Cypher Gets Speechless Around A Girl

May 11,2014: Nancy's first day on the grid. Yay! Meets with Cypher, who is speechless around her. Awww.

Central Park

A park bench in Central Park, one of many, where Nancy sits and plays her cello.



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<Sadly, my puter crashed an I lost my opening pose, but here is the scene from there. Enjoy.>

With the season becoming much more like spring and not like either the snow or the heavy rains that had been torrenting through the area lately, Doug Ramsey is taking advantage of the chance to get some fresh air.

Said fresh air varies somewhat, however, when one takes the chance to do some shopping in New York City. That there was a small festival at Central Park, though, for assorted arts wasn't a bad thing, particularly when they also carried the promise of fresh funnel cakes in the air.

So with a fresh plate of funnel cake in his hands, Doug stops to listen to the cello from a distance, idly munching on the cake. When she stops playing, Doug grins. "Nice song!" he calls out. "What is it, Bach?"

Nancy O'Neal opens her eyes as she finishes. Her gentle smile hasn't left her face. She looks over to the young man and nods her head. "That it was. Any requests?" She gives her hands a stretch between songs, limbering her fingers.

"Oh… actually, I'm not all -there- where classical music is… maybe some Bach, some Beethoven… I don't suppose you know Handel?" Doug responds, as he munches. "Aiming for Julliard?"

Nancy O'Neal arches a single brow at the request, keeping her mouth shut. She's still in a good mood, so her usual snark is kept to herself. She readies her bow and begins. "Been in Juilliard for two years now actually. Halfway to my degree."

"Oh… hey, that's awesome!" Doug replies. Trying to get a read off the goth girl's body language, adjusting as he goes, the young mutant shifts to a relaxed pose, if only to help keep the girl in a good mood. "What's the degree in?" he asks, as he brushes off some powdered sugar off his hands. He's not quite venturing closer yet, not until he has a read on whether she's playing for fun or for, well, money.

The case for her cello is closed, so if she is playing for money then she isn't leaving any place for people to put it. As the strains of the music play, her body language tells you that she is relaxed and content. Her eyes are closed again as she looses herself to the melody that pours from the strings of her cello. The question does cause her to open one eye and quirk her brow, but the music soothes the savage breast enough for her to simply answer. "Cello." There is a small pause before she mutters a quiet "Duh" under her breath.

Well then, for love of the music, apparently.

Smiling, Doug approaches. "Well, duh," he has to admit in sheepishness. "I just thought maybe you were playing in music theory and t83t83ssxx…" His voice trails off as he blinks. Stepping back, he tries again. "Er, I was going to say something about music theory and composition…"

The agreed "Duh" gets a friendly smirk from the goth, even a soft chuckle. She looks up when the young man starts speaking gibberish at her, arching a brow in curiosity and concern. "Well, music theory and composition are my minors, but strings is my major. Are you okay? Yer not about to have some epileptic seizure, are you? Cause I ain't got nothin' to stick in yer mouth to stop you from biting yer tongue."

Pausing, Doug frowns. "Y-yeah, I'm okay. I just sometimes get my tongue tangled up when something happens, but it shouldn't be…" Rubbing his head, Doug shrugs. "Anyway, cello's a pretty hard instrument, isn't it? Particularly if you have to carry that around all the time."

Nancy O'Neal finishes the piece by Handel and leans back, smiling. "It's the only one I've ever played, so I wouldn't really know if it's easy or hard. It's just what I play. And the carrying around part isn't as hard as you'd think. It helps grow muscles." She smirks then, her lips pulling up at one corner. "The wheels on the case help too."

"I wouldn't know either," Doug replies, as he finishes his funnel cake, tossing the paper plate into a trash can and dusting his hands off after wiping it down with his napkin. "I've never been into music. Dance, I tried when my parents got me in classes, but I've never finished it."

Nancy O'Neal leans down to open the case for her cello and starts to put it away, unscrewing the large metal spike that is used to keep it from sitting on the ground. "Never got into dancing. Jumping about in a pair of tights just sounds stupid and pointless." She pauses for a second, looking as though that last comment caused her to think of something else that she is keeping to herself for now.

"Tell me about it, I'm not fond of trying to stuff everything into those tights," Doug grimaces, looking vaguely ill as he considers. "But it's not just jumping around in tights, it's … well, moving around in ways of expressing yourself to the beat."

You say, "I'll take your word for it, twinkle toes. And thanks for that image of you 'trying to stuff everything' into tights." She pauses to take a rather lewd once over of the young man, smirking to herself. "Anyway, I just came here to play a little before heading to work. 'Nother day, 'nother dollar. Yadda yadda yadda"

"… well I suppose now I know where to find you if I want to listen to more classical music," Doug grins, pausing to half-grin at her lewd once-over. Canting his head, the young blond smiles. "I'll see you then?"

The goth girl, who still hasn't introduced herself and doesn't seem likely that she will, hooks a thumb towards the edge of the park. "Yeah, Juilliard is just over there. It's heading into the summer semester, so a little quieter right now. Not as many concerts and stuff, but you know." She closes the case and hoists it up onto the wheels. "Maybe some other time, twinkle toes."

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