Mirrors Edge

April 27, 2017: Evelyn pulls Beast into group night at the club, and is served by Roxy.

Mirror's Edge

Mutant friendly bar in downtown Metropolis



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It's not really a huge night at Mirror's Edge, one of the few downtown Metropolis mutant bars. While not focused entirely on the mutant clientele, it's probably one of the few places someone who's not just a regular can get away with getting some bar food and a drink without being harassed. The atmosphere in these clubs are different, something like a 'I know but I don't care' feeling. It's almost cathartic, like you could just be normal for a night, without worrying about whether your skin is purple or if you have gills or fire for eyes.
Unfortunately, there are usually themed parties and arbitrary rules. It's one of those clubs. Today it's group night, meaning if you're not a regular, it's a bit difficult to get in if you aren't with at least one to two other people.
Perhaps even more unfortunately, Evelyn brought no one. So outside she stands, wearing some pretty normal clothes. It's a bit chilly outside, so she's wearing a black v-neck long sleeve shirt with sleeves that extend halfway down her hands, and a brown double-breasted button up cotton shirt over that. Combined with that attire is a black satin choker, with a pair of faded jeans and purple converse sneakers. She looks to be scanning passerbys, probably seeking to ask someone to come in with her.

Dr. Hank McCoy doesn't usually trek out as far as Metropolis, but he needed some materials that had to be hand-picked so he made the drive down, dealt with the shock of the suppliers upon seeing him, and chose to take a quick walk around the block to clear his head and shake off the embarassment and insecurity of people's reaction to his appearance. In deference to the cold and to cover up as much as possible, he has on a trenchcoat, scarf, and fedora pulled low over his brow. His hands are in the pockets of the coat and the collar is up to hide as much of him as possible.

The path brings him past the line of people outside the club, but he really doesn't give them much pause. After all, if he keeps moving, there's less of a chance of anyone getting a good look at him under the shadows of the hat.
Mirror's Edge. It's just another of the string of places Roxy's wound up in her slow knock across the country. Delaware. Who'd have expected to be in delaware? Yet she has, and you gotta do what you gotta do. Those bus tickets and cheap motels won't pay for themselves and Roxy has other needs too. Thus, Mirror's Edge.

"Roxy!" snaps a woman. "What the hell? You know we're supposed to pool tips." Roxy makes a face as she pulls the small set of bills out of her back pocket. "Huh?" she asks. "Right, shit, forgot. Sorry Beth." "I know you're knew but christ, you keep this up and you won't last." ~As if!~ Roxy thinks to herself. "Now get tables 15 and 18 closed, we've gotta turn them over." "Right, right," Roxy replies, diving back into the thick of work.
Evelyn approaches a girl passing by, "Miss, miss. Excuse me. Would you," The girl continues walking, ignoring her. "Okay." Frowning a bit, Evelyn looks on to other passerbys. As McCoy walks by, she takes a step towards him, hands clasped together, "Excuse me, sir." She takes a breath, almost pleading as she quickly explains, "I really want to get in this club and they have group requirements and I need someone to come with me inside and I'll buy you a drink or food or something. Please?"
Evelyn just about gasps after explaining all of that in one breath. "I would really appreciate it," she says finally, looking up to Hank.

Hank McCoy pauses as the woman steps in front of him, prepared to shell out a couple of bucks to the panhandler. The words, however, don't fit one asking for money. "I beg your pardon?" is asked as he apparently needs clarification that he heard what he thought he heard. "You…need me to help you get into the club? Miss, if you're underage, I can't be breaking the law just for a dance party."

Evelyn stops, almost surprised the man actually stopped to respond to her instead of just ignoring her completely. His reply doesn't quite fit what she expected either, and it takes her a bit to regain her mental balance as she processes what to say. "Oh," she finally says, "Not quite, I'm actually twenty three." This person might actually listen to her, so she looks back at the club, "They're not —, I'm so sorry. Let me try again." She takes a deep breath, exhales, and tries, "My name is Evelyn. I just wanted to get a drink. It's group night, would you be my partner? I'll treat you to a drink and some food if you'd like." This could be worse, probably. "We could talk inside."

If this was Gotham or even New York, Hank's wariness might increase at the story. However, this is Metropolis…things like that don't happen here, right? There's another pause before he looks to the club, golden eyes glinting from under the fedora, "You're not going to steal my wallet or drug me or something, are you?" There's a sigh, "I'm sorry, but attractive women don't tend to stop me on the street and offer to buy me a drink. I'm not really the type who gets people into clubs, especially clubs like this."

