Thai Up Loose Ends

May 14, 2014: Hawkeye takes Evelyn for Thai to discuss an escape plan for Evelyn. It's time to leave the CIA. They won't like this.

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Rain pelts the city; inside, the bar was nice and inviting, even if it is a 'hole in the wall'. Outside, it's damp, rainy, and the headlights seem a little dimmer in the night air. Now, it feels more of a 'run between the raindrops' sort of thing before Barton makes it to his car, offering something of active encouragement to his 'not date'. The doors are unlocked with a double *tweet*, and sliding into the driver's side, he waits before pulling out into slow but moving traffic.

Yay city driving!

"Thai. Place is a couple of blocks away. I just didn't feel like leaving the car." Even if, yes, in the city, Clint will end up parking blocks away regardless.

Evelyn doesn't seem so reluctant to dodge the raindrops. She just casually walks to the car and steps inside when it's unlocked. I mean, it's rain. She's had to be through worse weather, but she seems amused by Hawkeye's movements. She's still blushing, more faintly now, but the embarassment hasn't completely faded. Evelyn's motorcycle was left at the bar, but she gave the keys to Domino on the way out. She'll probably be fine. Or she'll steal it.
"Do you eat Thai often?" is all Evelyn can meaningfully think to ask, and it comes out sort of awkward.

One block, and Clint doesn't even try to fiddle with the radio in order to deal with perceived awkwardness. He seems to be okay with everything; casual, and almost relaxed. He looks to his passenger, and shrugs before shifting lanes in order to get into one of the few parking garages near the restaurant. "Sometimes. I don't cook much, so being in the city works. Never the same place twice in a year. I'm just coming up to Thai, and I'm in the mood.." pausing in his words, a hand rises to his mouth as a cough escapes before he continues, ".. for peanut. Pad Thai."

Brows rise, and his head cants briefly. "Is it on your rotation? Some people only do Italian, Chinese.."

Evelyn nods, watching Clint as he speaks. When presented with the question, she ponders it for a moment while looking back forward. "Hmm. I think I like pretty much everything but Greek food. There's probably a reason for that, but I'm not sure what it is." She shrugs a little bit at the response. "I'm sorry for what Domino said. I hope it didn't make things awkward for you."
Sitting forward a little bit, Ev undoes her seatbelt to take off her jacket and put it in the backseat. Rolling her shoulders a bit, she sits back in the seat. "Why did you try to save me when she shot me?"

"Greek?" Clint presses his lips together and nods quickly, commiting that to memory. No gyros.. or the like.

Pulling into the garage, there is no more rain pelting the car.. and once in his spot, he, too, unbuckles his seatbelt but doesn't make to leave either. "Domino? Nah.. besides, she was harassing you a lot more than me. You okay?" Clint actually sounds a bit concerned there, his attention upon her until an answer can be forthcoming.

Ah… that.

"Why? Well… it's not every day that someone gets shot in the chest in my apartment. And, uh… at the time, I didn't know? Even though, even if I did know, I'd have done the same thing again. I.. all that just wasn't right."

Evelyn looks at Clint with a tilted head, "Even knowing what you do now? Most people wouldn't bother." There's nothing defensive in her tone, maybe for a second it sounds hopeful. Most people wouldn't have bothered to help her even if she were human.

When the car comes to a stop and Clint finishes his reply, Evelyn opens the passenger door and steps out, still watching him.

The driver's side door opens, and Clint steps out of the car, but before he closes it again, he leans against the top, his forearms resting on that spot where car door meets car roof. Blue eyes rest upon Evelyn, and he nods. "Even knowing. I've .. seen some crazy things. And in my line of work, I've found that a lot of humans aren't." Now, he's able to lean back and shuts the door with a *thwump* before he turns away to cough. "Damn. Must be getting a cold."

Turning about again, he pockets his keys and walks to the front of the car. "No Greek. Thai is a block away, so we can make a run for it." Not that he melts in the rain. "I don't have an umbrella or anything, sorry."

