise completely melts away until true blue Mystique stands before them all. "Nick off, and pay attention."


"Rogue…" Avalanche grunts as the ground around them begins to rumble, a car alarm chirping intermittently as the tremors begin to vibrate it on the cement. "I always knew some day I would have to slap you down."

Pyro is ignorant to what is transpiring between Rogue and his comrade right now as his rage remains directed at Mystique until she sheds her 'skin' revealing her mutant visage, "Mystique!? I didn't realize it was you." Almost instantly that heat dissipates and the roiling fire elemental squelches, vanishing from existence. "You picked a time to show up, Dom and I was just wanting to have a yarn with you. We was just mucking around." He waves around them towards the crowd which is now dispersing some quicker than others as the quakes persist. "Dom, chill brother, chill." Pyro shouts trying to get the Greek mutants attention.


The stoic visage on Rogues face spreads into a small grin as Mystique reveals herself bit by bit, like a serpent shedding her exotic scales for a new skin, piece by piece.

The shocks the earth beneath their feet begins to take don't make her flinch, she has felt this before by the same source in the past as much as herself on a regular basis. "So it's a slap fight you want big boy?" Southern accented drawl taking on an amused tenor with the quirk of her lips. "I didn't take you for the hair-pullin' sort… But if you want to fight like a girl.." One gloved hand rises and her other hand begins to slowly tug off the white gloves - finger. by. finger.

"Though as much as 'ah hate to admit it, I say we /chill/."


"I'm sure you were," Mystique says in her cool blend of vocal tones. Here, though, she's staring at Avalanche with a look of warning. If Pyro can't get him to settle down, and quickly…

Either Rogue can drop him where he stands, or she can come stand at the head of the crowd with Raven. If she chooses, the metamorph knows she's not much for being on center stage. However, the offer is there in the form of a gesture of a delicate blue hand. Only for a moment.

Next it's motioning to where the screen had been with the news broadcast. "Graydon Creed," she announces then gives the name a moment to sink in with the crowd. "We shall have our vengeance. It begins with those responsible for the blatant death of one of our own. It ends with Creed's head driven upon a pike, held high for the world to see. None of this shall be accomplished until we stand together. Avalanche," she adds with a cold, threatening stare.

He's about to get his ass handed to him. Raven's just going to stand by and watch if it happens.

"The Brotherhood's time is now," the metamorph declares, now casting those blank eyes upon Rogue once more. "The world will come to fear and respect us. The Mardee's will fall before us. Our rise to power begins -now.-"


"Another time, skýla." Avalanche spits out while the mini-quakes cease - his hands tucking in to his jacket pockets before he goes to stand closer to Mystique and Pyro.

"There we go, no dramas." Pyro assures even displaying empty palms with the comment before his sidelong gaze hits Rogue, "Been a spell, sweets. Still winjing bout your powers or you finally belt up?"

"This Creeds becoming popular, I do not like his smug face." Dom says with a half-snarl. "I'd rather fight him than your pet." The slight getting a smirk cast at Rogue.

The car alarm sounds now gone the /silent/ alarm of the store can be heard by those with advanced hearing and usually it takes a while for normal police to arrive on scene but this being District X and the display of mutants powers involved means an SRD unit was already mobilizing even if it is to just come and bully some of the downtrodden of M-Town.


"Some things change…" Rogue states as she glances from Mystique to Pyro, responding to both in kind with those simple words, as well as finalizing her sentence on Avalanche. "Where others do not."

Stepping up to stand beside Mystique, there is no hesitance even as she tugs the gloves completely off and slips them to hook through her belt and hang there lazily, at least here and now she can gauge there will be no unwanted close contact.

"There's a lot Ah have come to realize while we haven't been working together, one of them being that hesitating has a time and a place, and it is not /now/."

Now there beside them all, the remaining rabble of fellow mutants gaining the skimming sweep of green eyes to ensure that they had their attention and things were going as they should.


Alas, Mystique only has heightened senses when she chooses to have them. In the middle of the city, acute hearing does her few favors and lends to a great many headaches. The tripping of the alarm is not noticed.

What -has- been noticed is Avalanche's slight toward Raven's daughter.