However, he does offer, "My name's Hank."
"What? No." replies Eve, wide-eyed. "No, I'm sorry, this is probably a little sketch." She laughs nervously, rubbing the back of her head and glancing aside. "It's nice to meet you, Hank. I could show you my ID if it'd make you feel any better." Looking back, she offers a small smile, "This is a mutant's club sort of." Well it is. Entirely. "I doubt they wouldn't let you in, they let everyone in. If that doesn't bother you, my offer's still open." Strange, she doesn't look like a mutant, although looks can be deceiving. She doesn't quite response to the attractive comment, either.

"A mutant club? In Metropolis?" That actually piques Hank's interest a little more. "I didn't realize that there were even mutants out and about in Metropolis…" but many aren't distinguishable from non-mutants. He certainly knows that. Turning back to Evelyn, he finally gives a nod, "All right, Evelyn. I'll help you get in, but I won't hold you to the drink and conversation. I'm sure that there will be other more attractive prospects." There usually are in clubs like these…and he can even see a few waiting in the line.
Once Hank and Evelyn join up, the bouncer takes note and waves them in. Once inside they get a look at the club, and after a brief conversation with the hostess get directed to a rather cozy booth off away from the main stage. It's no big deal, since nobody live is playing.

"Hi," says a young woman, a minute after they're seated, "I'll be taking care of you tonight, I'm Roxy," she says, hanging out menus. Her voice carries the kind of Southern California edge that went out for most people with the 90s. It also seems to lack energy - she's clearly not in love with her job. Her hair flops as she tilts her head back and forth, looking at the two of them, pink bangs moving over her darker dyed hair. She is, it appears, somewhat staring at Hank.

Once Hank and Evelyn join up, the bouncer takes note and waves them in. Once inside they get a look at the club, and after a brief conversation with the hostess get directed to a rather cozy booth off away from the main stage. It's no big deal, since nobody live is playing.

"Hi," says a young woman, a minute after they're seated, "I'll be taking care of you tonight, I'm Roxy," she says, hanging out menus. Her voice carries the kind of Southern California edge that went out for most people with the 90s. It also seems to lack energy - she's clearly not in love with her job. Her hair flops as she tilts her head back and forth, looking at the two of them, pink bangs moving over her darker dyed hair.

"Great!" exclaims Evelyn, perhaps she is thinking of ditching Hank, it's difficult to tell. As they line up and are ushered inside by the bouncer, who likely gives Evelyn a sort of 'look' (She'd already been in line once already!), she instead seems to stick to the bundled up man. Up until they reach their booth, she even takes a seat, sitting across from Hank. When Roxy comes up, Evelyn gives her a curious expression, "Don't I know you? I swear I've seen you around before."

Hank McCoy pretty much says nothing as he escorts Evelyn into the club; he even keeps his hands in the pockets of the trenchcoat. Once they're seated, however, the hands are pulled out, all furry, blue, and clawed, and he reaches up to remove his hat. After all, it's impolite to wear a hat inside. He glances up as Roxy greets them but then looks back at the menu. He'll let the women have their conversation without interrupting, that is, if it continues now that he's shown who he is.

"Just got to town last week," Roxy tells her new customer. "Doubt it," she adds. "What'll you have to…" she trails off and her eyes drift over Hank, staring. "drink?" she asks, voice cracking. "Fuck, sorry," Roxy curses, rubbing her eyes. "Nic fit, you know?" she asks with a nervous laugh.
Eve is about to say something in return, but naturally her eyes follow where Roxy's go and she looks at Hank, too. Her mouth doesn't quite close immediately, and her hand comes up to cover it. "Oh. Gosh, I'm sorry." Evelyn apologises, and she quickly looks back to Roxy. "Basket of wings and two Angry Orchard Ciders with water, I think."

This. This is why he doesn't leave his lab very often. Next time, he'll have to send someone to run this errand for him. Hank is still for a moment before he offers quietly, "It's all right. I've certainly heard worse reactions to me." There's a sad sort of smile then, "Really, it's quite all right, Evelyn. I'm happy to leave you to the club, now that you're in. I wouldn't want your evening ruined because I was seen with you."
Roxy fumbles for her order pad, which is shoved into the wasitband of her too-tight jeans. "Right.." she says, having to give it a good yank to get it free. Lord knows how she got it in there. A little golf pencil comes out of the wire binding and she scribbles the order. "Uh….on me," she adds. It's something she totally doesn't have the money for, but's still preferable to getting outright fired. She'll catch up somehow. Roxy turns and hustles for the bar.
"No, no it's alright. Please don't go, Hank." asks Evelyn, frowning a bit, "Normally I can't find anyone to hang out with me, anyways." She's even about to say something to the waitress, who has all but vanished by the time she opens her mouth, "I —uh.. Huh. She's gone." Looking back to Hank she says, "I rarely get to interact with people, I.. Well, like I said, tonight's one of the few nights I actually get to leave the base and do things."