Evelyn stares at Clint for a moment, and a small smile appears on her face, much like the one when they were approaching the pool table for their first round. When Barton says he doesn't have an umbrella, Evelyn opens up the car door and climbs inside. Reaching back to the vehicle, she pulls out her leather jacket, then backtracks out. With a quick toss, the piece of clothing goes flying over the vehicle to Hawkeye's side.

"It's scientifically proven if you run in rain, you'll get wetter than if you walked the same distance. Maybe that'll help." Of course, that leaves Eve without one. At the cough, she comments, "If you're not feeling well, we can try again later." Try what again later? She has no idea, literally.

"Oh no.. you give me a coat, and I'll lose my card." Clint hands the jacket back, but has to laugh at the 'scientific proof'.

"Okay. You know I'll have to ask around… quietly about that one. Maybe one of the nerds in R&D. They'd know." Finally, the archer gains something of a small smile and gestures in the direction they're to take out of the garage. "Walking in the rain isn't my favourite thing to do, but I won't melt. I'll just be sure that when I shake my head, I won't do it around you and get you wet." Beat. "-ter."

"I'm good. Really. I'm thinking some chicken Pad Thai will do the trick. Burn it out of me. Either that, or get some sleep tomorrow and not get into the office until later."

Evelyn laughs and joins astride Hawkeye, slipping on her jacket. It's at least some protection from the pouring rain. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out her smartphone, "Haven't you heard Singing in the Rain?" Clicking through her phone while walking, she soon queues up and plays "Singing in the Rain". Looking at you, she skips forward and sings with the song, "I'm singin in the rain, just singin in the rain, what a glorious feelin."

Actually stepping out into the rain, she laughs until the thunder booms overhead. Pausing the song, she pockets her phone and tugs on your arm, "C'mon, screw science. Let's run. Lead the way, Hawkboy."

"Sing—" Yes, Clint's seen the movie. Both with Astaire AND Clockwork Orange with McDowall. He allows himself another laugh at the antics, though he puts his head down against the inundation. The slow pace isn't doing much for him, and with the thunder? He offers his arm, and is more than ready to make the run down the block to the place.

Once at the restaurant, it's a little less of a hole in the wall, and more .. obviously Asian. For those who are indecisive, Chinese food is also served, but it's on a much smaller part of the menu. (There is some crossover, at least in the states.) A big ol' fishtank with koi sits in the entry way, and at the bottom, with the gravel, are coins, undoubtedly tossed in by kids. (Or people who think it's good luck.. or a wishing well..) They're greeted by a young lady, dressed in red, and asks, "Two? I'll give you a good seat.." Boy. Girl. Must be date. Particularly the way they look..

"Uh…" and why should he complain? "Thanks. And if you could, some of that tea?"

Evelyn takes Clint's arm without any hesitation. Running through the rain is fun, but she's still dripping wet by the end of the ordeal anyways. Didn't seem to make much of a difference, really. Once in the restaurant, Evelyn looks at this fish, regarding them in thought, though she doesn't quite let go of Hawkeye's arm. Of course, the server only makes the most obvious observation, and it's a fair one, though Evelyn lets go of Hawkeye with a blush at the suggestion.

"Me, too." She chimes in. As she follows Hawks to the table, she says, "I can't believe it's raining so hard. Out of the snow and into the rain, I don't blame Domino for wanting to drink like a fish."

Clint lets the woman think what she will. He's tired of correcting people tonight; particularly regarding his personal life (or lack thereof). As she lets go of his arm as they approach their table, it gives him a chance to pull out the seat for her.

"From snow to rain. At least it's getting warmer. I can handle complaining about always being wet. Cold, that's a different story."

His own chair, now, is gained, and he's sitting just opposite her. The teapot is set down, the tea steeping inside. "I can blame Domino for all sorts of things." A deep breath is taken, and Clint exhales slowly, his tones taking a conversational tenor. "Now, Evelyn.. when first we met, you identified yourself as military, but you were riding in a marked patrol car…"

"I can see that." Evelyn says, sitting down in the seat and helping to scoot it in. Looking over, she gratefully says, "Thanks." Then she watches Hawkeye take a position across from her. Carefully, she removes her jacket and lays it across the back of chair. Leaning forward, she folds both of her arms on the table infront of her.
"I was," she affirms, "I was also wearing part of an officer's uniform if you'll recall. So I've identified myself as three different agencies to you now, haven't I?"