If the crowd hasn't already begun to part for her she's going to see to it that it parts for her now, her steps slow but full of purpose as she comes to stand toe to toe with the other mutant.

"Be mindful of whom you speak such words to. The amount of strength necessary to rip the tongue from a man's throat is infinitely less than the amount of strength she will bring down upon you if you do not."

Well, if the SRD is on its way then she'd be more than happy to sacrifice this one so the rest succeed. Congratulations, Avalanche! He's now been selected to take the fall for the rest of them. He's going to be a team player, one way or another.

Avalanche has it coming, but Mystique is a woman with a mission. This isn't meant to become a street fight amongst mutants. Pyro seems to know his place, she can work with him without having to first beat him into shape. Besides, Rogue's got Avalanche. There's no question in her mind. Turning back to Pyro, she instructs "I want everyone still under your influence rounded together." Offering a business card that had been morphed from her own skin, she says "We meet here tomorrow." The time and address are already marked upon the card.


Avalanche's lips contort and it looks as though he is biting words then chewing them before opening his mouth once more, "If there is fun and money to be had I'm in. I'll play along and follow lead." Just do not show signs of weakness with this crowd. They're quick to cannibalize themselves if need be.

"He's pulled his head in, Mystique, we're good." One of Pyro's hands slaps Avalanche on the shoulder, "I can get Fred, I got a wire to Tom… "

"We got our Freedom Force boys, Martin is here in New York, maybe recruit some of the Morlocks." Dom's foot stomps the ground on emphasis. "Plenty of them are wanting a fight."

Two armored SUVs with flashing white lights peel around the end of the street. The darkened rainy sky almost obscuring the winged silhouette of a helicopter behind them, it's lights cannot be hidden - glaring like two great eyes down.

"For fuck sakes!" Pyro blurts out before turning and looking towards the inside of the RadioShack, "Traitors… " Fire ignites from his fingers and just as quickly is cast in to the building electrical sparks snap and crackle as the room near-instantaneously catches fire. "Enough earbashin', time to play." The pyromancer's smile growing as he faces down the incoming vehicles.

"You two go ahead. I wanted a warm up anyways and since Rogue isn't going to be it I'll settle for some MRD." SRD but thats the popular term for them around these parts.

A spotlight pops on shining it's white glow down the street towards the gathered Brotherhood members a voice projecting alongside it, amplified via loudspeaker; "This is sergeant Metzger of the SRD. On behalf of the citizens of New York City I am ordering you to stand down and de-activate your powers immediately or we will be forced to take lethal action!"


Rogue tenses now, the sirens and the sudden shift, but this shift could very well be for he good. Looking back and forth from periphery the gathered group is banding together, not apart, against one common foe.

The spotlight makes Rogues eyes narrow to regain focus as she watches the SUV's peel in in front of them. No reach for her gloves, and no move to leave with Mystique, though she glances towards her -mother- and quirks one corner of her lips up in a smirk.

"These ones like to shoot first, who do they think they're kiddin'? Ah am game for some old fashioned fun." Maybe 'accidentally' hit Avalanche with a few of them in the meantime.. Accidents happen!


Excellent. With the information given to Mystique she nods once to Pyro. It's not as large of a list as she had hoped for, but one matter at a time. Recruitment drives are both simple and effective, especially now that she can capitalize on the current events plastered all over the news. Simple. Knowing that Avalanche is up to the challenge certainly helps, as well.

Lights. Sirens. By the time Mystique spins about to face this incoming threat, she's become someone else again. Nope, no global mutant terrorists here! Just a woman with a seriously foul temper now that these SRD -fools- have come to step on all of their toes. But..then she smirks anew.

Looks like the recruitment drive has already begun.

To Rogue, she explains how she sees the situation playing out. How she's going to spin it for later. "Attacked simply for standing out where we can be seen. We had no choice but to act in self-defense. It's a shame the store got torched during the fight."

The Radio Shack. Erase all evidence that Pyro had vandalized the place and tripped the alarm.

She could face the SRD, but..why should she? She's got the Brotherhood to handle that for her! All she need do is give Pyro his special order. Burn the store to the ground. If these mutants wish to stay and engage the enemy, they're more than welcome to. It will weed out the weak from the strong.

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