"That's not necessary," Hank starts, but Roxy is already gone. Huh. Fast. He then looks back to Evelyn and sits back down, "Are you sure?" He's not going to ask the question too many times. He does ask, though, "What base do you work on? I didn't realize there was a military base here in Metropolis."
It's a few minutes before Roxy returns, long enough for Hank to ask a probing question, at least. She returns with a tray and two bottles on it, at a near run. She's a coper and she knows to cope with this she has to keep these two from getting super pissed with her, much as it sticks in her craw. There's a set of three stairs from the bar down to the seating area, stairs which Roxy's traversed a thousand times in the week she's been here. Never gave her trouble, but this time? Roxy's foot hits it just wrong and her balance is off. A couple other patrons notice and wince, expecting a shatter…

…that never comes. Roxy's tumbled, but the bottles, the tray and herself are all scattered through space, floating and surrounded by a purple blow.

"Yes, please." Evelyn says again, nodding as if to affirm her decision. She bites the corner of her lip and glances towards the main stage for a moment before looking back. "It's near AmerTek, not really so much a military base but a building used for operatives and active duty responders here in Metropolis." Leaning forward while folding her arms on the table she shrugs, "It's.. Not very interesting." There's some amount of sincerity in her voice given her loss or direct eye contact, but she does look back at you, and without staring this time.
While looking over again, Eve misses the trip, but does catch the glance just as soon as Roxy just floats in space. "I wish I had that power."
"I don't really know the city all that well…I live outside of New York. I'm just here on business, really." Because apparently blue beasts are still part of the job market or something like that. "If it's not a Military base, why aren't you able to go out and about often?" Hank's attention is pulled by the floating tray items and he pushes his glasses up on his nose as he considers the glow, "Hmm. Looks like a form of telekinesis…although I haven't seen the aura before."

Roxy floats and the items move together. The tray comes back to her hand and she gets under it, moving to pluck the bottles out of the air and put everything back together, as she tries to move past that particular indignity and get on with business. "Right, so here you go…" she says, putting down the bottles and playing as nothing odd just happened.
"Telekinesis.." echos Evelyn, thoughtfully. It's perhaps rude, but Evelyn watches as Roxy reassembles everything and brings it over. Helpfully she clears room on the table for all the items. "If you'd like to join us maybe on your break, you're more than welcome, miss." Well, if you're going to have a party of strangers… Eve pulls one of the ciders near her, "May I have a straw, too?" Then to Hank she says, "Well, I'm military. Well, sort of. I'm in a sector of the military, technically. Our sector is based out of that building for now. Usually I'm in New York, though. What do you do?"

"Yes, that's what it could be…the ability to control the movement of objects." Because Hank is used to explaining things a bit now. As Roxy brings the itens, he offers his version of a smile, which happens to show rather sharp teeth, "Thank you. That was quite the trick you did there…may I ask how you did that?"

Evelyn's answers are taken and he answers, also as a bit of an explanation as to why he asked Roxy what he did, "I'm a scientist. I've done quite a bit of work in genetic mutation."

Roxy nods at the straw request and is already half a step away when Evelyn tosses out that invitation. "For serious?" she asks, her california tone amping up a bit. "'Kay," she says. Roxy departs again, this time taking the steps more slowly and carefully. She returns in short order, carrying a couple straws and instead of lingering tableside, she edges in and takes a seat next to Evelyn. "My feet are gonna fall off," she says, her tone distinctly more casual than earlier. She shrugs at Hanks question. "Just did. Caitlin said I probably…'adjusted local gravitation'?" she suggests, air-quoting the sciency bit.
"Oh." pipes Evelyn's short response to Hank's answer. She physically withdraws a little bit, fingers closing into her palm as she looks at her drink. When Roxy joins, she forces a small smile and takes the straw, popping it into her cider before sipping on it. She even makes a bit of room for Roxy. Plenty of room. "That's pretty cool. I always thought levitation was kind of really neat. I saw some really neat videos online of people using teslas to levitate small things in a tube." In a sort of quiet voice, she offers an introduction, "I'm Evelyn, by the way."