"So far," Hawkeye nods. "Now, can't be a cop. They don't usually say they're working with a Federal Agency unless it's part of a taskforce." His words are still oh-so-conversational, though his gaze hasn't wavered. He does look away when he pours himself a cup of tea. Not letting it get cool, he sip/swallows a couple of times before he sets it down again.

"So, who are you actually stuck with? I'm in the camp of the last, just because of the way you sounded. I can't swear you're a good actress, so I'm inclined that there really is some honest desperation going on."

"I'm with who you think I am. After all, you had my ID booklet. I'm sure you looked at it." Evelyn says in return, reaching out to take the teapot. Her gaze is the first to break, not quite coming back. Her ID did state very clearly that she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. She takes a big breath for a big sigh as she leans back into her chair to pour herself a cup of tea. She adds cream and sugar.

"I was seventeen when the CIA pulled me out of the lab I was living in to become one of their agents. I've been with them for a faithful 6 years of full service, unable to wander far from base. Unable to decide where to go or what to do next. And definitely unable to decide what my orders are, whether I like it or not." Her voice is tired, and though the cup is held in both of her hand, she doesn't drink from it. Instead, she's found a particularly interesting part of the floor pattern to look at.

Clint watches her carefully from his spot just across the small table, his attention never wavering, even as hers shifts. It's true. He did a look-up on her on his system, though there were a few more hoops he had to jump; and the chances are good that he still doesn't have all the information. Better than good. After all, all the Agencies don't truly share information across the board. Particularly when remarkable personnel are involved.

"Hey," he begins quietly, "I did mean what I said back there. You want to disappear, you say the word. Even if the Director doesn't like it, he'll come around." Eventually. After a lot of swearing and a few choice f-bombs along the way. The smile shifts over to encouraging, or what he hopes is.. and Clint looks at his tea a moment, and the smile shifts to something a little tighter. "I'd be willing to have your back on this one."

Looking back up, Evelyn meets eyes with Hawkeye. There's a bit of a pause and she lifts up her tea to sip from it to look back at the floor. There's some thought going into this, much more than the cursory dismissal from just a few days ago. Perhaps it's good timing, because the waitress comes over. When she asks for her order, Evelyn replies, "Brown slices, please." And once she takes Hawkeye's order, she takes both menus and is off.

Evelyn just sits there for a moment, sipping her tea again before lowering it. Carefully she puts it on its plate and she looks back, "Honestly, I don't think it's a good idea." Taking a sigh, she starts rattling off reasons, "I barely know you, and every time we're together there's trouble, and how would I get parts? If I go into hiding, what would I even do? I'd be stuck. Again. With no control over my life, I couldn't even really eat out again without the agency knowing. Worse, I'd lose my ID probably and access to all of my money. I'd be screwed."

Clint orders his chicken Pad Thai. He's been craving it for some time, and he's in the mood for the spicy noodles. Lowering his voice once the waitress departs with their order, he starts again. "We have top notch techs. As for barely knowing me, just ask. They'll tell you.. I'm a pushover." Uh huh. "Money, where one door closes a few more open." He's got faith in his organization, apparently. "Though.. at some point, in this business, you're going to have to find a way to trust someone to have your back. It gets awfully tiring to keep looking behind. Means your progress forward is slower, and you might miss something."

"That's what I'm worried about.. I want to leave my agency but not at the expense of the security I already have. At least right now I'm a lawful citizen, but if I leave, how long will I be looking behind me? If you get tired of me like some… Some.." She pauses for a moment, looking for the word, "Toy. What am I supposed to do?" Obviously, the situation is not ideal." Evelyn seems really apprehensive for a moment. "At least, the security until the CIA decides to get rid of me, too."

"If you leave, someone'll have your back."

Though.. Clint blinks at the choice of word.. 'toy'? There's a moment when it's a toss-up. Does he crack a joke about her having talked to his ex-wife, or does he go that other route and get defensive, if not a little insulted?