"Adjusted local gravitation?" Hank repeats, his brows furrowing some before he reaches for a wing. "I suppose that could be another way to describe telekinesis. I mean, either way, you're moving objects with your mind…but describing it as affecting gravity could make things a little more specific. Although it could just be semantics…" he's going to have to think on that. "Are you a mutant then? I mean, if this is a mutant club, it would make sense for them to hire other mutants…" which leads him to look at Evelyn, "Why -did- you want to come into this club in particular?"
To that Roxy seems entirely blank. "No idea. Can't read minds, so figured that was right. Sounded good anyway," she says. "Uh…." she says slowly, shooting a look at Evelyn. "Guess so," she agrees. "Kinda woke up one day with powers, sounds like a mutant, right?" she says. It's a facile lie, one that seems believable if only because it's so natural to Roxy.
Evelyn listens to Hank and Roxy, sort of leaning over to brace the back of her head on her hand as she watches them both and sips her cider. When addressed personally again she straightens up, putting her cider on the table so she can fiddle with her sleeve. "I'm a freak, too. When it's in style to hate people who are different, I guess it's appropriate to be with people who will accept you at face value. At least, I hope." Eve lets off a sort of nervous laugh before brushing her cheek. Looking to Hank specifically she says, "Are you always.. Have you always been blue?"

"Telekinesis has nothing to do with telepathy, which is communicating mind to mind," Hank points out. "It's merely the name for moving objects with your mind. It's…not the easiest thing to measure," although he probably could, back at his lab. "Well, some mutants just woke up with it, some were born with it, and some developed it around puberty. Really, only a blood test will tell for certain." He's not going to suggest that be done right here.

The wing is eaten and the bones left delicately on one of the plates meant for such a purpose and he takes a small sip of the cider. "In what way are you…as you said?" He's still not sure he likes being described as a 'freak', but he's been called worse. "I wasn't always like this, no."

"S-sorry." Eve shakes her head, "I didn't mean you.. Just.. Everyone either treats me like I'm special or that I'm a mistake. I bet as.. Well you're profession, people offer you a lot of respect." Taking in a big sigh, "I'm not human, is all." It seems like she's about to say something else, but changed her wording before finally saying it. She probably doesn't realize how awkward she's being, especially in friendly company, but she does appear quite tense around this subject. "What kind of.. terminology do you use to refer to yourself. What questions are appropriate?"

"It's all brain stuff," Roxy says. "Not different than picking stuff up. That's moving things with my mind," she reaches over and picks up Evelyn's cider, taking a swig to prove her point. She snorts at Evelyn. "Hear that. Can't remember when people /weren't/ calling me freak."

Hank McCoy tilts his head at Evelyn, "You're not? Are you a mutant then too? Or perhaps something else? Mystical in nature, perhaps?" It seems that he's come across many who aren't necessarily 'human'. "How do you mean? I suppose I can't really deny that I'm a mutant at this point." There's a wry grin there before he takes another swig, "Most people use names out of fear or jealousy. I'm sorry that you were called those epithets…no one deserves that."
"Hey!" Evelyn shoots as Roxy steals her drink. "Jerk," she laughs at that. Reaching over, the girl steals some of the wings and chows down on one. Between bites, she chews and swallows, looking at Hank. "…Thanks." Maybe these people won't ostracise her! What a dream. "I guess to be completely honest.." Oh, how does she consider lying. After a nervous pause, she finally lets it out, "I'm a mutant." Critical fail.

Roxy shoots Evelyn a look. "Not your waitress anymore, you invited me to sit, now I'm just a babe in the bar," she says. She does, however slide the bottle back to her. "Could be like….future time travelling cat-person," Roxy offers. She looks at the two of them. "That's a thing!" she insists. "Sweet, all mutants here." Nope, nobody who got duped into Secret Military Experiment Summer Camp. Nope.

Well, that explains why they're both here. Hank isn't the most astute when it comes to interpersonal social cues so any lies are most likely accepted unless some body chemistry and pheremones somehow change. "I'm not a cat," he points out. He didn't even think he looked much like a cat! "And I'm not from the future. I'm from Illinois."

"Living in Illinois is probably like living in the future. I heard they have a really nice city infrastructure program" offers Evelyn helpfully. Reaching inside of her coat she pulls out her phone and slides it over to Hank, "Do you have a phone number? Maybe you could call me in the future if you want to hang out. It would be really okay." What's she's actually saying is, 'please call me and be friends'.
"Been there, more like the past," Roxy says, apparently totally serious. "S'agood look," she tells Hank. "Super Anime," she notes, saying that like it's a good thing. She does seem to believe it distinctly. "Probably should get back, only get fifteen for my breaks."

"Maybe in Chicago, but I didn't live there. I came from a smaller suburb. Nothing fancy…" but they don't really need to hear his life story. Even if Hank was going to say more, he is taken by surprise as an attractive young woman actually wants his phone number. It's his turn to be a bit nervous. When Roxy also compliments him, sort of, he blinks at her, "It is? Thank you…?" He will enter his phone number in Eve's phone though. Because if he didn't, he'll be kicking himself.

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