Tick. Tock.

Finally, there is a decision made, and Clint shifts his weight in his chair, finding the seat a little uncomfortable. "Look. It's more than just me out there. It's a whole network of people. Every time I call in," and for emphasis, he sets his phone on the table to point at it, "I've got people at my back. It's my call whether I need them there or not. For personal, though.. you and me? No one's a toy. Not even the ex-."

Evelyn also shifts uncomfortably. Clint's uneffable disposition is intimidating to challenge, though it hardly isn't such. "Show me, then. What's your plan?" Is all she can say, now looking back up to Hawk's face. She looks so, so very serious! It's adorable.

"What would our first move be? I'm expected to report to my superiors tomorrow at 800 hours." Ev says, reaching into her pocket to put her phone on the table. "Obviously, we'd have to get rid of this. I have no tracking hardware on or inside me as far as I know."


Is this the moment where one freezes; when he's taken up on his offer of <fill in the blank>? Clint pauses for what seems an eternity to him, but it's only a couple of heartbeats. "Our first move.. that would be contacts. Personal ones. Stark. Widow. Get them personally involved. That way, we're not looking at a single point of contact."

Reaching across the still mostly empty table, Clint takes hold of the phone, palms it but he doesn't truly -take- it. "You're sure." It's a question and a statement. "If you want, we have some docs.." that can give her the once over, two times just to be sure. "Then you're with me. We go to the office, and you disappear from the network." As best as SHIELD can do, that is. Which is pretty damned good!

Evelyn nods, listening carefully to Hawkeye. When posed the question/statement, she replies, "No. But Grace Hopper once said, 'A ship in port is safe, but this is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.'" It's probably not the best quote, especially applied to this situation. Maybe it is. She shifts a bit uncomfortably again, there's a bit of a rock in her stomach now. She sure looks like it, too.

"We can do that, it might be the best idea. To see a doctor.. Or a technician I guess. Will you really have my back? I've.. Never really had that. I've always been on solo missions." Man, the CIA doesn't even have a heart. Sending a poor android off alone.

"I always heard it as 'It's easy to be a monk in a monestary'. Not that I'm religious or anything." Because, well.. he's not. Not in the least.

Clint nods his head and now palms the phone, putting it in his top pocket. "I have a phone in the car you can have for the time. It's a throw-away until we get you outfitted."

Now, he's able to relax, and he leans back in his seat, but the question takes him by surprise. 'Will you really have my back?'. His expression turns gravely earnest, and Hawkeye leans forward, just to be sure he's heard and understood. "I've had it up to now, haven't I?" Or tried. Or would die trying. "Yeah. I really will. If I'm not there, I'm a phone call, a scream away." He chuckles softly, but there's no amusement to be heard under those tones. "Even loners need backup. A friendly face somewhere off, looking down a scope, or down the fletching of an arrow."

Evelyn watches Clint carefully, "Usually, in all my ops, I never had rescue or backup available. They told me at the beginning every time, "We will drop you off here and you will go to here and here to do this and that. Stay out of sight, if you are caught or get into a situation, we will not be able to extract you." She clears her throat a little bit, "You'd think they didn't care about me. I don't get their deal. If there's any chance SHIELD will treat me better.. I guess the choice is obvious."

She sniffs a bit, "I'll watch your back, too. I'll seriously never forget this." Evelyn's expression softs a little bit and she extends a hand palm down. "Partners. Partners stick together. Promise?"

"We don't leave our people behind." Probably because they know waaay too much. "If we're in over our heads, we can call for backup. We've got departments to handle all the other stuff." Like 'cleanup', and 'public relations'. Clint watches all those emotions that she probably doesn't even know are there; but Ev seems to be quite a realistic AI. Emotions and all.

Reaching out, he makes to cover her hand with his, palm down. "Partners stick together. We don't let each other down."

"I'll always be there for you." Eve says back, nodding. Her hand is very soft and warm. She's so humanlike! Taking back her hand, sit sits back as the food arrives. Looking to the waitress, she smiles and says, "Can I have a glass of sake, too?" To which the waitress nods and smiles, "Certainly, ma'am."

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